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areichow: What an absurd article. This isn't a consumer product meant to replace a consumer P&S.


So wasn't it about time an article highlighted that bit ?
Every geek is raving about the Rasberry pi being the best thing since sliced bread while failing to realize that not everyone loves the DIY aspect of the hobby.

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On article Just Posted: Detailed hands-on Olympus PEN E-P5 preview (312 comments in total)
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jakeman: I don't really understand how someone could buy a $1000 camera with no viewfinder in 2013

for the same reason some people can't understand why others still insist on buying a DSLR when lighter and equally competent alternatives are available ...

( /me ducks and runs for cover ... )

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peevee1: "Auto (200 - 1600)"

Wait, AutoISO is 200-1600 only? Is this a joke? On E-M5 it goes all the way to 25600 if you want.

I'd argue that it is (sometimes) better to have a noisy shot than none at all.
So yeah, I've got mine set to 25600.

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MrTritium: 420g with battery?! The Nex-6 and X-E1 weigh only 350g, and the nex-3n 269g. Is this camera made of LEAD?

I think there is a practical lower limit for how much a camera should weigh.
You need a certain amount of weight to be able to have a stable platform, unless you want to rely on systems like IBIS for every single shot.

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shademaster: Who would choose this over OM-D???

It would have been a tough choice for me.
The WIFI option would have made it very tempting.

The one thing that would bother me is that the EVF is optional.
It's a bit too useful to not have available all of the time, but it changes the size of the camera quite a bit.

This once again proves you should never ever read about new hardware until it is time to replace the old stuff, because anything else makes you worry too much.

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GeorgeZ: Olympus just doesn't get it- the price is far too high.
For the same price you can get a lot more in a DSLR.
The PENs quickly drop in price, you can get a PM2 kit with the same IQ for less than half right now (€1.100 vs. € 500). Who should buy this camera at this price?
It's nice and all but no value.

effectively the OM-D and the PEN represent two possible choices :
- do I use the EVF ?
- do I use the built-in flash?

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Kinematic Digit: I wonder how many people would complain if you could use a new Nikon D800E, Nikon D4, Canon 1Dx or a Canon 5Dmk3 for $19 a month and then after a year decided to return it?

It's not the money that is the real issue.
It could have been 1$/month.

Focussing on the monetary problem is a Chewbacca defense.

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Nely: What concerns me is that this obviously is not what their customers want. If they create an enticing new upgrade people are excited to purchase it. Adobe appears to be trying to sidestep that philosophy and still make money.

As a shareholder I am also concerned about the continued stock price decline, (another 3% today).

This should be a great opportunity for Other software companies to give the customers what they want.

And you honestly think that other companies won't follow that pattern ?
The 'software as a service'-idea isn't exactly new.
It's what all software companies will use if they need to survive.
At least that's what managers believe ...

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twadger: Has anyone read the terms and conditions of CC. Onerous isn't the word.

"Adobe may modify or discontinue, temporarily or permanently, the Services or Materials, or any portion thereof, with or without notice. You agree that Adobe shall not be liable to you or anyone else if we do so."

"You agree that any claim or dispute you may have against Adobe must be resolved by a court located in Santa Clara County, California, United States of America"

"You agree that Adobe may display advertisements adjacent to Your Content, and you agree that you are not entitled to any compensation."

"You agree to receive updates (and permit Adobe to deliver these to you with or without your knowledge) as part of your use of the Services."

"Adobe may require you to create a unique URL, such as your_name_here.adobe.com. Adobe may permit another User to use the unique URL previously selected by you."

Welcome to the future.....

the bad news :
the future is already here

Anyone who has dealt with digital media has had to sign similar 'contracts' already.
Sure, sometimes there is enough backlash to cause such companies to reword their changes. However in reality they're just waiting till we're asleep.

It's a damned shame that no government is willing to protect the customers and too few consumers have the money to sue them.

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Leon V: Significant side effects on other companies and authors. I will continue to use Photoshop CS6 and not subscribe to Photoshop CC (I own the CS6 disc and CS6 will be on my computer for ever at no extra cost).

I am a NAPP member but I will not renew; NAPP will only involve PS CC from now on (useless to me) and no more trips to Photoshop World. Dekes Techniques and all of his books in the future will be about PS CC; I will no longer buy his books (I have many). I will no longer subscribe to Linda.com nor KelbyTraining.com for photoshop training. I will not buy future books on Photoshop and I have many (by M. Evening, K. Eismann, J. Schewe, and many others). I will not be looking at Photoshop Blogs by John Nack, Julieanne Kost, Scott Kelby, etc.

This move by Adobe is going to hurt many companies and authors that rely on future Photoshop releases, excuse me, I mean future Photoshop CC updates. I have really enjoyed the ride for many years but it has ended.

I hope the majority is willing to do what you say.

I fear the worst.
Adobe will win and we as consumers are going to lose, because the vast majority does not care about the danger.

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Wojtegol: I think this poll is missing one very important option.
Lack of choice between cloud service and ability to buy "hard copy" of PS.
People, and not Adobe, should make decision what is the best choice for them, because thanks to millions of customer Adobe exists.
They ask people to tests new versions of their software but they do not ask us about this dramatic change.
We want to have a choice !

You already have an alternative, but you're too much of a blind/loyal customer to notice.
It's simple : buy/use the competing product
If you aren't aware of such products you haven't done the research you ought to have done to begin with.

That is the reason why Adobe will succeed with stunts like this.

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Cameron R Hood: I wonder if Adobe anticipated this amount of backlash? I hope not. You're going to lose MOST of your customers, Adobe; this is a VERY bad idea. And to the folks making comments, I would suggest go to Adobe's webpage, find a way in (difficult) and send them a message directly, even if it's in the wrong place. I think we should keep the pressure UP till they relent.

of course they did.
They really must be living in an ivory tower to be completely oblivious to the average problems and response faced by software 'solutions' like this.

The real problem is that :
(a) they will keep trying ...
(b) the majority don't care enough to actually use an alternative

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GeorgeD200: He was a photojournalist, on assignment, not a spectator taking snapshots. Therefore, anything he produces is always photojournalism, whether a bomb goes off or not.

heaven forbid a mere spectator shoots better pictures with a mere phone.

Unless of course that spectator happens to be a photographer, in which case the headline would have read : "Photographer covers sporting event with phone" ...

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Riquez: The grey line is indeed thought provoking. On one side, in a disaster where people need help - you help. fk photos, people are dying.
On the other side, are you able to help?, would you just get in the way of people already helping?. You are better equipped to document, which is also important.

Wildlife documentaries raise an interesting question too - we mostly accept that those photographers dont intervene when the animal is in trouble. But if it was a human child, would they? Yes, of course. So its 'ok' to film an animal struggling to its death, but not a human. Sometimes i wonder how human that makes us?

It's simple.
We like to pretend to care as that is cheaper and more convenient than actually doing something constructive.

And if the incident happens in a country that doesn't deal with crap like this on a daily basis we can even pretend to feel offended.

Seriously. If a marathon in Iraq had been the target we wouldn't have seen it in the news at all.
How easy it is for us to forget that in other countries civilians get killed on a daily basis.

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On article Sony Xperia Z sinks in DxOMark Mobile Report (53 comments in total)

One should note that the Xperia Z still works under water (*)
Try doing that to its nearest competitor ... *bzzzt*

(*) provided it isn't sea water or anything else that isn't pure H2O

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(unknown member): At one time public places offered some level of privacy, anonymity, and the ability to hide in plane sight. Now digital imaging and video is too wide spread and cheap for anyone to have those illusions persist any longer. There is no reason public spaces shouldn't be recorded constantly. Everyone should behave in public as though there were thousands of witnesses staring at them because that's how most public spaces usually are. Funny that some people in some areas, say security people in subways, make such a huge deal about regular citizens taking photographs for their own personal use when in reality someone could easily take high definition video and high res stills covertly if they so desired. THOSE are the people that should be suspected, but they're not the most obvious targets so the incompetent and lazy concentrate solely on them. There are too many of us now with too many options for devastating, cheap, and simple methods of violence available at the local grocery store.

There is no reason why public spaces shouldn't be recorded ?
Are we guilty until proven innocent these days ?

Never mind that all those cameras still did nothing to stop the criminals from executing their operation.

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RXVGS: They'll start releasing Regional lockout to stop people buying grey imports soon.....

ssst ... don't give them any more idiotic ideas.

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plevyadophy: Wow!! If this is true, it's GREAT news!
It's something I have been arguing for for years.
I think it outrageous that our expensive camera gear has zero anti-theft features.
When in the U.K. the Home Secretary (Interior Minister in other countries) threatened the mobile phone industry with a law to compel them to introduce anti-theft measures on their products, it was quite interesting to see (1) how quickly they came up with a solution when prior to the threat they were making out it couldn't be done and (2) how the number of thefts/muggings of mobile phones plummeted.
As for those whining about having to remember passwords, well I am sure they have passwords on their mobile phones, PIN numbers for their credit/debit cards, and hey they even have one if they are members of this site. It's no big deal having to remember a password (just make it the same as your DPReview password or your bank card).

Of course my joy at this news is dependent upon how well it is implemented.

(1) there are anti-theft measures on mobile phones ?
Got any proof for those statistics ?
Latest articles dating 2012 (using Google) still mention a rise in theft and no mention of any deterrent even working.

(2) want to guess how many of those passwords are set to default or easy-to-remember variants ?

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