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On article Olympus OM-D E-M5 rumored to be out of production (210 comments in total)

And this folks is how you kill a product.
Most readers will ignore the fact that it has 'rumour' attached to it.

They will simply read :
[item] out of production/end of story

Instead of :
[Item] is rumoured to be out of production by some people who we don't mention because they might not have been telling the truth.

Never mind that the camera is still functional and really cool.
I'm still enjoying taking pictures with mine ...

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On article Lytro Illum in the hands of five leading photographers (152 comments in total)
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km25: In 1932, just picked a date, the motion picture director would have the lens puller change focus on the car head lights and then pull focus on the man and women. Just do it slowly. Years latter some one transfers this motion picture to DVD. Now that it is digital, the footage was shoot in 1932, it would look like what these guys are doing, why is this earth stopping news. Kate Hepburn was hot when you could do this with a movie camera.

yet to get that effect you had to use a ton of gear and wait for decades to allow 'normal' users to see it.

With Lytro you've removed the technology barrier between photographer and consumer.

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On article National Park Service bans drones in Yosemite (170 comments in total)
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Charles Hull: I'm amazed at how many posters agree with this ban. I can understand controls, but a flat out ban seems very unreasonable to me. Drone photography is an entirely new field opening up, with the chance of photo and video views we've never seen before. As a photographer it is concerning to me that this new media is banned from such scenic areas. Controls might include having a permit for a given day and time, a license that demonstrates basic capability to operate a drone safely, rules to protect wildlife, and noise and size limits for the drones. Yes, I appreciate and enjoy the National Parks and wilderness areas; but this ban seems offensive.

The only reason I would disagree with *this* ban would be that it ought to make freaking common sense that you don't make loud noises and otherwise introduce unnatural elements to an area that is meant to preserve nature.

Whatever happened to respecting the little wild life we've got left on earth in our "civilized" western society ?

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On article Prototype battery fully charges in under 30 seconds (66 comments in total)
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0MitchAG: Who carries spare batteries for their phone???

I do ...

Link | Posted on Apr 12, 2014 at 06:19 UTC
On article Prototype battery fully charges in under 30 seconds (66 comments in total)
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Expat Nomad: Interesting research.

Begs the question though, in terms of smartphone use, why are phone makers under-designing battery capacity?

5 years ago, you had phones that lasted 7-9 days on a single charge. My arcane BB still lasts 3-4 under pretty heavy use.

I'd be more interested in gains in energy improvements (for example like those in miniaturization for medical devices) that allowed me to charge my battery less.

simple answer : because people don't care.
The average user really doesn't mind that he has to recharge, because he has learned to cope with the reduced effective capacity.
Each and everone of us has gotten into the habit of using the charger the moment we drop our phone anyhwere.

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On article Prototype battery fully charges in under 30 seconds (66 comments in total)
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thejef: I thought Nano Capacitors would have already replaced the battery. In a perfect world a nano capacitor would charge instantly, have no memory effects, are the same physical size as conventional batteries and last forever. They were developed by MIT but have yet to see the light of day for consumers.

I think most people are underestimating how much effort it takes to apply the lessons learned in labratory setting to the real world of mass production.

Plus part of the problem is that consumers appear to be satisfied with having to recharge their phones after a few hours of use. If we hadn't accepted that we might have seen more progress.

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Scottelly: I think it's funny that it's called the Red Dragon. What? Is it a serial killer? lol

At least it wasn't named "Smaug" ...

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Daedbird: And a supercomputer farm can process data fast than my laptop, but that means nothing to me.

Wake me up when RED builds those consumer cameras I think they talked about.

that will happen.
Keep in mind that we already have consumer cameras that would have been considered "pro" and "stupidly expensive" a mere decade ago.

Link | Posted on Mar 4, 2014 at 10:00 UTC
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peevee1: They did not obtain real raw and processed it with their own DxO software. They got red proprietary video stream and processed it with RED software, which could have done whatever it wanted, including interframe noise reduction. Lame.

and you really think that the 'raw' output of normal cameras isn't "processed" ?
It is just a digital file format. There is not a single guarantee that it is "unprocessed".

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technic: nice idea, but the LED lighting looks like a weak point. High quality LED lighting (with good color and sufficient brightness) is expensive, and having a heavy duty battery or power supply will make it no longer 'portable'.

If you just need a softbox / photo tent there are plenty to chose from on Ebay around this price level; including larger and more practical sizes.

It's only "weak" when compared to pro level equipment.
To the average smart phone user it's going to be a revelation ...

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Suntan: Couldn't a guy just grab one of those folded up doughnut boxes from the pastry section?


that's probably what they did until their friends starting asking how they got their cool shots and they saw the possibility of earning a bit of money ...

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Island Golfer: $27 for folded paper?! I wonder how much they want for the shipping? What are these guys smoking? And, they put the entire design on their site. Anyone can simply make it themselves out of cheap white poster board and contact cement.

a lot of this kind of stuff is "easy" if you've got the time and skill to build it.
It's been proven over and over that people will pay for convenience.
Heck ... just consider the fact that a lot of people prefer to use P-mode or a smarter equivalent instead of fiddling with aperture and shutter speed.

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On article Homemade rig captures extreme macro shots of snowflakes (186 comments in total)
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Deleted pending purge: There are so many people unable to snap off a sensible street photo even with the latest tech available, and here we see what can be done with old glass and a bit of duct tape.
One can rarely see a better example of the basic truth in photography: it was, it is, and alway will be 90% author and 10% equipment.

and another basic truth : ductape fixes everything

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On article Classic photographs recreated in Lego (117 comments in total)
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Owen: I think the one that wasn't done, that stands out in my mind, is a still taken from the Kennedy assassination where his wife Jackie is reaching back to help the Secret Service to get onboard the Limo.

Lego is as much fun for grown ups as it is for kids
They even have a series of architecture (plus matching prices) that definitely puts the boxes out of range of mere kids.

Kids pretend a lot of stuff that isn't "fun" when you start to think about it.
*bang* you're dead ...

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