David L. Moore

David L. Moore

Lives in United States Honolulu, HI, United States
Works as a Photographer
Has a website at http://www.moore-photo.com
Joined on Mar 7, 2003
About me:

Internationally published freelance photographer David L. Moore based in Honolulu provides professional editorial, commercial, PR and portrait photography services. Maintains a large stock file on Hawaii’s people, places and culture. Other stock subjects include Oregon, London, Paris, Africa and people/lifestyles. Fluent in the use of Adobe PhotoShop.

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  • Zeiss Distagon T* 18mm F/3.5 ZF.2 The ultra-wide Zeiss Distagon T* 18mm f/3.5 ZF.2 Lens for Nikon F-mount Cameras is a precision manual focus prime lens that provides excellent image performance over its entire image range from 0.98' (0.3 m) to infinity. Combined with the legendary Zeiss T* anti-reflective coating, the Distagon T* 18mm f/3.5 delivers brilliant pictures even under difficult lighting conditions. This professional lens, when mounted to a digital SLR using a DX-type sensor, has an effective focal length of 27mm (35mm equivalent). ZF.2 lenses support all key modes (e.g. aperture priority, shutter priority, program AE or manual exposure settings) on camera models equipped with an electronic interface (e.g. current Nikon DSLR cameras). To do so, simply lock the aperture ring in the largest f-stop shown in orange. On camera models without an electronic interface, the aperture is manually set on the lens aperture ring. With some camera models, it is possible to set in the menu whether the lens should be selected using the setting dial on the camera or the aperture ring on the lens. Please note that, for technical reasons, there is no halfway notch between the largest and second largest f-stop. The focused distance is not transmitted to the camera body.

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Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX3
Nikon D2X
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