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Justtimthen: Can't believe the filters have been losing that much light! Real glad that Someone's on to it though.
If the intensity of light onto the sensor is doubled I wouldn't be surprised if the end result looks even better than 1 stop particularly under the dimmest lighting conditions.
It will gather more light without decreasing DOF which in some curcumstances maybe very desirable so I think this is pretty big. Well done PanI

By their very nature colour filters absorb light of the wavelengths they do not pass. So (simplistically) green absorbs blue & red, red absorbs blue & green etc. This means approx 50-70% of the light falling on the sensitive areas of the imager is absorbed and wasted.
This diffraction technique deflects the "unwanted" colour onto an adjacent pixel. Rather than being absorbed it is still used to create the image.
It is unusual for this sort of thing to be announced unless it has been implemented in some form. Hopefully we will see it in a product in a few years.

Link | Posted on Feb 5, 2013 at 12:52 UTC
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