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IlkkaJ: How can the bat broke that way...should be the other way around, the crack opening in front??

Batter is trying to check his swing. The force of trying to stop the bat in full swing, in a very short time period, is greater than the force of the full swing, which is over a much longer distance. The ball contacting the bat is just a fortunate coincidence, and has nothing to do with the bat breaking.

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vladimir vanek: Absolutely fantastic (except for the price in my case)! 35mm is all you need 90% of the time. And combined with 42mpix, you can extract some nice crops if need be. But a 35mm lens will teach you a lot about photography, people and a lot about yourself. Currently, I carry around an OM-D E-M10 with a fixed 17mm/1.8 lens and I simply don't need any other lens. Just try it! It's fun, it's art, it's a challenge, it's really worth it.

"35mm is all you need 90% of the time"

We obviously have very different shooting styles. I'm at 16-25 for landscapes, 300+ for sports, and usually 85-150 for most other. I would guess that 35mm is nearly unused.

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4K has a limited market of 70"+ screens and relatively close viewing distances where the eye will actually be able to tell a difference from 1080p. I haven't seen the math yet, but I suspect you'll need to projecting on the side of your house, or sitting two feet away, to see the benefits of 8K.

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Zigadiboom: It may be true that the target market will predominantly resolve to using RAW. However at this price point having a camera producing sub-par jpegs is frankly inexcusable.

Its like buying a new Ferrari that has a below average airconditioner. You don't buy a Ferrari for its airconditioning but rather for its performance. However an airconditioner is still an important component of the overall package and a technology that should have been well and truly mastered years ago.

You may want to look up analogy and metaphor in the dictionary.

A hint for reading Shakespeare - Juliet isn't actually a giant ball of burning hydrogen.

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JoelHorn2008: I was on my Honda 750 sitting at a stoplight when a Harley came up alongside. We starting talking and I asked him why he rode a Harley, he sort of grunted "huh...what do you mean?" I said that my bike was faster, better looking, lighter, easier to ride, more stable, all around better." His answer "yeah but you're still on a honda, my bike is a Harley" and off he rode. I have always remembered that because that is how I feel about my many Nikons....I don't really care about all the numbers, I ride a Nikon. Canon folks just can't top that no matter what the facts say, sometimes the facts don't matter, Nikon is the king of cameras. Thanks for the D4 when do I get by D800?

OK. I'd take the better gear that produces better results. You can feel better about yourself, despite that. I guess this is proof of the marketing-driven, fanboi culture we have become. Very odd.

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Hey Mirko123 - did you even read the article? "Stolen Camera Finder, meanwhile, requires only that you drag-and-drop a file from your camera for it to read the EXIF and start searching"

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