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Great shot, its not the bow and the arrows its the archer and this shot is dead on.


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Yes, Flickr was my first choice to upload photographs in a secure place. Now, I am a Picasa user, as Google is leading the race to merge Photography,Video, Blogging and even the creation of web pages, which seem to be the way things may go in the next 5 years. Cinema, TV, telephone and internet will be one, soon as the market sees a profit to be made. Owning your editorial means to place photos, videos and text is a fact NOW. So either one keeps up with the times or one has to step aside, to let the inevitable happen. When a device can take videos, photographs and text and send it through the web woldwide, the media, as we know it, will be history. So, it is not enough to be the first, its trying to keep up with change, what will make an idea be perennial or a thing of the past. CHOOSE!

Leopoldo García

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Great moment. high degree of difficulty, amazing strength,great step by step memory, I hope your friend conquers the next step. For some its Everest, for others a rocky overhead may mean a life compromise, the stretch between his las move and the safety of a rope is long and I hate to become a piñata if he has to let go. Great memories to our routes called Stair Way to Heaven and Blood, Sweat, and Tears two and three years to do a 20 yard overhang respectively. Great shot.

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Having a Black Fender Stratocaster does not make you Eric Clapton!

You may use the most expensive camera available but if you take bad pictures the results will be useless. If you get my meaning.

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On article Just Posted: Canon PowerShot G1 X samples gallery (409 comments in total)

To place the kind of engineering that would enable publishable photos in a PS can be a difficult choice for camera makers. However, for those of us that have to work in the streets, in areas where personal security is an issue, having a small camera that enables us to work blending with the background would be a blessing. The idea, that technology can put out a bridge camera with a 28-600 mm lens and video in a single camera with great quality properties is not news. Therefore, the G1X can be on the road that enables photographers get in hot areas and still get the shots without been shot. After 30 years of photography (22 Nikon 8 Canon) I would jump and buy an all in one camera, that may cover the 20-300 range without sacrificing quality. Working in the rainforest, crowded streets, shantytowns, without the bulk that one has to carry around and having to blend with the crowd is not ease. So a small camera with great attributes can be the answer to many photographers wish list.

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