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Judging by the readership numbers quoted above, a simple weather view shot for a TV station or local newspaper will reach a wider audience.

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Imager of: People still use these filter things? That’s why you have lightroom no?

acidic: Yes, finding the softer version of HDR handy too.

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On article This is the world's first variable graduated ND filter (150 comments in total)
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Imager of: People still use these filter things? That’s why you have lightroom no?

Yes I, for one anyway now use LR rather than filters - 1. shot measure for the sky. 2. shot measure for the darker area - combine in HDR - then use LR grad filter for adding or it's brush option for retracting better (for me) than add/drop/clean and break especially on windy beach/sea/rocks scenario but then I'm old and clumsy and not in my first years or decades of owning & using cameras - horses for courses methinks.

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Browsing through a camera shop the other day and a guy was looking for camera to start to enjoy his retirement. He went for the Canon even though the sales person was trying to show him other options but the buyer just said he knew Canon and would go with that. He didn't handle the camera or try it, just bought it because he thought it was (rightly or wrongly) a reliable brand. I have used Canon for decades (and Fuji) but if people are buying gear without even seeing if it fits their hand - let alone their needs, then what value sale figures?

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princecody: What’s her camera gear of choice?

Wes Perry: Yep!

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Morris Trichon: My great Uncle was Man Ray, my grandmothers brother on my mothers side. When he went to Paris in the late 1920's and early 1930's. He went to Paris because he thought of his self as an artist. He did not sell any art and became a photographer to make money. He was self taught and famous people who came to Paris had his or her portrait photographed by Man Ray. He ran with all the artists of his time so he had some credentials by association. His Photography was exceptional because he was a creative intellect. He had succeeded as an artist after his death but his photography sustained him because he was creative and smart. Those are things you cannot teach but can tease out of a person if he or she has the goods. I am now a retired scientist and doubt that Annies videos will be much help to me as I am probably set in my ways. The most important thing is to grab your inner creativity and do it your way, not copy someone who is already made it.

Agree - but a little acknowledgement of Lee Miller's input - even if by accident - wouldn't be amiss when referring to Man Ray

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BassFisher: I have Nikon D810 along with 60 and 105 makro and last year purchased X-T2 with 16-55 and 90mm which I love. The only thing stopping me selling my Nikon gear is the Makro and Flash which Fuji have to catch up with. BUT in Australia this 80mm Makro will retail for $1600 good grief. Looks like I will keep my Nikon for Makro work. Shame.

similar story here except re Canon & the 100mm 2.8 -plus of course the ease of H/S - have the XT-! and would gladly go Fuji but it doesn't quite get there yet and when I see the ever-growing price of foreign goods here in the UK - think I will stay as I am. P.S also believe auto has no clutch system - so either manual or auto - not a deal breaker but unusual in such a high priced lens aimed at the macro market.

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Patcheye: What got me was that the photographer is quoted as saying he knew the Officer and hopes he doesn't lose his job... forgiveness or what?

OK - so you do it your way and I'll do it mine but thanks for the concern re my literacy - so nice to know someone out there cares.

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Patcheye: What got me was that the photographer is quoted as saying he knew the Officer and hopes he doesn't lose his job... forgiveness or what?

Because in grammar one is referring to an individual of a group - and such as Police Officer is a title - the same way that first & and surnames are capitalized. It doesn't mean it has to be so but year's ago it was - Member of Parliament is another example.

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englishfil: Problem. Country with lousy, lax gun laws that means deaths from firearms are on a par with those from road accidents (source :Small Arms Survey). With so many firearms in circulation the Police. sensibly, are armed. However, when frightened, challenged what tool will that Police officer reach for? If you only have a hammer every problem becomes a nail.
The solution: for Police - much better (stress) training, more 'less lethal' options, tougher staff selection, radical change in attitude; for US society - wake up and smell the coffee -the 'Wild West' ended 100 years ago - guns do not make you safer they make the USA a sad exception amongst civilised countries; for US Politicians - what counts more? the lives of people or that bung from the arms industry?

Agree, but strangely the highest head count of any population that own guns are the Swedes.

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Wye Photography: I am glad I live in the UK.

Actually, down my High Street you can hardly find a restaurant selling the so-called British meal. All are either Greek, Asian (of many varieties) or some other ethnic delicacy and very nice they are too. Two friends staying in London were amazed by the range available. Plus, in a recent poll, curry was declared the Nation's favourite dish.

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What got me was that the photographer is quoted as saying he knew the Officer and hopes he doesn't lose his job... forgiveness or what?

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I'm certain many here will be well aware that 'Venus' produced something similar and it was reviewed by Thomas Shahan. Bought it, and under certain conditions it's fine - the central light has a quite powerful LED beam. However: the ability to diffuse can be difficult - Shahan in his video uses an DIY A4 sheet - for those who haven't viewed his stuff and are interested in Macro, his channel is certainly worth a visit.

My problem with the system is no H/S sync as the majority of my stuff is outdoors - but on the rare occasion I've used it in a mini studio the flexibility of the arms can be really useful - needless to add the Venus is a lot dearer than this model but it is sturdier than I originally thought - disclaimer - not involved with either Venus or Thomas Shahan in personal or financial way.

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NDT0001: Dear Canon,
This is how you do it.

NDT00001: "My 5DMK3 is seriously behind in a lot of ways."

So is mine and I bought into the Fuji system (which I like) but this summer & macro.... out came the 5D3, and I'm pleased as punch I didn't say goodbye.

Perhaps being 70 I feel more comfortable with old friends :)

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Use the original neck strap and cuff with 5D3 and Fuji XT1 - recently bought the older leash - not the new product - so it can thread through the loops on my ruck and avoid having the weight directly on my neck. As said, the system works really well transferring over especially when using tripods. Never had a loop break or snap but there is a colourisation system that tells you if the connector is becoming worn. Had them over three years and no problems yet.

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BadScience: her web site

"8-Steps to Your First $800,000 As A Photographer "

she needs to upgrade that to 1.08M

money for old rope looking at her porfolio.

1.08M: Not once the Lawyers have had their cut!

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On article Ten ways to shake 'photographer's block' for good (90 comments in total)

One of the great things I find about photography are the subjects that accompany it.

Loved street photography for years but these days, with some people's attitude about being photographed, it can be tiresome and heavy going. Architecture is interesting but, there again, you can have security minded nuts thinking the property they're being paid peanuts to protect is some target that terrorists can't wait to take out with a tripod and a wide lens!

Got tired of the street hassle and have ventured into Macro. Technically tough (and at 70) it pushes ones aching bones to get down and dirty at times, many, many more misses than hits but when one succeeds it's like the kick I got when I first went out and about with a camera - also learning the habits and habitats of insects, flowers, spiders in their thousands either in your back garden or local park mean an endless educational opportunity. Will never touch the Professionals - but great fun - isn't that what photography is meant to be?

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At the current rate of the £ in the UK I couldn't afford the fine - can I do community service instead?

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Actually this rule will only hit the touts if enforced properly. Decades back such hawkers hit tourist & seaside places in the UK - see Michael Caine in the original 'Alfie' for an idea of how pushy they could be. Problem might be, as can happen here, that if you have professional looking gear you might be assumed to be earning money from taking shots.

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tedwill48167: I tend to prefer black and white in photos I display at home. These are all amazing photos.

Me too Ted - but the wife prefers colour! So in the interests of domestic harmony you may assume correctly that the majority of my prints currently on display are not mono!

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