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I have 5 DSLR's and like all three. :-) They are not all from the same company.

I also use several (6) brands of P&S. I also like them all. I enjoy unbiased reviews based on performance and truthful observation without any useless, negative judgments. These companies are all trying to do their best.

The Olympus OM-D EM-1 is my latest acquisition. I like it too. I'm simply curious, so I have a lot of toys. The EM1 was a splurge because I'm really watching my budget more carefully these days. Truth be told, I have enough equipment to take pictures forever now anyway.

Personal attacks have no relevance in a forum devoted to the exchange of ideas and information. Product gloat is silly. For example, all it takes is money to own the highest powered car able to burn rubber at a moment's notice. Get my drift? What degree of talent in demonstrated by that?

So where _does_ the pride come in? Your work, while using whatever you have to work with! Yes, your best work, or your best effort, will always garner my praise.

I enjoy the fray! The excitement of new digital camera advances. The future is digital.


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User6100568601: Best value sony again, what a surprise on dp-review...

Several years ago there was almost an uprise against DPReview because they seemingly favored Canon, the system whose images were always the best, as was their equipment. Don't be too's just a phase based upon current realities. :-)

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On article 2017 Roundup: Interchangeable Lens Cameras $500-900 (554 comments in total)
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proxy: Were you expecting a purchase order with this review? This is for information purposes only, don't get offended. I assure you, you are STILL free to choose, or did they ruin your carefully crafted plans? Took away all pleasure...?
Best if manuf. stopped making new cameras so some of whiners would enjoy their cameras for many more years to come, no more spoilers. Not gonna happen.

Stop studying specs, make up your mind and start enjoying life. Next year there will be better cameras, cheaper, with higher specs, more features and more comfortable grips... but some here think it is the worst that could ever happen. You keep analyzing just like your life depended on it... and guess what, next December some punk will show you the newest toy.
THE ONE you've been waiting for all those years...

Because the camera captures an image but only you, through thorough understanding and preparation, can capture and create a picture. A very wise message; thank you!

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PerL: "If only Nikon or Canon would release a mirrorless” some say. If the lens mounts is to be kept, how would such a camera differ from Sonys SLT models?
There you have a series of camera almost exactly as a DSLR but with an EVF. And they are a little bit smaller as well. So play with one if you think that is the concept that will bring huge changes.
It hasn't made much impact on the DSLR market yet anyway.

It's made some impact. I dumped my 1Ds, 1DsII, 7D, D60, and SL1, going with Oly's EM1 and EM5-II. Never looked back, and never had so much fun. With lenses and accessories, I had well over 35K$ in this system. (all their latest flashes, L-glass, etc.)

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jimkh: I don't understand this vague putdown of the RX100 and the RX100II with the "unengaging experience" tag. While this is obviously a very personal reaction by the reviewer it cries out for a more detailed explanation. What is "unengaging" and how do other cameras reflect engagement?


I got the RX100 right after they came out--was on a wait list. I've carried it on my belt ever since. The IQ is good enough, so it works for me. What I really like about it is the speed by which I can take follow-up shots. I just keep pressing the release, and it keeps capturing for as long as I continue. People think I've taken no shots or 1 shot, but I've already captured 15! It's sort of 'candid' in that respect, and I get a great selection of images. For quality, I use my Fuji x100s; it is superb. Beats my all my Canons and lenses for IQ. And, it has a viewfinder--the one thing I don't have with my Sony. But, that's the price I paid for compactness. I used to carry my Canon S90, S95 and S100 in earlier days, and they proved pretty darn good also. (I still use my Pro1 too :-))

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I do not want to have to rely on internet access to get my work done.

I don't want to have to deal with slow internet connections, or an overloaded server, when my own machine is blazingly fast with the stand alone PS.

I don't want my work in the "bow down to God" cloud.

I don't like having to subscribe; give me my tool and leave me alone!

All change isn't necessarily better; I tried some cloud based SW, and it stank!

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marike6: DPR is giving a lot of attention to this camera in a sense arguing that because of the fast lens, the small 1/2.3" sensor is good enough for an enthusiast compact. Oddly, with the Pentax Q, the first ever ILC with a 1/2.3" sensor, DPR didn't even bother to review it,

So now because it's Olympus, a kind of darling of DPR, people are supposed to be excited about this camera?

Don't plan on buying either camera, but I find it odd how some unique or interesting cameras get no attention and some more bland cameras get tons.

That's funny; a few years ago, you were accused on being way too sweet on Canon. Thanks for all your intros; you have always presented a refreshingly professional approach to all your work.


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thisisjh: I need viewfinder viewfinder viewfinder....

I agree 100%. Never again will I buy a camera without one. Fuji did it, so can Canon. Of course, this is not intended to be a pro camera. Try following gulls on a brightly lit beach! Go on, try it! Trivial with an SLR; nearly impossible using a screen at arms length obliterated by sunlight. You can't even tell if it's focused, let alone see them. The whole idea of these smaller cameras is convenience, less expensive lenses and SLR quality. Being able to follow action and visualize focus is still essential.

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On article Content commenting system launched (128 comments in total)

I believe this is a good capability that relates back directly to the item, rather than having it appear in multiple forums. Nicely done!


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at Walmart!

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