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I am an owner of the C100 dual pixel autofocus, its a very nice camera and has no problem making great video. NO FREAKIN way would I buy this camera over the Sony, These are crazy expensive. There are a lot of other cameras out there which can produce amazing results at a fraction of the is price.

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jkoch2: Obviously the richest hybrid combination on the market. More all-in-one than any other model. A "killer" product, but perhaps not in the way its maker would like.

$1,700 is a very bold price. Add $300 for a lens, and the price simply equals what Sony wants for the FDR-AX1, which has fewer features. The pricing will daunt competitors from offering competiting 4k video features. It may result in more orders than Panasonic can supply for months, yet be too low for Panasonic to make money.

Meanwhile, the prices of 4k displays fall, and the buyers' set-up problems, product returns, and scarcity of 4k content make profits anything but certain. The notion of "future proofing" collides very roundly with the consumer urge to share instantly. The only 4k video that is quickly shareable online may turn out to be the stuff shot with $300 phones.

Hence, a many-pronged gamble. Why would Canon or Nikon be eager to join the perilous game?

The BM systems are a very different beast than the GH4. With Blackmagic you are essentially buying the sensor and a box. I have worked with cinematographers, and they are not huge fans of the system - they are finicky . Moreover very few industry film and tv want BM of gear on set despite its high quality output mostly because they are a PITA. They much prefer RED's or arri alexa's. For a budget film maker and enthusiast they are excellent cameras made to be tripod mounted (including the pocket cam due to its need for additional cage, amplified mikes, battery backs etc.. It not just about the box and lens, these are whole system considerations that involved. The GH4 offers a lot of bang for the buck - no argument there. By the time you add up all the pieces you need to add on to even the BMPCC - your basically wher GH4 plus a lens would be. Choose your tool, and enjoy

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more gagets on board not sure I am so into that. Hope they fix the overheating issue on this model when using video. Lets hope for a better Jpeg engine too.

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