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On article Sony a9 Full Review: Mirrorless Redefined (2723 comments in total)
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ovlov: Canon better start working on those bankruptcy papers.


Link | Posted on Apr 23, 2017 at 22:11 UTC
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historianx: To the DPR editorial staff: Never begin a story with an acronym, and certainly NOT in the headline, because you can't assume that a reader that's not in the Pac NW will know what "PI" stands for. Headline should have read: "Behind the scenes with Seattle Post-Intellegencer Photographers." Then use the full title again in the lead paragraph, followed by PI. Good grief, Journalism 101, people.

I'm not even from the US. I soon knew, however, what PI is an acronym for. It's in the caption under the very first photo.

Link | Posted on Mar 7, 2017 at 00:16 UTC
On article Sony FE 100mm F2.8 STF bokeh demystified (355 comments in total)
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Alex Permit: Personally, I usually try to avoid out-of-focus objects in front of the subject. More often than not, it looks unnatural, even weird.

I find the out of focus objects in front of this subject distracting to the point of ruining the photos for me.

Link | Posted on Feb 18, 2017 at 02:12 UTC
On article Canon debuts EOS M6 mirrorless with optional EVF (669 comments in total)
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neo act: Just 35 Mbps 60p video. Isn't that pitty?

To you perhaps. Some of us couldn't care less about video.

Link | Posted on Feb 16, 2017 at 03:32 UTC
On article Gear of the Year 2016 - Barney's choice: Nikon D500 (217 comments in total)
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ttran88: Once upon a time we were forced to shoot with these big black boxes if you wanted to get respectable results. Thank goodness times have changed.

Nobody is forcing me to shoot with these "big black boxes". I do because I like to.

Link | Posted on Dec 19, 2016 at 23:14 UTC
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DVT80111: great, this will hasten the end of DSLR.

So why do you wish to see the end of DSLRs? If you don't want one don't buy one.Such a simple concept.

Link | Posted on Sep 16, 2016 at 01:25 UTC
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CaptureLight: I have to agree with the majority of the commenters here. Very nice video that manages to show the core abilities of the camera in a way that is very interesting in that it also let's us visit a very interesting place captured in a respectful way. Great work

Being a beginner and not knowing the basics doesn't make someone stupid.

Link | Posted on Apr 11, 2016 at 19:27 UTC
On article Readers' Showcase: Phil Garcia (71 comments in total)

This is a wonderful series of photos!

Link | Posted on Apr 11, 2016 at 00:46 UTC as 31st comment
On article Readers' Showcase: Steven James Martin (48 comments in total)
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Boss of Sony: I know these are slightly better than the average snapshot, but let's not get carried away. Photographers receive too much credit for simply pointing a tool and pressing a button. I will be arguing until the end of my days that documentary photography is not art. Real art involves skills formed over decades, fertile imagination, and hours, days or months spent on a single work.


Link | Posted on Mar 27, 2016 at 22:40 UTC
On article What a view: Aukey Super Wide Angle lens quick review (61 comments in total)
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SW Anderson: Lars Rehm, I hope you've learned a lesson. When your audience is packed with photography elitists and humorless hardware snobs, you better not review inexpensive things designed for fun. If an item's IQ can't meet the strict demands of photo editors at National Geographic or LIFE, you'll be inundated with snark and disdain.

Never mind that the cost of these lenses would alert anyone with a lick of sense that they're not "serious" photographic glass. Never mind that most who buy these lenses can get acquainted with what a fisheye or ultrawide can do, albeit without impressive sharpness. Never mind that if mounted carefully, used in bright light with suitable subjects, for display at smaller sizes online or as 4-by-6-inch prints, this lens and others like it can produce good-enough results for casual, fun-oriented snap- and selfie shooters. Apparently, those folks and the things they might enjoy aren't welcome within the IQ jihadists' jurisdiction.

Well said.

Link | Posted on Mar 6, 2016 at 16:54 UTC
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ozturert: Nice. If it's optically better than Oly 12-50mm, then it's a better option.

Nice of you to decide what I won't care for.

Link | Posted on Feb 24, 2016 at 10:22 UTC
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ajay0612: This camera is best avoided. It compromises the fundamentals of photography by excluding EVF, a must when you spend so much money. It although OK for landscapes but won't be good enough for portraits due to its f2.9-4.5 equivalent DOF of APS-C DSLRs. If pocketability is major issue for some, then go for G5x, RX100IV but avoid this one.

Don't you just love how people here take it upon themselves to define a photographer ?

Link | Posted on Feb 20, 2016 at 01:27 UTC
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photomedium: What a waste of space. Can these small sensor p&S on life support die off already? :)


Why do you even care. If you don't like a camera, don't buy it.

Link | Posted on Feb 11, 2016 at 18:39 UTC
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abi170845: Okay, how about battery life? I get over 1000 shots with my dslr. Do you offer radio trigger for flash? Third party TTL flash from phottix etc? Ultra wide lens like the Canon 11mm zoom? How is your after sales service and spare parts? or is this part of BATA (Buy and throw away) product?


With tax those 5 spare batteries would cost me $508.50. That's a problem that does exist.

Link | Posted on Feb 9, 2016 at 18:18 UTC
On article Fujifilm X-Pro2 release moved to early March (71 comments in total)
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bubblyboo: Looks like the A6300 scared both Nikon and Fuji.

@ bubblyboo


Link | Posted on Feb 8, 2016 at 21:18 UTC
On article Top 5: Hands-on with Nikon D500 (784 comments in total)
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dynaxx: There were several articles here a few months back that predicted convergence in the design of the MILC/DSLR cameras but what we are seeing with these new Nikons ( and the EOS 5DS ) is the opposite ; polarisation.

That Nikon spend their R&D on papering over the DSLR cracks ( automating the autofocus fine tuning and giving the auxiliary autofocus sensor its own processor ) tells me they will never attempt a MILC that can be taken seriously. They could never afford it.

This added complexity adds to the cost of parts, fabrication and repairability and adds bulk to a bulky device. A brave gamble in the pro' FF D5 but foolhardy in the APS-C D500 that just wont sell. We all crop and Megapixels do matter.

I guess we'll see in a few months time whether it "just won't sell".

Link | Posted on Jan 9, 2016 at 13:54 UTC
On article Happy Holidays from dpreview! (118 comments in total)

Thank you Simon and staff. Merry Christmas to all!

Link | Posted on Dec 25, 2015 at 00:13 UTC as 97th comment | 1 reply
On article Merry Christmas II you: RX1R II sample gallery updated (138 comments in total)
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ottonis: At all those people disliking the IQ of the RX1mII:

According to sonyalpharumors, Sony has reportedly halted RX1m2 production due to (yet unknown) issues. reports stellar IQ and points out that there might be some serious sample variation issues, if other users experience bad performance issues.
That being said, the current results may NOT be reflecting what the RX1R2 is truly capable of, but rather be skewed by some technical problems that may vary between different body samples.

I have no doubt that the camera is very capable, but there is no way a $3000 compact should have that much sample variance. It never should have been released to market if there is such an issue with it.

Link | Posted on Dec 20, 2015 at 17:52 UTC
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JackM: IR is so played out, I don't know why anyone takes IR pictures anymore.

Because we like to.

Link | Posted on Dec 1, 2015 at 21:51 UTC
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