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Canon TX1 had an interesting body, which I think had some promise. I don't know if the ergonomics were well worked out, probably not, but the idea of having a hand grip and an articulated screen is certainly good.

And the 3D camera is well designed for what it is intended for: Shooting 3D pictures. It can even view the pictures in 3D without the need for special glasses.

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Old Cameras: What’s the diameter of the image circle on the sensor?
(Annoyed that this information is not prominently stated).

@GhostWhoWalks: For a lens like this, it doesn't make sense to talk about focal length equivalence. This lens projects the full image circle on 4/3, APS-C and fullframe sensors, and, hence, it has a field of view of 210 degrees on virtually all formats regardless of sensor multiplier.

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Old Cameras: What’s the diameter of the image circle on the sensor?
(Annoyed that this information is not prominently stated).

About 13mm. See a review here:

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Viernes: All the extra money you have to spend to buy a Leica over another camera with a similar specs list is SIMPLICITY.

I’m clearly not Leica’s target audience, but I would love to have a camera as simple as a their M-D model, the one without a back screen. An ISO dial, shutter speed dial, control ring around the lens and not much anything else.

I understand how you feel about this. But for me, simplicity is having access to autofocus, aperture/shutter priority, and other features. So while I agree that a "simple" camera has its place, I think the term "simple" has different meaning for different folks

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Can I get one with the text "AUTO" on it?

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Looks like a Leica SL with proper ergonomics.

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Nanospeed1: I'm not a Leica fan. Not for any "ideological" or sentimental reasons but strictly for rational, pragmatic reasons. There is no question that the rangefinder concept has been obsolete even in the film era since the 60's. Still the Leica - justifiably - could hold its position due to excellent mechanical engineering (sturdiness+reliability) and excellent optics. And of course a decreasing minority of photographer preferred the rangefinder style of shooting.... Leica was expensive then too but not "sky high" expensive. And yes, that camera was an investment for decades as far as the longevity and long-term reliability was concerned. Now we are in the digital era. The "digital" Leica is clearly an anachronism of the past, brutally overpriced for what you get. Apart from the greatly finished externals, there is no complicated and sturdy mechanical engineering involved at all.

It is wrong to say that a digital rangefinder camera does not need complicated mechanical engineering. The rangefinder mechanism is basically the same as in the film era cameras, and that is one of the key reasons why the camera is complex and pricey, beyond the brand name and premium marketing, of course.

The rangefinder mechanism on a digital camera requires calibration and maintenance, just like on the film era camera.

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Fredrik Glckner: Can it take 3D images? If not, sounds like a missed opportunity, given the number of camera units.

On the other hand, perhaps 3D is simply so yesteryear that it isn't on anybody's map anymore.

I think what they insist, is that simplicity and ease of use is important.

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Can it take 3D images? If not, sounds like a missed opportunity, given the number of camera units.

On the other hand, perhaps 3D is simply so yesteryear that it isn't on anybody's map anymore.

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marc petzold: The Lumix GH1 is basically 95% a Lumix G1, same Body, Size, just added Video Features, same 12 MP mFT Sensor with great Colors & Tonality. My go-to walk-around mirrorless is always being the G1 & Lumix G Vario 14-45/3.5-5.6 Lens - it delivers, and that's it. Same as for the Sony R1, i never go >ISO 400 with this combo, shooting RAW-only.

The GH1 sensor is unique, not the same as the G1 sensor. The GH1 has an "oversized" sensor which can use multiple aspect ratios with the same diagonal. The G1 cannot, since it has a smaller sensor.

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I have been using Google Photos for most of my digital photo use the last six months or so, and I think this automatic upload sounds quite convenient.

The only time I do not use Google Photos, is when for some reason I need to access the RAW file for the best image quality. Otherwise, the compressed JPEG from Google Photos is quite adequate.

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GoPro has peaked already, and are desperately trying to catch up and regain their previous market status.

My guess is that people have learned now that using an action camera is not as fun as they thought, and spend their money elsewhere.

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I find it strange that this feature has not appeared earlier. All the hardware is there already, it is just a matter of adding software for the extra process of checking.

This is a feature I would have expected Pentax to add: After all, they tend to be quite innovative and add useful features before the larger companies do.

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Disassembling a camera can be useful, in the sense that you can remove the IR filter to create a full spectrum camera. I did it with a Nikon 1 S1, to get a very cheap IR capable camera:

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pshummer: AF speed of my Sigma 150-600 C has substantially improved after I installed the new firmware update by a Sigma dock. Nikon/Canon should follow the Sigma's idea. The Sigma dock is such a huge time saver.

Rather than requiring the dock, Sigma could have added a USB socket to the lens itself. That way, you could update the lens without needing any additional hardware, beyond a standard USB cable.

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The microdrive was the innovation which made the Ipod possible. One of the really big game changers, in other words.

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On article Field Test: Sigma 19mm, 30mm and 60mm F2.8 DN lenses (165 comments in total)

This is exactly my experience, from using all the lenses on M4/3, and the 19mm on Sony E:

The 19mm is least good, the 30mm is stellar, and the 60mm is good, but not fantastic.

The Lumix 20mm easily surpassed the Sigma 19mm lens in all ways, except autofocus speed.

The Lumix X 35-100mm f/2.8 is better than the Sigma 60mm at 60mm.

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D1N0: More classic looking but the lens looks like a plastic compact.... Nikon just doesn't get it.

I have tested the lens, and I think it is actually quite good. It rivals similar lenses for other mirrorless systems (Lumix 12-32mm, Lumix PZ 14-42mm, Sony PZ 16-50mm)

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I have tried the Induro BHD1. However, since the ball head dislocates a bit when tightening the screws, it is impossible to use except possibly with a wide lens:

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Another camera which has stood out the most recent years, is the Fujifilm X100, with a hybrid EVF/OVF.

Also, of course, the Ricoh GXR.

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