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gonzalu: My darn 14 year old Apple 30" Cinema Display REFUSES to die. It keeps on working. I have had three separate secondary monitors alongside of it that have died. Currently a Dell 27 Inch Wide Screen is not as color accurate as the Cinema Display. A paltry 2560x1600 is just perfect for my needs and frankly at native resolution, it represents a better resolution to me than the super high DPI monitors that need to be scaled in order to be usable to me. I rather a very large screen at the high resolution to spread out the pixels more. I think the sweet spot for 4K editing is 40"

I just love when hard-core Apple geeks meet up and chat shop.

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Ignat Solovey: When I shot gigs some ten years ago, in certain cases I had to be secured from some members of the audience at punk concerts. For one “P.T.V.P“ show I set a condition that I shoot from stage only, do that exclusively and use back door to enter and leave the club. The band manager, the band and the club took that seriously because I was bullied and threatened publicly by one of the prominent band fans for no particular reason... But a musician purposefully kicking a working photographer, and a girl at that? NO WAY. Not in Russia, at least. Russia isn't famous for everyone suing everyone, and for being a legal heaven, but in this case the guy'd pay a hefty sum for the damage and buy a new gear, unless he's fine with a lawsuit ending with a $10k fine plus damage, or that and a year in jail... Had he kick me, he'd get a lawsuit by the article 144 of Russian penal code, which is “Hindering a lawful journalist work”... 2 years in jail plus damages and expenses (not that it's widely used...).

Russia -- the ideal country where everything is just rosy and dandy.

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photomedium: Queens of the Stone Age? I've never heard of that. It seems they went from a unknown high school prom band to washed out old rockers without the history-making hits hits and fame in between. Why would you go and pay to hear these idiots is beyond comprehension.
Sue the $hit out of this moron and take whatever money he has.

Exactly right, a civil suit filed in a U.. District Court for general, exemplary and punitive damages will do the trick nicely. Just do it already.

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HowaboutRAW: Will it edit 120 FPS MP4 (regular motion) video files from the Sony RX10III, or IV yet?

The last version of Sony Vegas wouldn't. ShotCut (which is freeware) will.

Huh? What does this have to do with the USD $17 a month deal?

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G Sciorio: If you’re on a Mac iMove is quite good and if you want a cutting edge NLE get FCPX which renders far faster than Premire Pro and is easier to use. Consider if you get the full CC suite at $50 a month, you’ll have paid for FCPX in six months. Then, if you’re a Sony user C1Pro is $79 and Affinity Photo is $49. Buy it and be done!

Dude, this article is about MAGIX's VEGAS Pro. You must be on thew wrong comment site.

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Zzzzzzzz. I understand the Italian chap hadn't had an actual DATE in like YEARS!

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On article Canon PowerShot G1 X Mark III review (625 comments in total)

Great review, as usual, thank you so much for that, Dear DPR.

Got as far as a 45mm lens that has a Black Hole of Calcutta type darkness at F5.6.

Next, I read all about the pathetic burst rate of only 7 frames per second. Well, at least it is not 7 shots per minute, right?

Next came the rather low resolution LCD screen, mystery sized EVF, legacy 1080p-style video, a meager 200 still pictures on a fresh battery, and the rest of the lame duck specs.

And for the piece de resistance -- a mind-twisting price of USD $1,299. For which amount of money you can actually get from other gear mfrs, you know.... an actual CAMERA.

Yet, the article here failed to mention the closely guarded secret: how come Canon is still an actual player in the competitive digital camera business? Beats me.

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joe6pack: The issue is you need the devices to support it. Which means new TVs/monitors/receivers and new players. Simply buying an $100 HDMI 2.1 cable won't do jack.

Many 4K TVs can't even handle 4K at 60fps under old HDMI standard.

"And there will NEVER be hardware that supports this new standard."

Smartest comment I read in the last 10 seconds. Seriously.

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yoms: I don't get it... Why haven't they decided to go with Thunderbolt 3 in the future instead of creating a new HDMI version? Thunderbolt 3 carries video and sound is 40Gbit/s.
A 1-cable-for-all time has not come yet.

Thunderbolt is only used by some Apple folks and it is another one Intel's notorious follies. Fortunately AMD is not cooking up the many misses that Intel does.

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snapa: So if you only have a 4k 60fps TV, is this cable/technology a complete waste of money?

BTW, anything higher than 4k is a complete waste, because the human eye can't see anything better than that on a TV or computer monitor, so what is the point?
There is a point when deminishing returns does come into affect, and we have hit that point with anything over and above 4k video.

Like I already said.... 8K rez (4320p) in video is already very, very real of an experience for the viewers, and from what I have read & seen, there is not much of a reason to go past 16K (8640p) video pixel resolution, since the human eye will not be able to detect that much detail, anyhow.

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Sandler: Most samsung tvs are 4k 120hz already. What is missing is content, whether on TV, netflix/youtube or in games that need powerful graphics cards.

"A 4K flick on Netflix looks overall worse than Full-HD on classic blu-ray."

So true, too.

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photomedium: Beautiful. Will be the only plug in the next macbook pro and will require a whole new set of dongles.

After the failure of Thunderbolt in the Windows and Linux world, Intel is now betting on another lame horse called US-C. Maybe they can recoup their R&D investment fro folk shelling out up to $13,000 for a new iMac.

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calson: This will be of possible interest to cinematographers and possible the NSA, but not to mainstream videographers. 4K is overkill in most situations and ignores the ppi limitations of the human eye at normal viewing distances. Great way to sell more hardware to the gullible.

8K rez (4320p) in video is already very, very real of an experience for the viewers, and from what I have read & seen, there is no reason to go past 16K (8640p) video pixel resolution anyhow, since the human eye will not be able to detect that much detail.

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El Jeffe: With that much resolution things like fonts and graphics will have more detail and sharpness. Broadcasters will be able to cram pop up ads and other crap all over the lower thirds and sides of the picture and the only way to see full screen content will be by using your credit card.

Also instead of stacking your TV sets on top of one other for multiple Football games the screen could be divided in to as many Chanels as you want or afford.

TV and computer will become one in the same allowing you to see your Twitter feeds and cooking shows all at once. Instant gratification all over the place.

It’s sad we will never again experience gathering the family around the Zenth color TV set on Sunday nights to watch Disney and Ed Sullivan. It was low tech, but meaningful, enjoyable, and healthy entertainment.

I guess you hate HDMI with a passion then, correct?

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BobT3218: This article is titled "The new HDMI 2.1 specification...". It talks at great length of the all seeing all dancing capabilities if the cable but not one word on the actual specification. I'd like to know what makes it so great, how is this capability achieved. Just a few words, is it the shielding, the diameter, the insulation, what?

I read the press release.... understood all of it, actually.

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lbuclk=: During my years of PJ, I've had weapons drawn on me also. one officer said " I don't care who you work for"

Cops.... why do people hate the with such passion, I wonder?

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Cops..... gee, I wonder why so many folks out there just hate them?

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anticipation_of: Me likey. Will wait until the price drops, of course. For now 128gb cards serve my purpose, but I would for sure stick one of these in a phone and forget about it. Currently my phone is full of pictures and I keep having to delete stuff. It’s all still there in the cloud and on my laptop, but I’d prefer to just never have to delete.

Google = garbage in general. They are suddenly starting to fall apart.

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On article Kodak shows off Super 8 camera in first sample reel (218 comments in total)
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Leonp: There is no such thing as Kodak anymore. A bunch of people only use the five letter combination to sell silly things and make money from silly people buying it.

"Kodak didn't sell off the movie film sales division. that is still sold out of rochester."

MY TAKE ON THAT: That is being called "EASTMAN."

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On article Kodak shows off Super 8 camera in first sample reel (218 comments in total)
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IlkkaAv: This should be compared with the last S-8 camera in production (2014) :

"The first 20 Logmar cameras will ship in December 2014 and are priced at $3,500 without lens. Prices will jump to $5,000 after the first production run sells out."

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