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On article 2016 Roundup: Interchangeable Lens Cameras $500-900 (340 comments in total)
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Lettermanian: I bought the D5500 body on a whim because it was on an "open box" clearance; it had about 12 shutter actuations! :) I normally shoot m43 (Em10ii), but I borrowed a friend's lens and discovered that the iq from the D5500, both in stills and video, is indeed better imo (although I still enjoy that of the Oly). I like the size and ergonomics, However, after trying two lenses, and watching numerous videos and reading reviews online, there just does not seem to be a camera/lens combination that can get rid of the unacceptable AF noise in video mode. I don't want to use an external mic; I want to be at the beach/playground with my kids, taking quick shots and short video clips. I want to hear them playing, not the lens autofocusing. And yes, I know I can try manual focusing, but then the mics pick up my hand movements.
If anyone knows of any lenses that work on this body without AF noise, I'd sure appreciate knowing about it. Otherwise, keep your eyes on the for sale forum :)

I Dont know about other makers but with canon 70d/80d and a 18-135 stm /usm you dont get any noise from Af.

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Pedro Moreira: I dont know anything about this software but i just wanted to say that the Picture above, with the church and the river it was taken in my lovely home town Porto in Portugal! :)

Porto was European Best Destination in 2014 :)

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I dont know anything about this software but i just wanted to say that the Picture above, with the church and the river it was taken in my lovely home town Porto in Portugal! :)

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Mustafa: A good example of why you should use manual focusing for video.

Good cameras though.

Lets hope it wasnt recorded with a (new) Nikon! ;)

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On article Yongnuo creates near-clone of Canon 35mm f/2 (170 comments in total)

Contrary to what people are saying here, Yongnuo 50 1.8 its a very good lens for half the price of the Canon one.
Yes, it has noisy autofocus but with very good acuracy, better than Canon!
It even has better bokeh since it has 2 more blade than Canon has! (5 vs 7)

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Love the series, love this shots!!! Yoooo Bitxxxh! :)

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huyzer: I hope they come out with Nikon RAW video output. But it looks like they're focused on Canon, and getting that done right, first?

They mention the possibility of implementing on CANON 600d! NOT Nikon D600!

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On article Sony announces SLT-A58 20MP mid-level DSLR-style camera (128 comments in total)

"Auto Object Framing – helping you get better-looking, more professional results without effort."

Does it come with a humanoid to take pictures for you? ;)

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How could they forgot Nokia 808? Much more innovative to me!

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adrianlew: Nokia is retarded. What will a user do with a 41 mega pix? Its the quality not the size that counts... Those photos will only take space. No wonder the almost went out of business.. Same poor decision to run windows instead of android on nokia phones... I think the really should close the doors...

I think you're deadly wrong about the 41mpx and quality not size that counts, see the samples first, talk later. If only this phone would have windowsphone or Android it would be the BOMB because every photographer would want one!

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On article Just Posted: Canon EOS 5D Mark III review (705 comments in total)
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peevee1: DPR, comparing 5D3 with D800... D800 has got lower score on "features". What features does D800 miss in comparison to 5D3?

i Could also make up a list where 5d III has 11 features or more that the D800 doesnt have! :) Do you wanna bet?

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On article Facebook adds higher resolution photo viewing (70 comments in total)
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Caleido: A good thing I guess.

But I'll keep uploading at 900px max.

to prevent people from stealing his guess

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Pimp your camera! :))

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Is it me or it looks like an Lomo?

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