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I have seen the National Park Service enforce it is for a Russian expedition on Denali, where they were filming their ascent of the 7 Summits in 200 (or so) days...that is a commercial documentary film production on a mountain where an accident attributed to the production could have implications for the NPS land managers. I would be surprised if they try to enforce it at all for casual photographers or videographers, unless if poses a potential liability through injury to persons or property. Many of these confusing directives come down from Washington, D.C. administrators. I would not be surprised if some land managers eventually try to use the directive to prohibit photography/filming in the ways mentioned, unless the later clarification noted were included in writing.

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On a hunch, I just bought a Travalo travel perfume atomizer (~$10) for lens solution - was a great idea! Perfect size, fits in pocket, airplane proof and no problem with security (women use it for perfume) - use it for eyeglasses, sunglasses, as well as SLR monitor and lenses. Have a refillable master container at home (unlimited lifetime supply of lens cleaner solution) which I use as as reservoir to fill up the Travalo.

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Thank you for explaining the basics of gradients used with masked layers...it is always helpful to see these techniques explained in simple terms using sample images this way.

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Truth is that if the LR Catalog were intuitive and useful for us, we wouldn't need to reminded to use it! I do use it, but find the GUI clunky and tedious to use, despite the remembered keywords and metadata sets. I think iMatch (mentioned by others here) was easier to use in some ways. I look forward to imrprovements in the database GUI in future versions of LR.

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Bart Roskam: "Skin needs to be retouched. Even beautiful skin with great makeup."
How can anybody write this without stopping and asking "Hey, what the hell did I just write?" I understand that people retouch their photographs, but stating that it needs to be done is ridiculous.

I think the arguments pro and con are not absolute, but a personal decision of the photographer, the client (or audience) and the subject. What I take away from a wonderful technical piece such as Jean's is a work flow and technique that I can apply to my own work, in my own way. I do not begrudge an author's point of view...or editorial license. The one sharing these valuable lessons has a right to that. He may or may not agree with how his techniques are used by you, by me or by others, but his teaching has definitely influenced how I approach editing in photoshop and has given me new insights into photoshop technique and a new arsenal of tools that I can apply in many situations, for portraits and beyond.

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Exceptional tutorial. Thank you for generously sharing your advanced knowledge in this area. I have been trying to do this for years using books and online tutorials, and this was the first that brought it all together in a compact, well-articulated and simple to follow tutorial. I've been practicing this technique all week in my spare time. As a former longtime classical piano student, I am a great believer in practice, practice, practice!

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Inexplicably, DPRewview has become a forum for many professional and advanced amateur photographers, but they are starting to trend to the mass merchandising area and headlining articles for novices, without noting their intent. I was awfully disappointed when I clicked on this headline article about composition, expecting material on a par with some of the other web sites providing insights for more advanced photographers. Please confine these articles in a section for beginners; otherwise, you will lose your core consitituency.

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