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Pphotosweden: Nikon and Canon milc mount like in m42 segment IE Pana & Olympus . Imagine the amount of lenses they could put out if they work with the same mount.

And not to forget all the guys (and girls, but probably more guys) with GAS syndrome, that would be able to switch camera house as soon as a new is released, and still keep the lenses. I guess that's what holding most of us back from switching brand. Same mount would benefit the manufacturers as well as the costumers.

Of course it's just a dream ;)

They could just use the Sony E mount but let's not kid ourselves.

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marc petzold: The M50 is the better M5, in relation from Price to Performance Ratio. ;)

I do like it's small & light design, but this comes with a cost...namely small batteries.
Anyway, i do think, the M50 would sell very well for Canon, for 1st timers, Beginners, that want something small & handy, from the Canon brand, as well as from FF-Shooters and Pros, which want a small 2nd (or 3rd) Body for doing their snapshots.

The Specs are way close to the older M5 brother - even from fps and OVF, but the M5 does offer more, new digic and 4k, new CR3 RAW, so i wouldn't buy the M5 anyway, if i'd be interested into a second, small system camera setup.

Would like to see M5 vs. M50 samples.

Also the 1st with CR3 RAW Format, and a Digic 8 Processor - but, Battery Life is mediocre, and the well-known 15-45 Kitlens is also mediocre, read the M6 Review from last Fall, famous & respected Photographer Ming Thein reviewed it, and came to the conclusion, that the Kitlens (15-45) is subpair.

to be continued....

Meanwhile the G85 kit lens is excellent, though not quite wide enough with its 4k crop.

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The Davinator: Hmmm...she is seeking all profits made from the Instagram post and the 1.2 million likes. Let's see...profit from the post is $0. Yup, go ahead and have it all. Just don't expect to be hired again by anyone.

There is no revenue sharing on Instagram. The only way you get money from Instagram is when a company is paying you to post something, such as product placement. No one paid him anything to post that picture of himself. So any value is going to be a number you pull out of the air.

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Shamsheed: Shooting 8k may benefit some productions, like shooting an interview. Editing in HD will benefit from a medium , close mid and close shot, saving the need to use 3 cameras. But I also wonder how the final look will be like? As different focal lengths have different perspective and dof. Has any one tried this out?

You see this a lot on YouTube where they use this to cover edits from a single clip and you can clearly tell it's a zoom of the same shot. I don't know that this is necessarily bad, but different from what you expect. I think 8k would be more useful for events where they can zoom a wider shot down to a single competitor when something interesting but unpredictable has happened.

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Unfortunately for Nikon I already found the only DSLR I will ever need for stills, the D700. It might not be the only DSLR I ever want though :)

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13.2mm x 8.8mm = 15.86mm diagonal = 0.624 inches. How is that a 1" sensor?

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