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stratplaya: The UK has issued a similar ban. They must know something concerning those countries.

Still, if the UK has implemented a similar ban at the same time, it is harder to argue that the US is doing this just for supporting US airlines.

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If this becomes a wide ban (including connecting airports), this will change air travel for a long time - once enacted, security restrictions are hardly ever rescinded. Indeed, hard to imagine not being able to work on long flights - just when inflight Wifi is becoming common - or checking in thousands of dollars in photo equipment.

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TN Args: No, the *real* question is how does it rate against the Sigma Sports and Contemporary competition?

The Fuji and Panasonic are not competition unless you are considering changing the system (DSLR to mirrorless), while Tamron/Sigma and Canon/Nikon etc are interchangeable.

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edvard s5: For me design is simply genial.
Imagine how nice it fits to the inner pocket of a jacket, the grip stays outside, you need not to push the whole hand into the pocket to get it out, :). Very fast for every day/street photography.
It seems there is a lot of space for camera designers left.

It would be if it did not have the big protruding lens - it would get snagged in the pocket every time. As it is, looks like a throughback to the early digital camera days, when cameras looked like computer gadgets (if you remember first Apple and Ricoh cameras).

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I f I read the scores correctly, some Samyang lenses perform better than expensive Zeiss and Canon L primes?

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yslee1: How is it possible that the Tamron 17-50 VC and non-VC ended up with the same score? I have used both personally (albeit Nikon mount), shooting both real-world images and brick walls, and the VC version is distinctly inferior. I can't believe there will not be a difference on the denser 18MP sensor.

They should not - it's a test of optical quality test, not features.

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Combatmedic870: This will sell well.
It has good AF(ALL cross type),great touch screen(via the M), new sensor" new AF system also includes a new Hybrid CMOS AF II sensor", And alot of really good lenses.

Body only for a just announced camera is only $649. Not to bad.

Its build quality is most likely better VS the T4i due to it being more compact.

Looks like they lost alot of weight by loosing the DSLR battery. only 380 shots is mirrorless area.
Now if they could just make a pancake 30mm F1.8-F2 for crop, this camera would do really great.

I understand only one (center) AF point is cross-type, which is worse than the T4i.

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garyknrd: And this is different than my camera phone How? With the hype about camera phones here. I see this as kinda in left field.

But there are a number of hybrid cell phones already with similar size sensors and real zoom lenses.

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AP7: Nikon, Sony, Pentax ... all have affordable, newer built 35mm f/1.8, 50mm f/1.8, etc prime lenses for non-professional folks.

Canon should also update their enthusiastic prime lenses and offer at affordable price point. All the new lenses that Canon updated recently are way more expensive. Seems they forgot their enthusiastic market.

Also, really surprised, being one of the major camera manufacturer, Canon took so long to realize the importance of center-pinch cap design. Why Canon cannot take initiative/lead and be innovative? So far, what I see is, Canon is always forced to update their product by other manufacturer. What a shame for Canon !

Wlad, Canon does not do it all the time, it has only done it a couple of times recently. Previously it only did bug fixes or support for newer accessories, while Nikon, Sony, etc. used to be more generous in firmware updates.

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Rooru S: Why so many negative comments? To me, seems like a very good camera, and people is buying it (3rd spot overall on P&S section, Amazon USA) even if that camera is priced way much higher than 1st and 2nd spot. Large 1.0 Type Sensor, 28mm at f/1.8 (although I don't like the long end aperture) and many customizable buttons and dial, and even 1080p60 with manual control. All This in a pocketable camera good enough for most situations where I can't get to use a large sensored camera.

The bad thing about being included in the 50 best inventions of 2012 is because it's a Sony? Wondering what could happen if it had another label.

No, it's not fanboyism. I think the reaction would have been the same if Time had picked the Canon G1x or Panasonic LX7 or Nikon V1 - they are fine innovative and evolutionary products, but hardly ground-breaking inventions. I don't see people claiming that any camera by another maker this year should be among the top *inventions*.

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aris14: It's funny and nice...
A 200$ compact cam can nowadays produce images of similar IQ with 10 years ago DSLRs...
And it's not in the top of the range...

The original XZ-1 is now $200 though, with the image quality not that different.

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mike kobal: not impressed.

I think it looks quite good. Stopped down it is quite sharp, including cornes (see, for example the artwork in the glass building). The flower macro also looks fine to me.

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Raist3d: I don't understand the dpreview samples I am seeing. I am not seeing any great image quality at all. I am going to chalk that up to the lens they are using for them.

Lots of noise reduction, purple fringing. Would love to see a RAW from the Panny/Leica or one of the F1.8's primes.

I had the same impression, looked pretty soft.

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Jan Kritzinger: My only complaint is that the lens is slightly bulky for the body form factor - give us a 23/2.8 APS-C RX10 the size of the RX100, for $1k! Come on Sony, Do it!

How would it be different from the already announced NEX-6 or NeX-5 - which also have the advantage of removable lenses?

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Azfar: If only it had a 1/1.7" sensor.

If the sensor technology is so good, all the more reason to make it somewhat larger, say, 1", like in the Nikon J1, that is still plenty compact. Then it would be true competition to 4/3 and NEX rather than more of a novelty item.

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Carlos AF Costa: I like it. Very good spec for a real compact camera. It doesn´t compete with my Canon G1X, wich has a larger sensor and a fantastic image, but has a true compact it might be my first choice for a second camera

1.8 with a 1" sensor should have about the same DOF as 2.8 on 1GX, if not deeper though.

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keeponkeepingon: How is the TX20 any different from the TX10?

Same lens, same resolution sensor same lack of external controls and touch screen that does not work underwater?

Is the TX20 just a TX10 with newer firmware for twice the price????? (got the tx10 as a gift for something like $169)

If that's the case... shame on you sony!

200v is a lot more expensive, so not a real tx10 successor.

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