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newcameralight: I read somewhere on the internet that it is against the law to photograph bridges in New York City. Some photographers in Great Britain started wearing t-shirts that said, "I'm a photographer, not a terrorist." Maybe we should all wear one when we camera up. Lot of Homeland Security paranoia going around.

May not be illegal to photograph bridges [depends on Country and jurisdiction], BUT were you seen photographing details of particular engineering features of a bridge or other critical infrastructure you should expect to be detained and politely asked to explain your actions and identify yourself. It is a Public Safety issue.
The issue for Police is that if they ignore certain behaviours and something adverse happens, they will be criticised and flocks of Lawyers descend to represent the injured and affected. The negative consequence and real risk of civil litigation is, and should be, integral to decision making by Police and Government Authorities in such matters.

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In the present day "Global Threat" situation - when people are seen on a Bridge [and other structures] without authority it is unclear whether they are photographers who have neglected to obtain a permit and/or authority OR persons with far less benign intent. Vandalism is a possibility also. Try an internet search on "Bridge Protest Climb"!

In Australia (where I presently sit typing), and almost certainly; other places in the world, families of suicides have successfully sued authorities for not doing more to protect their loved ones. Also on rare but significant number of occasions passers by have been injured and some killed by "jumpers". So, good chance that in this particular instance in Philadelphia the police were concerned for the small but expensive possibility of injury to third parties and civil suit against them for not preventing the hazard. Civil Law - ehhh! Who'd guess!

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On photo waterdop in the Hardest shot I ever took challenge (1 comment in total)

As you say - not original, BUT an excellent well constructed shot of the "Water Drop Standard". Excellent texture, the water looks like water and the column is interesting.

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On photo RCAF in the Flag challenge (1 comment in total)


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