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F/8 aperture is already flawed by diffraction on 24MP 4/3". Technicaly speaking whole comparison is a nonsence.

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Isn't monochrome pictures are racism?

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On article Canon's 32MP chip marks the end of the 24MP APS-C era (498 comments in total)
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trungtran: No one needs more megapixels, but improvements help push technology along. These incremental improvements are needed to sell cameras. More cameras sold, more money for RND.

Adding more megapixels is easier than adding more DR and ISO sensitivity.
Easier for marketing as well. Of course improvements are not limited to the sensor, there are other aspects that go to providing a better overall shooting experience.

Up to the individual whether it is worth it not.

Personally i like the 24 number, plenty for my needs.

Mid priced lens won't get a resolution to crop...

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On article Canon's 32MP chip marks the end of the 24MP APS-C era (498 comments in total)

I want 12 MP APS-C back.
Last 5 years I give customers 2MP for WEB and 5MP for print and nobody complains about resolution...

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On article What the Z50 tells us about Nikon's APS-C strategy (682 comments in total)

Don't take seriously mirrorless camera prices. If manufactured with same price margin as DSLR they are 3x overpriced today. Extra money compensates for R&D.

In DSLR world DX vs FX had a big cost difference. Cost to manufacture FX mirrorbox, AF module and viewfinder prizm with same tolerances were about 4x more compared to DX parts. Othervise in mirrorless cameras cost differences are minimal and almost solely are sensor costs.

But production expences can be minimized with large scale. So 'N-company' needs product that utilises bulk of common components and tecnologies and can be produced and sold massively. It must be differentiated from premium products in fundamental qualities for consumer (DX). Also it lacks the only precision mechanical component that needs an adjustments - IBIS.

Here comes The Z50. If sold >100k units per month its price can be lowered to $300 and still make profit. And lower manufacturing cost for future FF mirrorless in $1000 range.

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AOC: Why does this piece of plastic cost as much as an entry-level iPad? You can get some 50" 4K TVs for close to this price as well. Any reps from Nisi care to answer?

because ipads and TV contains less details and are cheaper to produce...

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It isn't commercial software product. It is still early beta version or proof of concepts. Software developers made tons of bells and whistlers but lost any direct and clear concept how to use it. 80% of functionality isn't works at all.
'The sweet candy' inside is magical AI that divide image to regions to which applied gradient filter (Sky enhancer) or more complex zonal filters. (Foliage etc.)
After an hour playing with Luminar I found that manually using gradient, radial and brush filters in ALR is faster and certain way to edit images.

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akjos: The FL break is in the wrong place... should be at 50mm not 35... make 20-50 2.8 or 2.8-4 then 70 200 or 100-400 etc. 50-70 range wouldn't be missed. 35-50 yes
20 or 21-50 would prevent lot of lens swapping

50-something range will interfere with Tamron's own 70-210 without meaningful benefits.

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At last!

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GRUBERND: how do you extract the firmware from the EXE/DMG on an Android phone? sorry, i don't have a windows/iOS mobile device.

open EXE file with ZIP/RAR archiewer for your device.

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On article DPReview TV: Why waveforms are better than histograms (333 comments in total)

At 3:00 his face actually blown out by dirty flares, while waveform at same time shows affordable 75%.

Very funny and totally useless for photo work. Maybe suitable as math for artifical vision software.

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This new technology implemented in sprinter's race photofinish can produce boom of new possibilities. How about olympic games?

Also we can clearly see who shot JFK, just interpolating these antique TV recordings.

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Wow! There is plenty of applications for such a sensor. Giving its obviuosly huge price (counting lenses of course) it is useless in commercial photography.

The first need is deep space astronomy, whose methods today are continuosly watch same sky region for years, measuring brightness variance to discover and count extra planets. Also it can possibly to catch a 'brown dwarft stars'.

Second is earth survilliance for military and control purpose from higher orbits. so you can watch entire country continuosly for longer period of time.

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beatboxa: These pair well.
Results in the same amount of DR as native Canon cameras.

What is that, a full 2 stops?

bit != stop

These are independent values.
(1-bit image has infinity DR)

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RussQ: Update on crashing: Seems to have stopped now that I use the 'list' view in the profile browser rather than the grid view. Profiles preview directly in the main view, so the small previous isn't necessary.

Try to disable GPU processing.

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Actually all new Adobe profiles are using basic Adobe Standart profile for RAW conversion. Then LUT table to modify resulted RGB image. And then some tonecurve manipulation.

Isn't that revolutionary as promised.

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For those who avoid watch a whole bunch of crap, demonstration begins exactly at 4:00.

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So most of Hollywood production from ~1980s will be banned? Because it shows monkeys dressed as a businessmen, lowyers, scientists etc.

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RStyga: The orangutan photograph by Jayaprakash Joghee Bojan is captivating!

looks just as most of my first-time models.

Link | Posted on Dec 14, 2017 at 06:32 UTC

As common in such new technology bangs, the number of personal involved in video creation greatly outnumbers total viewers count.

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