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On article Reviewers offer first look at Microsoft Surface tablet (121 comments in total)

It boils down to this - will we see Lightroom on an ARM? If not, then the surface photographers will want is the Intel version, not this Surface RT.

On a side note, I personally know well the appeal of the tablet set up, but after throwing money away on accessories for my iPad, I've come to the conclusion that for content creation purposes, nothing beats the portability and utility of a notebook out in the field. A Mac Airbook is nearly as thin & light as a tablet, and far far more productive.

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On article Fashion Shoot: Tips from a Pro (83 comments in total)
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jorepuusa: Every professional photographer who "shares" his or hers knowledge about photography to amateurs takes part in the killing of photography as profession. For some odd reason some pros do not understand that.
That is probably cause they have a firm position in the business and cannot see the problems of those who do not and specially young pros who are just starting business.
It is very sad that dpreview takes part in killing of profession by giving advice to amateurs how to shoot. The amateurs shoot for free or minimum prize. In Finland where I live professional photography is almost dead and amateurs have taken over cause those who buy pictures do not anymore see the difference of quality but consider only the money. This is why I see this kind of sharing knowledge extremely hazardous for the industry.

In other words, "I see you all as competitors and don't want you to have access to the resources I have."

Knowing that, would you trust anything he posts?

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Ashamedly, jpg and a fairly predictable camera almost gets me all I need. Lossy RAW pegs exactly what I want - white balance control a chance at recovery all at a minimal cost beyond jpg storage. Bravo!

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On article Coming soon: Lens Reviews to return to (272 comments in total)

Awesome news guys, congrats!

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bradleyg5: The problem with distortion is when you have subjects in the frame at different distances. If you have someone standing near the camera and someone 10 feet back, there really isn't a way to truly fix the perspective issue, the person near the camera is still going to be vastly larger than the person away.

Basically I want a version of this that also incorporates magic, giving me the perspective of a longer focal length with the framing and camera positioning necessitating a ultra wide.

I have a bit of a distortion fetish. I love a hint of barrel in my wides and the play with perspective is part of a photo's story. That said, a competent toolset to control distortion in lr is a long overdue.

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CameraLabTester: "The stadium rules and guidelines strictly forbid the use of cameras and flash any time inside the stadium and during the concert. Heavy penalties apply".

Boomed the loudspeakers just before the rock band made an entrance.

As soon as the rock band appeared in the stage, the whole stadium lit up like the 4th of July from cameras and flash photography.

A sanction is useless if nobody obeys it.


It is hilarious when that happens. You only have a problem when you try to sell those pictures.

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Nikonworks: Sorry DPReview, junk is junk.

Your hope about which production run a camera came from shows just how much catering there is toward manufacturers when it comes to testing their equipment.

DPReview should call for a recall of the camera to protect the interests of those who read/visit DPReview - us photographers of all stripes.

Talk about sugar coating a finding.

And you will continue researching this matter? For what end?
It is better to use your resources testing other new cameras.

Your beef with dp is that they are objective rather than reactive. They reported the problem accurately and timely. The forums are for you to 'rage up' as it were by the very hosts you think are in bed with the industry .

I use the google chromeweb browser, and it has this excellent feature whereby it takes me only to the web sites I like. I bet you have the same feature on yours.

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As photographers, we probably share the same view that a photograph creates a reality, but does not document one. I'll appreciate what a photograph has to say, but I have no doubt that it has been altered (by framing and photoshop) to say what it does.

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On article Article: Digital split ND filters versus HDR (16 comments in total)

I wonder if anyone is working on a sensor that can assign multiple iso regions on the chip at the same time. You could have the upper chip at a lower iso than the bottom half the chip - essential providing a graduated neutral filter.

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On article Just posted: Panasonic DMC G3 in-depth review (45 comments in total)

Great form factor, but once again, the manufacture believes that the audience for a small body does not want to be overwhelmed by too many control surfaces. It's the myth of the step-up camera and the jittery consumer who is easily scared off of cameras that have more than 3 buttons on the back.

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GreatOceanSoftware: Why is everyone surprised? I see this as a digital Minox. Very niche. I wouldn't run out and buy it, but I applaud bringing back lots of knobs with direct access to important functions. Wish more manufacturers would get away from touch screens and menus and bring back the knurly knobs!

I applaud their design mainly because it sees no contradiction between compact size & the need for manual controls. There is a large audience for those that want full control in very compact sizes - I can't stand how manufacturers dumb down their more pocketable designs. Thank you Pentax!

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