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raincoat: If I turned up on a forum with these kinds of photos, would I be hailed as a genius, or booed as a noob who is still using auto mode?

Klein doing blurry misfocused images is acceptable not because blurry misfocused images are acceptable. It's because he's Klein and he's famous, so what he does is acceptable.

nope - because he has a good eye and his images are striking and memorable, even the blurry ones.

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Everlast66: How can this come so close to the mighty RX100? - 77% vs 78%
And why can it not be compared to the RX100? they are the same category and similar price ranges

Whether you like one or not, a VF is a huge plus for a camera and in this rating system it's worth about 10%, considering 99% of the X20 market competition has nada.

Another huge factor regarding camera rating is ergonomics and in my big hands the RX100 is a bar of soap. I'll probably buy the Samsung EX2F over the Pana LX7 for that very reason, and the articulated screen, because i'm tall and find that i do a lot of low perspective/close to the ground stuff. See? Everyone has different needs.

Speed of use is another factor and the RX100 requires a lot of menu surfing. This issue alone can take a lot of the fun out of photography as well, especially for the older gits out there.

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SRT3lkt: Ireland is lovely, so I can live with odd composition and tilted horizon.

@juck hi junk, go fk yourself :)

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micahmedia: WHOA...another important piece that isn't stated above: Getty has been selling the image. Starting in the past 10 years. That's why it's an issue now.

Getty--you know, the people who's business is suing people for images they own? Yeah, they're doing what they sue other people for.

After reading through the filing, I'd say there's much merit to this case. Please read it before commenting either way!

EDIT: this lawsuit is about lots of folks trying to sell work featuring the picture without compensating the photographer, who never sold the copyright to anyone. The list is long and it's in the filing. And it's all within the last few years. Sounds like his gripe is legit.

The picture is worth money today and people are selling it--that sounds to me like whoever owns it deserves a cut. That's the original photographer in this case.

There's a specific time lapse in your US law regarding keeping copyright 'active'; he's no case if he's let it slip unfortunately..what's written in law stands.

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If Newson did anything, he at least got people in the photography world talking, particularly the conservative old bags. It's different, no VF, not really that compact..yet it takes pics with outstanding IQ.

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mpgxsvcd: Does Canon have any answers to this? This is a great camera at a fairly reasonable price.

@tkbslc he's 007, of course he has inside info, that's his job.

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kff: very nice, indeed, but in the hands, it reminds me bakelite Trabant (or very cheap Fujifilm bridge), not DSLR ... and price is like a good made DSLR :(

Yes i checked the snapsort link; the k-5 has the weather-sealing and shoots faster, brighter bigger vf etc.. but wow i'm impressed with how this measures up and in some cases beats the k-5 in performance. This camera with fast prime would be superb for first time DSLR owner shooting mostly indoor.

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gdfthr73: I have erected a shrine to the Canon 6d. The first sacrifice has been a Nikon D600. I pulled out it's still beating sensor at the steppes of the shrine. The oil and gunk that spilled out was truly a site to behold. Let us pray that that the almighty 6D was pleased.

Church of the Latter Day Canonists..

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On photo Split Sky in the controlled contrast challenge (4 comments in total)

that's a beauty, well done

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sarkozy: why buy this camera, if there is a Pentax K-5?
K-5 = bombproof construction - completely weatherproof, etc.

Same argument for D7000..maybe the big pile of megapixels and (i presume) better dynamic range and video is in the D5200's favor. Also remember a lot of buyers will only buy the latest/newest..sad but true.

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You buy this if you want ultra - compactness and better IQ than from one of the mass media compacts. It really that simple, and so it will be of interest to a lot of people who aren't going to whinge about lack of vf, zoom's just about having the camera with you to capture the moment with minimum fuss or smallest compact is a Canon IXUS 70, which is very dated etc..yet it is so small and that's the lure and charm of it - this Oly is a big step up from it in specs and it will sell..when the price comes down a bit..

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deluk: I've been getting annoyed with this for the last few days. I'm just getting the black screen with nothing in it. I'm having to scroll to the bottom and click on "Use basic version" to get any site info and links. Looks as if it will be good if I can get it to work but at the moment it's just a picture album. Recently I've been using image search just to find things rather than wading through all of the selling sites and all of the generally irrelevant stuff that seems to come to the top of most searches.
Unles anyone has any ideas it looks as if I'll have to mail Google.

try a different browser, or maybe you have certain browser extensions running that are interfering with it.

The new Google image layout suddenly came on my screen yesterday evening - pleasantly surprised by it; i think it's a good improvement..

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Lee Jay: Announced September 17th. I made my purchase decision a month later - and three months ago. You need to keep that sort of think in mind if you want your reviews to be relevant.

There have been so many interesting and good 'serious' cameras released (and reviewed here) in the past 12 months i'm surprised they even bothered, let alone got around to reviewing this..some of us had to wait a while for a Pentax K-30 review, but..u know, there's other websites out there..cameralabs, youtube etc.

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Chilling, depressing photo which serves no purpose other than maybe highlight more policing needed in the NYC subways? I think the photog could have saved the man if he sprinted hard and forgot about his camera..

Yes, i think it's a relevant post on dpreview because the majority of people who log onto this site could end up in the same situation as this photog.

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marike6: The sample images actually look very good. I could see this lens being useful for a traveller or tourist. Also really like when DPR shoots samples in London as it's much more interesting than Seattle (a nice city, but not nearly as much history and cool sites).

Kurt Cobain's bench is worth a 1,000 Buckingham palaces to some..just sayin..

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Alizarine: I wonder how the Pentax version of this lens will fare on a Pentax body, especially the K-5 IIs :)

Just scour Flickr any time soon and there'll be a dedicated group for this particular lens. and some Pentaxians in that group..

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IndianaIronButt: I purchased the FZ200 and used it for about a week, then returned the camera. I agree that it is a good camera and deserves a high score - for a small sensor super zoom. What I did not realize is that the image quality is not what I am used to. The APSC size sensor on my Canon 7D at 55mm, when enlarged to match the FZ200 was just as good IQ. So, I found that the super zoom doesn't really give any more reach than I already have. However, the primary reason I returned the camera is that the EVF lags too much to capture the moment of a moving target. I could never get the facial expression in the image I was seeing with my eye - even when prefocusing.

Exactly - put a 300mm on an aps-c (450mm) crop 50% (675mm) and the IQ will beat anything from these superzooms..

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5D MKIII capability in a Canon IXUS - sized body :)

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On article Background blur and its relationship to sensor size (20 comments in total)

Great work Carsten; it also shows one advantage of all that zoooom in the Nikon P7700, regarding purchasing one of the latest compacts, with out-of-focus stuff in mind..

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well, everyone is happy then..

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