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On article Book Review: Vivian Maier, Street Photographer (151 comments in total)

Her work destroys the American Dream.

If only comunists were able to get her work in the eighties, what a good anti capitalist propaganda they would had made out of it.

Just looking from outside, I'm from Eastern Europe and during that time we were told here that while we comunist citizens received free houses (that was true), many of the capitalist citizens were homeless and poor and the state was not giving them any help.

Of course we were refusing to believe it because the only contact with the capitalist west was luxury magazines and movies with rich people. It seems life in the west was not like in Dallas .....

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Hahaha, interesting lenses for handholding general photography

but it was the 35mm f/2 IS USM that I've been dreaming for.

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On article Pentax announces K-01 K-mount APS-C mirrorless camera (866 comments in total)

If Star Wars Troopers were to be given a camera, this would be the one. The white&black one.

Anyway, 40mm f/2.8 is not a very desirable focal for APSC. If only it was a FF ....

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A FF digital OM with metal body which works with classic OM lenses and also with newly designed AF lenses is a wet dream for many

But I doubt they'll be able to manufacture it at a cheap price.

It's hard when there are tons of 5D mk1 in the market which can be had for $800 used in good condition.

Hopefully it'll be mechanical coupled diaphragm and superior viewfinder/focusing screen that will sell it.

On the other hand, by today standards it will have to film with mirror up.

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On article Kodak files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection (95 comments in total)

Kodak .... they also had problems with 35mm and 120mm film quality lately, especially in the entry and mid-price range

Some facts that happened to me:

1 - I loaded a roll of Cheap Kodak iso 200 into my Rollei 35s and at some point, about frame 20 the film broke. Never had this kind of problem with Fuji.
That Rollei 35s, it's true, puts more tension in the film when arming the frame.
After the first Kodak fiasco I said, all right, that roll was defective, let's give it one more chance.
I put another roll. This one broke at the holes when arming the film at some point.
So, at least in my opinion, kodak film is more frail.

2 - Managed to do a complete roll of cheap Kodak iso 200 on a Yashica fx3 C/Y '80 dslr. Developed it at Kodak, scanned it there. The results are worse than Fuji@Fuji labs. More grain, too yellow.

3 - When using the 6x6 Rolleiflex I had better results with cheaper Fomapan BW iso 200 compared to Kodak B/W Iso 200 both manual process.

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On article Preview: Canon PowerShot G1 X large sensor zoom compact (767 comments in total)

It's a heavy camera and not too compact as 65mm width is not a pocketable camera.

Perhaps it will sell to a certain extent and will be replaced with something else soon while dropping the price to get rid of the excess stock.

Maybe some girls will buy it as it fits properly in the purse and some benevolent uninformed rich fathers will buy it for their children as a a super gift believing that's the dslsomething they want.

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On article Introduction to Documentary-style People Photography (67 comments in total)

The article is very good and it reveals the truth: the DSLR camera is not always the best tool when it comes to people spontaneous shooting.

There are 2 things that distracts the subject.
Putting camera at your eye
And autofocus

Ancient Rolleiflex was better just because you could frame with camera waist level

Maybe we'll see in the coming years a smaller mirrorless 35x24mm sensor camera with a 40mm pancake and a mobile digital screen. Hopefully this combo will allow waist level digital photos.

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Great tool .... not for the normal average photographer.
We, the amateurs and enthusiasts, were waiting for them to release their mirrorless. Hope it'll be FF & small !

However, this camera would be very useful if used by the police here in Romania where many idiots break the rules and race with their expensive cars trough the cities. Connected to the wireless system it should provide great evidence for the police.

And of course, movie makers will love it.

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Where's the clarity ?

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I also lived half of my life in Comunism and half in Capitalism. I live in Romania / Eastern Europe. During Comunism everybody had a home, you got if for free when you got married. And everybody had a job (you were forced to by the Comunist Party). Naturally, 90% percent were not happy to be just a standard citizen and with a mediocre status, mediocre money, to be totally taken care of and not to be able to misbehave. They all wanted to flee to western Europe and live in the luxury they had seen in the few capitalist movies that crossed the iron courtain. Never anyone imagined or conceived that it might occur to someone not to have a house anymore and to be forced to live in the streets.
That's the point with the Capitalism, you can get crazy rich or you can literally die out in the street, just a matter of a bad decision, ill luck or bad fate. There are few to none to take care of you when you're fallen.
The sad beauty of this picture is that it makes you imagine the story of this victim of capitalism and you just imagine the worst.
My guess is that he is still young, he has a bike, he has a tent ..... he must have had faith in himself but still he was not prepared for what was about to come.
Make sure you make him a present for Christmas, I think he will appreciate a glass of hot tea.
Tell him it's not poisoned, it's just because you won a challenge on Dpreview with a picture of his house.

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On photo Peles Castle in the Land of Transylvania, Romania challenge (2 comments in total)

It's the romantic castle King Carol I of Romania build at Sinaia which is in Valachia, about 30km from the former border to Transilvania which was at Predeal.

But, being close enough to Transilvania probably it should be allowed in the challenge.

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On photo apex in the Green Architecture .. challenge (2 comments in total)

Is it a foundation excavation device? Or it's the insulation of the concrete pump duct ?

Unless we understand what it is, we can't know it's real green architecture.

For the moment what I see is just green literally.

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