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Indeed a sluggish market for unoriginal and me-too designs based on 1960s film cameras ...

Link | Posted on Feb 14, 2017 at 05:37 UTC as 118th comment
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QuarryCat: BUT....
18 f/sec only with electronic shutter - so not really good for all moving subjects

and even 15 f/sec with mechanical shutter - only without AF-C -

so, when I am right - Olympus E-M1II can only do 10 f/sec with mechanical shutter (without rolling shutter!) and AF-C -

so it is not faster then Nikon D500 and only a bit faster then Fujifilm X-T2...

so it always depends.
most of the Olympus gimmicks are restricted very heavily in practice ...

it is still not the best system for fast moving subjects, by far not the best system for lowlight, it is not a SPORTS-Camera nor a ANIMAL-Camera.
But it seems perfect for closeUp and macro-Photography and traveling with a little lighter bag.

You really need to read the facts about he AF modes and drive speeds ...

And plenty of reviews have demonstrated the electronic shutter is very usable in most sport and wildlife situations.

And you say you own one?

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Triplet Perar: Can we expect similar report about the tele-conference at Nikon, to introduce new D760 or D820?

No innovations there, move along please ...

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polarabbit: this was indeed a great milestone camers and a modern classic.

This design would be great for a UW design as it gets away from the image degrading folded optics that every current "tough" cam uses while being able to retain a flat shape for stowing in a large pocket.

Link | Posted on Feb 3, 2017 at 07:40 UTC
On article Ultimate OM-D: Olympus E-M1 Mark II Review (1383 comments in total)
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Beckler8: "The Mark II is customizable to the point where it's overwhelming"

Not sure why this is constantly mentioned in the review. The more customizable it is the better - nobody is 'overwhelmed'. If every single control is assignable, that's exactly ideal. If you want to criticize the UI, that's different.

Additionally, if they actually put some thought into UI, they'd have a PC or mobile app that really lets you easily change not only all hardware functions, but all the menus, etc., as you choose, and create preset groups to assign to whatever you want, etc. You could essentially have entirely different user (or use) profiles.

Yeah - treat people as if they are intelligent and give them set up choices and then they complain the system is too complicated ...

Link | Posted on Nov 26, 2016 at 19:20 UTC
On article Ultimate OM-D: Olympus E-M1 Mark II Review (1383 comments in total)
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CaPi: Portable data center.. and just as complex as it seems ;)
I owned the Mark I right when it came to the markets. Software errors causing failures due to overheating processor..
I am hesitant to invest into the Mark II. Let us wait and see

Really? What software issues? What firmware version?
Found nothing on google that matches up with your statement. Any digital camera can heat up depending on what is doing, especially for extended time periods.
Oh yes and beware the hissing noise is the IBIS system working :))

Link | Posted on Nov 26, 2016 at 19:18 UTC

Still unable to arrange any sort of C-AF sequence test after all this time?

Link | Posted on Nov 9, 2016 at 09:39 UTC as 34th comment | 3 replies

I'd expect a WR version of the camera or maybe a rain/dust-proofprotective cover. This is a cosy little domestic camera & kit with an inappropriate name.

Link | Posted on Nov 4, 2016 at 20:41 UTC as 35th comment | 4 replies

All these new cameras with 5 axis IBIS (also GH5, G8) - wonder if they are licensing from Olympus ?

Link | Posted on Oct 6, 2016 at 21:01 UTC as 107th comment | 4 replies
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AbrasiveReducer: Olympus might do well to remember that in their glory days, it was not the smallest system, the half-frame Pen F, that was a big success. It was the "full frame" M-1/OM-1 that put them on the map. Half as many photos on a roll, but much better quality.

My point is that small and light is great and no one does it better than Olympus. And you can sometimes coax amazing images from 4/3 or even smaller sensors. Sometimes, but not always.

So what's your point - just another bit of FF equivalence trolling?

Link | Posted on Oct 5, 2016 at 06:52 UTC
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Triplet Perar: Whatever Olympus wrote in PR about their new cameras was always a hyper-hyperbole. m4/3 especially, it always looked better on paper than in practice, when all caveats would be discovered.
Warned by their previous practice ("world fastest this", "world best that"), and until proven otherwise, all numbers quoted in the spec sheets are only random numbers.

Like Nikon who sell cameras will oil on the sensors and deny it ...LOL

Link | Posted on Sep 20, 2016 at 10:46 UTC
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(unknown member): Wow, scrolling through the spec sheet and press release...

This thing is a beast! Flash sync speed, EVF size (1.48x, nice!), ISO 64, 5.5 stops of IBIS, up to 6.5 stops of IS with compatible lens, etc...

Olympus is definitely playing hardball with this.

Gosh YXa - are you lying or what?
GH4 body weight= 560g
E-M1 Mk2 body = 497g

Link | Posted on Sep 20, 2016 at 10:42 UTC
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ekaton: A tiny noisy sensor housed in a 600 gram bulky body. Mount the new hefty 600 gram 12-100mm f4 and weight wise you are comfortably in FF territory.

And a clunking big 35mm sensor that is so big that IBIS technology struggles to work moving such mass around ... witness how poorly sensor IS works in FF for Sony and Pentax.
Bigger isn't always better ... oh yes it is , for the tripod you need for your FF DSLR!

Link | Posted on Sep 20, 2016 at 10:31 UTC
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Clint Dunn: What a great camera with such a small sensor. Unfortunately Olympus will never be more then a niche market. Imagine the volume they would sell if this camera had all the same features and a FF sensor?!
Queue the defensive comments from Olympus owners...

Cue the silly FF trolls that believe if only everyone had FF they would become "real" photographers ( LOL) - but then Hassleblad and Fuji will probably be stealing the niche FF DSLR market in the near future ...

Link | Posted on Sep 20, 2016 at 10:26 UTC
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Mac McCreery: Lovely looking cameras the Olys. Sadly too small for my clunking hands......

For over sized hands there is always the battery grip option ...

Link | Posted on Sep 20, 2016 at 10:20 UTC
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Jylppy: Olympus tries to use "trademark inflation" against Canon's "Dual Pixel AF".... "Dual Fast AF"...

Wow, name theft now? A Canonite feeling a bit insecure?

Link | Posted on Sep 20, 2016 at 10:19 UTC

The future for those with deep pockets - this aint a mass market product

Link | Posted on Sep 20, 2016 at 00:09 UTC as 100th comment | 1 reply
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tobicy68: This would have been big news if it wasn't over shadowed by mirrorless medium format...

yeah - over shadowed by the medium format size and price - LOL

Link | Posted on Sep 19, 2016 at 17:16 UTC
On article Modern Mirrorless: Canon EOS M5 Review (1647 comments in total)

So no comment on the all important AF performance?

Link | Posted on Sep 15, 2016 at 05:12 UTC as 407th comment
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sillen: As the smartphone cameras (not only Iphone) improve their photographic capabilties, sensors and lenes, they are eroding the added value of M43 sensor based cameras. Such small sensors simply dont deliver enough added quality above the smartphone cameras.

You seem to be stuck in one of those Platonic logic errors that the runner cant ever overtake the tortoise. In reality as sensor & processing technology advances it permeates every sensor format, not just smartphones. M43 today is better that the original Pro 35mm sensors, but bigger sensors have moved on. BSI construction was initially said only to be useful for 1/2.3 or 1/1.7 sensor, now it's everywhere. Tiny sensors will never outperform much bigger ones - law of physics.
The technology is also a completely different issue as to what constitutes sufficient quality to satisfy mass market consumers versus "serious" photographers. I remember when people shot weddings on their "Pro" 6MP DSLRs and people raved about the quality ...

Link | Posted on Sep 10, 2016 at 08:36 UTC
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