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Sergey Borachev: It would be great if Sony puts this in their RX10 V or another 1 inch camera. Hopefully, the smaller sensor and a more conservative approach (4 shots only and less MPs) can actually produce more usable images with higher DR, colour depth, and not just very high resolution and huge files.

Better DR and colour accuracy and moire reduction are part of the benefits of pixel shift, as well as resolution and MP increase - at least with the Olympus function.

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The longer exposure works OK with water flow shots reduces or eliminates the cross-hatching artefacts that occur at faster shutter speeds.

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On article Leica Thambar-M 90mm F2.2 sample gallery (214 comments in total)

These all look as if OOF - so really to achieve this look use a regular "sharp" lens and unsharpen your image in post.

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Just shoot the things on sight if they are in a forbidden zone ... see if the operator ever comes forward, I think not.

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Mark Turney: Seems quite dysfunctional and extremely expensive for what you get. If you’re a pro underwater photographer, get a dedicated hard case to protect your very expensive gear. And if this is for beach trips and family outings, just use your water resistant phone or a P&S with $35 plastic waterproof cover.

You need to read intended usage - its about just as much about camera protection above water rather than underwater. And how many rigid housings give you ability to use virtually any lens to access the focus ring or zoom lens collar without charging hundreds extra?

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JokingJ: It still seems like a bad deal for mirrorless users - screw in a baseplate to the tripod mount (instead of the normal eyepiece-mounted rear window) and use a cover that's build for a camera about an inch larger in a all directions? I'd hardly call that "optimized."

My OM-D swims inside the "mirrorless" version - tried it once and never again since.

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Okapi001: LOL Ewa-marine, DiCaPac and AquaPac have been making these for decades.

Not really the same as dicapc etc, if you actually have ever used one - many of those other designs do not let you freely use the focus or zoom collar on a lens -that alone is a HUGE issue that the outex does address by being a simple "bag".

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FlipUpFlipDown: Flexible housing??
What about the water-pressure then exercised on the gear at more important water-depth??

This isnot for deep deeping - its about total camera protection above water or to shallow depths. Divers will have to pay for a rigid housing, simple!

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Leo Pan: it is a condom for a camera

And condoms work ... so your point is?

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Backers may receive a clear cover but then pay for the lens and rear fittings which would probably add another $100-150. I hope their quality control has improved on the fittings, the ones I got with mine had scratches as if were pre-used. Never got any reply from the company when I wrote to them.
Oh and also buy the harness- strap that goes around the camera as in the picture - that'll be another $50-75 ...

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As a serious compact it is good specs, WR is an advantage, but I think it is 200-300 over priced compared to plenty of mirrorless options offering similar or better performance for similar size for less money. Be interesting to see how long it takes to drop under $1000.

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I still have an unopened 35mm roll of K25 ... didn't make it to the finish line with that one!

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MikeFairbanks: Is this real? Not sure how executives allowed a film called Kodachrome to slide by.

The transparency of your joke has a fine grain of wit

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Presume theme music will be by Paul Simon ...

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On article Yashica is teasing a comeback to the camera market (299 comments in total)

Wonder what they can bring to the market that anyone else isn't doing?

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Father Bouvier: The lens is so slow, the sensor is so tiny, I don't know what people are buying it for. Anything slower than f/2 on 1" sensor is too limiting. The f/2.4-4.0 is like f/6.5-11 on FF, the ISO 100 is like ISO 800 on FF, what are you going to shoot with it?

Oh no, the boring 35mm equivalence cr*p again ... people wanting this probably don't want a primitive, oversized, overweight 20th century camera design - wake up to the digital age already.

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On article Hands-on with the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX10 IV (339 comments in total)

Quote:"this is an equivalent aperture range of F6.5-10.9, which is not significantly slower than an F4.5-6.3 tele zoom on an APS-C camera. "

Very strange statement - apparently confusing lens aperture for exposure with the silly 35mm equivalence as regards DOF.

Exposure doesn't change with sensor size - the Sony f2.8 will always be faster than f4.5 no matter what format!

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GodSpeaks: The Sealife site has some interesting info, but also confused info. The site talks about OIS and CCD shift. Somebody is probably confusing terms. The camera, sans housing, is rated to 60 feet, so not bad. The housing takes it to 200 feet.

However they do have additional images of the camera, including the camera, sans housing. I wonder if the camera is available without the housing? That should drop the price at least a couple hundred dollars.

I wonder if the addon lenses work without the housing, or maybe they only work without the housing.

No 4K video though. That's a disappointment.

You can buy the camera direct from SeaLife as a spare part - see the Underwater form for details, saves a fair bit.

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stevevelvia50: The fact that you can shoot everything at two stops ISO less on 4/3rds....for example, 1600 ISO at f11 in full frame compared to 400 ISO at f5.6 on the Olympus, to get exactly, and I mean exactly..... the same Depth of field, and shutter speed, evens out the score in image quality. The Olympus is much, much lighter and enjoyable under hiking conditions though

And then there's the PEN F's high res mode which gives you virtually noiseless images all the way up to 1600ISO, plus the excellent resolution and colour accuracy. Hopefully the mountains won't move too much during the exposure ;)

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Erik Ohlson: A Panasonic ZS25 could have taken every one of those shots, as couls, say, a Canon S-100 or a Casio ZR700 or 800. Or Various Sonys, Nikons & Samsungs....

None of those are even close to the weight & bulk this guy carried.

"A Panasonic ZS25 could have taken every one of those shots, as couls, say, a Canon S-100 or a Casio ZR700 or 800. Or Various Sonys, Nikons & Samsungs...."

So what? What is your point?

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