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On article Google Pixel XL camera review (201 comments in total)
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melgross: Well, for a supposed photo site, it's interesting that RAW quality images wasn't mentioned in real way. As we all know, the JPEG engine is better, or worse, in different cameras. But it can have little to do with the RAW quality of the image. As can be seen in the tests, moving to RAW shows that the iPhone 7+ camera is quite a bit better, even if the Pixel jpegs are somewhat better. This needed to be stated.

In reviews in Anandtech, the problems with Android cameras, in general, and particularly with video, are noted. That stuttering is considered to be a major problem in Android Phone videos. For some reason, whether it's based in the OS or not, all Android phones have problems with video, though Lars seems to have low standards for that (among other things).

There are other things in these reviews that are lacking.

I'll have to continue this in the reply to my own post because of character Number limitations here.

Google looks well ahead on JPEG processing. Looking at the low-light comparison at print size, the iPhone is very competitive based on RAW data. Slightly less saturated, but details look similar.

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On article Panasonic Lumix DMC-G85 / G80 Review (698 comments in total)

This rockets to the top of my to-buy list. Fixes the shutter shock problem that kept me from upgrading my G6 and makes my non-IS lenses (Oly 60mm and Pana 20mm) much more useful. The weather-sealing will probably get me itching for the 12-35 and/or 35-100 lenses.

I tried the GX85 in the store and loved the new shutter sound but couldn't get around the tiny grip and EVF.

Panasonic has ticked all my boxes with this camera!

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FencerPTS: Most of this is not good news for camera consumers.

IP&S SALES ARE DOWN 1.7% TO 711.2 B JPY. Q4 to Q3 sales down 16%; Q4 CY to Q4 PY down 9.5%. Not good news for Sony imaging. Only good news is the restructuring charge is behind them.

SONY INCREASING PROFIT FROM IMAGING: IP&S is now the second highest ROI at 16.5%. Cheap cameras are going away (we've already seen this with the A6300 replacing the A6000).

SONY REDUCING IMAGING R&D: contracted 4.75% to 64 B JPY. Look for either less prolific or less profound updates.

Mothballing any remaining R&D on the A-series could get them some savings, depending on what they were spending last year.

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On article Lytro announces Illum light field camera (349 comments in total)

I like the design. The blue ring around the lens and black plastic reminds me of the Samsung NX cameras, but the simplicity of the approach makes it look like something out of Apple's design lab.

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On article Adobe launches Lightroom for iPad (130 comments in total)
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Retzius: Folks will gripe and moan about a developer charging $40 a year to give them a web based app with seamless photo editing integration across platforms but then go out for dinner and blow $50 for a couple burgers and beers and think nothing of it...

@lenseye: Before you quit the subscription, export everything as TIFs or JPEGs and you have your final versions as well as the original RAWs. This has me thinking seriously about an iPad, which will cost the equivalent of more than 3 years of my subscription.

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On article Giotto's launches 'Air' range of lightweight tripods (30 comments in total)

Looks like just the thing for a mirrorless kit. Now when are they going to go on sale? Nothing at the Giottos weblink provided.

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On photo Sunflower.. in the Sunflowers challenge (1 comment in total)

Interesting use of a narrow focus, but the blurry green area in the lower left corner is distracting. It could be cropped out.

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On photo _MG_2425_resize in the Sunflowers challenge (1 comment in total)

Need to be more careful with use of focus. Suggest a smaller aperture to get more sharp.

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On article Chicago-based Calumet Photographic closes U.S. stores (196 comments in total)
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Psychic1: $50K in assets is totally incorrect, NYC had inventory that exceeded that value sitting on the floor.

Maybe the writer was talking about net assets. I was a bit baffled by the initial articles that talked about assets being $50m higher than outstanding liabilities. The reports that they were way behind with suppliers is more consistent witht he bankruptcy filing.

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On article Chicago-based Calumet Photographic closes U.S. stores (196 comments in total)

@ Havani. I read elsewhere that they had $50k in assets, not $50 million. There is good coverage over at PetaPixel, including an interview with an employee and a link to a website with reviews of the company by workers (,31.htm).

Sounds like they were struggling to get any stock, which meant low sales that led to more merchants refusing to send them stock on credit. Another big signal was a recent set of missed paychecks to employees.

Many employees seem to be blaming the current President, who came from Ritz after running it into the ground.

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On photo green heart of sunflower in the Sunflowers challenge (2 comments in total)

I like the close up view and the colors that leap off the page. Nice range of colors from bright green to yellow to deep orange.

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On photo Thorny back in the Sunflowers challenge (2 comments in total)

Nice idea but unsharp when seen on full screen.

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qwertyasdf: 20+4.9+4.9 = 39? I don't get it!

If the grip is facing backwards, then the thumb needs to exert pressure to hold the camera. How can i use my thumb to press the buttons on the back?
I just tried holding my Canon 1D backwards, it dropped on the ground.
(But the scrollwheel, which is now in the front is very convenient for the index finger to turn)
Am I holding it wrong? I don't get it

Anyways, I'm gonna get it no matter what! ByeBye DP2M

I'd like to see a picture of someone actually holding this. I can't figure anything out based on these pictures.

Link | Posted on Feb 10, 2014 at 15:13 UTC

Would this be the first weather-resistant APS-C lens for Nikon and Canon users? It would be nice to have something for those 70D users who don't want to buy an L-class lens for that feature. The press release doesn't offer many details on how good the moisture-resistance is.

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Why only add SmugMug? How about 500PX or other sharing services?

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The 70-200mm f4 is about one-third heavier than the Canon equivalent. It will have to be cheap to make it attractive.

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On article Olympus announces Stylus XZ-10 enthusiast compact (195 comments in total)
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B1ackhat: 479.99 GBP = 756.74 USD ... $756 for a 1/2.3" sensor with 5x zoom? Seriously? We already saw this one-trick-pony with the Nikon P300, which is available for 1/3 the price of the XZ-10.

That's the price for the white XZ-2, which I agree is overpriced. GBP prices don't convert directly by the exchange rate. My guess is $499 for the white XZ-2 and $350 for the XZ-10.

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thincrust88: Just viewed the pics on the Panasonic website...

I'm sorry, but not a single image stands out.

Maybe one or two pictures stand out. This shot from the weightlifting competition,, is really interesting, but it goes for a long exposure rather than high ISO.

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