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[Body] Nikon D810
[Body] Fuji S3Pro
[Body] Fuji S2Pro
[Body] Fuji X100
[Body] Nikon FM3a + MD12
[Lens] Nikkor AF-D 105mm 1:2D DC
[Lens] Nikkor AF 60mm 1:2.8
[Lens] Nikkor AF-D 50mm 1:1.8D
[Lens] Nikkor AF-S 50mm 1:1.4G
[Lens] Nikkor AF-S 35mm 1:1.8G
[Lens] Nikkor AF-S 20mm 1:1.8G
[Lens] Nikkor AF-D 28-105mm 1:3.5-4.5D
[Lens] Tamron AF 17-35mm f/2.8-4 Di LD Aspherical IF
[Flash] Metz 54-MZ3

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  • @Mike Oo
    Still waiting for flying cars everywhere. Or portable nulcear power plant.

    So, what is the next revolutionnary device we are waiting for that will replace the 'big and chunky ILC'...

  • LOL
    Nikon will never do anything correctly if we look at comments like yours... But let me guess : SONY does everything properly ?

    The D850 is a excellent photo camera. Period.
    You have an old...

  • My di-GPS unit always seated on my D810 still works fine. And it is used almost every day of the week. And I really don't pay attention to GPS module, and my carry bag is many times 'busy' ;-p Mayb ...
  • it is very slow ? So it does not focus ? Does the D850 limit its features to a 'slow liveview AF" ? The rest is negligibleagainst this 'flaw' ?
    Is it so difficult for people like you to buy...

  • @beavertown
    And ? It is then undoable to take 4K videos feeds and correctly focused with the D850 ?
    If your need is to make vidz with always on and/or continuous AF, whats the problem to pick...

  • @PAntunes
    Yeah, they compare it to the SONY.
    But again, in order to get MF lenses working on the SONY, you have to use an adapter. And for your leica lenses adapter, it is a 500USD add on to factor...

  • @PAntunes
    Thanks, but I know you can adapt Nikon lenses to a SONY Alpha body.

    And again, with Nikon, no need for an adapter to gain access to a large lenses set.
    If you think it is an advantage,...

  • @beavertown
    Just take a look at the Canon 6D MkII featuring ONLY the SOOOOO LOUSY full HD video feature.
    Imagine just how much whiners and the scale of the scandale if Nikon did not give to...

  • @miksto
    So, next time the police see a car driving too fast, you wish they have a bazooka and atomize the car ! Hey, do you know terorists and KKK mad guys use cars and trucks to kill people ?


  • @miksto, maybe you should find that incident to have a too large over reaction.

    What is more dangerous in the USA ?
    guys walking with guns, spitting their hate to the face of other people and...

  • @Vignes
    Still wondering why a mirrorless Nikon FX or DX body could change the mood of guys like you ?
    An EVF or better on sensor autofocus bring marginal to zero improvement to your photographic...

  • @James Pilcher

    Bouhouuu, dPreview has become a 'all Olympus all the time' web site. bouhouuuhouu

    Frankly, it was the same when Sony showcased the A9. But yes, the Canon 6D MkII did not get the...

  • Mirrorless and EVF are no way innovations, nor a revolution.
    They are dinosaurs too !
    So, what is "prehistoric" ? Taking picture is then so lame, but taking vidz with autofocus is super modern ? Or...

  • hum, D810 OVF already shad the outer frame when in DX mode. Nothing new until they keep the shading with the AF sensor highlightening. Is it the case ?

  • @mandm

    can you just explain the joke ? Did Nikon have to recall all or many lenses for motor/mechanical/eletrical defects ?

  • @conisaphile
    wrong, it is a lense motor problem. Whatever drive it, MILC or dSLR, same bug and same problem.
    So, just stop with the 'future proof and revolutionnary' MILC argument. It is just...

  • Just a stupid childish bad argument. You need a video cam ? take the right tool for the job !
    I am sick to pay licences and research for features, silicons and licences fees that I don't need, nor...

  • I still don't understand why the hell the video features set of a dSLR or MILC have to be as good or better than cinecam !
    Even worse : how can you dismiss and trash a top notch and state of the...

  • @richarfalanfox
    I still have no clue what is the so important need for an EVF.
    I tried X-T2, all Sony A7 and A99, Oly OM, and the EVF was not a 'must have' feature at all for me.
    I really don't...

  • @Sammy Yousef
    As I now own a D810, what else should I pick in order to get a result in a sport event ? You already know the response.
    But if I was in the situation I did not own the D810 along the...

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