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  • @attomole
    Could you give us other UWA zoom lens that achieve your presupposed 'absolutly goal of UWA' ?
    Really wonder why you are dreaming of OOF effect ala 200mm f/2.8 lens on a UWA..

  • and we don't care !

  • @pylorus21

    Oh ? you already own and tested extensively that new lens. This is why you are so sure from yourself you have to praise another manufacturer ?

    Funny guy, you should just stop posting...

  • @Swordman
    Thank you for your little silly lesson, but I am already aware how to take a portrait that show case eyes properly in focus.
    The problem is more on self acclaimed pro photographer that...

  • only half face in focus => bad portrait ! Really bad one.

    It would be a really nice move to stop with all this portrait in less than half focus.

    I know influencers and self called pro...

  • The same people that were bragging loudly how Nikon F-mount was a mess and prehistoric mount from an optical POV ?

    Seriously, all that lame noise about how superior that mount is over that other...

  • Fanboys are really out of the baby parc !

    Boys, you really should read yourself again before posting. It is really make people feel ashamed for you.

  • But boys vlogger needs absolutly all the photocameras in order to vlog themselves as they would be able to do it far better with their smartphone and selfie-stick.
    But ya know, vlogger must be...

  • Fine ! Keep your SONY cameras and don't have to look at Nikon proposal as you are already see your needs fullfilled.

  • I loved the Fuji Finepix S3pro body !
    Absolutly gorgeous integrated vertical grip ! It is only a few milimeters taller than a D810.
    Just a little slow, but still able to deliver marvelous 6Mpx SOOC...

  • You are so childish, it is really cute !

    In the meantime, could you just explain why your hate for Nikon is so harsh ?

  • if you are so much nitpicky with video, get something else than a photocamera !

    Frankly boys, you can get moviecam biased photocamera like Panasonic or Alpha7 SIII if you are too short in...

  • Worst part, you have to subscribe to Adobe in order to get a properly working device.

    Hope Adobe never decide to change its software nor its subscription fee as it may completly break the advanced...

  • Transfer to PC the raw material is just the right path to get access to a decent sized screen and far more powerfull and updatable operating system and RAW editor.

    If you are so much in need of...

  • Just don't forget to update every months the operating system in order to cope with security threats with onboard OS...

    Frankly, not sure it is a bless or a plague. But as I work in security IT, I...

  • I own a D810 too, and wonder how you managed to get used to the "afterglow" effect I always noticed each time I tried a Z6/Z7.
    Paning a bit fast and you get that effect even in good indoor light,...

  • @CaPi
    You don't push exposure far enough to get a disgusting image, that is why you never encountered the Nikon Z banding fiasco.

    But you know, we have youtubers that need to find something to...

  • @Richard Butler
    Please, could reviewers always give a description of EVF behaviour (liveview feed matching full EVF rez, ghosting, refreshrate) in reviews because I am really sensitive to such...

  • I do remind not long ago how many claimed the prehistorical limit F mount was for Nikon lenses, how much nikkor was unable to separate lines vs bigger mounts.

    Now, like a piece of magic cake, hop...

  • What ? EVF is 9Millions but live feed is nowhere near the native panel resolution ?

    I am still baffled this is not a problem at all for so many nitpicky boys for other details.

    And do not tell me...

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