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  • I have too many lenses already. Want to buy a 500 f/4?
  • I have watched the videos by Mark. He likes both.
  • Right now I shoot a D5 with the 500pf lens. I have been thinking of getting a Sony with the 200-600. Can anyone compare the 2 lenses based solely on AF and IQ? (D5 with 500 vs a9ii with 200-600.) H ...
  • I am talking about placing the focus point in the center, or to the right, or upper left, etc. If I set the point to a particular spot, say left upper, it will stay there until I set it again? If ...
  • Hmm - not sure that really helps. It is still slower and an extra step than what I am used to. But, I am not saying I won't get an Sony, it is just that it is an extra step I would rather do ...
  • I agree in principal but when I lift the camera to take a quick shot I never know where the focus point will be. It would be better if I could put it where I want and then lock in in there.
  • That is better than nothing I guess. I was hoping I could move a switch and the focus point location would not move at all till I move the switch back. Thanks for replying Phil.
  • Created discussion thread Focus position lock
    I wonder if the A9 2 or ar7 4 have a switch or another way of locking the position of the focus point (say I was using 1). My Nikon D850 has this lock and I like it a lot. I miss it when I use my Z7. ...
  • I did not even think of that. But anyway, the monitor is plugged into the Thunderbay so I don't need a TB3 port for it. I had only Mac Pros for the last 10 years with many ports. Therefore, when I ...
  • I have everything hooked up now - don't want to spend an additional $280 for the Caldigit.
  • It is a 24 inch Eizo ColorEdge CE240W, an  old one. I used it with a 27 inch NEC monitor with my old system. Getting a iMac meant one had to go. The NEC is very nice but just too large.
  • Thanks  the monitor plugged right in to the Thunderbay.
  • Created discussion thread 2nd monitor with an iMac
    I just bought a 27 inch iMac. It has 3 usb3 plugs and 2 TB 3 plugs. The problem I have is both TB plugs are filled - one with a Thunderbay enclosure with 4 drives and the other to a usb2 hub which ...
  • I solved the problem  I thought the install Catalina app might have gotten corrupted  I deleted it, downloaded it again and now both the iMac and the old Mac Pro are both running 10.15.1
  • Created discussion thread cant Upgrade to Cat
    I made a bootable backup of my 10.15.1 Mac Pro on an external drive in preparation for my new iMac. i picked up the iMac and started to setup from my bootable drive. I could not do this as my ne ...
  • I decided to shut off calendar on TB and just use the apple calendar app. It seemed simpler. THanks for you help.
  • (1) Add bookmark (2) #1 When I go to snooze or dismiss a reminder in Thunderbird, I get sent to a screen telling me I need to give Google permission to edit my calendar. I say allow, ...
  • Replied in cDock agent?
    Thanks for the help. I got rid of it and all is fine.
  • Created discussion thread cDock agent?
    I migrated to a new Mac, When I open any application for the first time I get a message saying - using Mail as an example "cDock Agent"wants access to control Mail. Allowing control will provide ...
  • Thanks a lot. I was confused as in the past I booted from my clone and then cloned that to the internal of the new Mac. Both when I did that there was no T2 and both Macs had the same OS.
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