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On article Back to the action: Nikon D500 Review (1141 comments in total)

Since I got into photography about 6 years ago I've been a Pentax User - Loved the K3 a great camera with DA* Lenses. However my preferred style is bird/wildlife which really pushed me and the Pentax, which isn't the best at fast autofocus. I decided to sell all my Pentax gear recently to fund the D500 and the 80-400. Finally got it a few days ago. First impressions on unboxing were....Hmmm, build quality not as good as Pentax and more "plasticky" bits . However I bought it for birds etc. so I could forgive this. Overpriced? Most definitely compared to the Pentax system. Performance? Oh WOW. I am absolutely blown away, staggering AF and sharpness. Virtually every shot I've taken is sharp. I've even tracked a swallow and the AF just glued itself to the fast moving thing! I'm not used to the Nikon system yet but I'm one happy convert. I know there's lots of negativity but this is the PERFECT camera for my type of shooting. Not yours? Well, move on to something that does suit you.

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On article Worth the wait? A look inside the Pentax K-1 (643 comments in total)
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Sergey Borachev: How can anyone know if it's worth the wait, when we are still waiting for enough proper or native lenses? The worth of a camera with a couple of zoom lenses or some old manual or film lenses cannot be assessed yet. Come back and ask the same questions in a couple more years' time. At this time, the answer has to be No, not worth the wait because it is not very useful for most photographers without enough lenses, and, by the time there are enough proper lenses, this K-1 is too old and unlikely to be worth using when compared to other options. The K-1 Mark II may be, if Pentax can release or get others to release another 8 lenses including fast primes for the mount.

Except for those owning some old Pentax lenses, there is no point getting this camera. In 2 or 3 more years time, assuming there are enough lenses, you still have to worry about how well this DSLR camera in its Mark II form can still compete with ever more advanced FF mirrorless cameras.

How can you make such a claim. The K-1 is released with "The holy trinity" of 15-30, 24-70 and 70-200 all at F2.8! They also have legendary Full frame Limited primes - 31mm F1.8, 43mm F.1.9 and 77mm F1.8. Also a 100mm F2.8 macro. AND a 150mm-450mm for a bit more reach. Surely this is more than enough for most people?? Also, apart from the Sony A7RII it has the best full frame sensor currently available by ANY manufacturer

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On article Nikon D5500 Review (416 comments in total)
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zakaria: OR getting the pentax ks2 which has weather sealed body and af motor!!plus IS!!

...yes Pentax are still in business and owned by Ricoh who are actually at #674 on the 2014 Forbes list.......and before you ask Nikon are at #1283 :-)

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On article Nikon D5500 Review (416 comments in total)
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tom1234567: pentax ks2 far better buy

I don't think lens choices are going to be high on the list of buyers of this body. I believe the stats show 90% of people who buy an entry level body never buy another lens. So Pentax Ks2 is definitely a competitor for this kind of buyer and if needed the excellent Pentax 55-300mm lens will more than suffice for their needs

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On article Nikon D5300 Review (323 comments in total)
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hoxton fives: Dear Dpreview Team!
You rated the canon 70D at the same image quality as the nikon d5300... surely that can't be right? generally I feel that you don't focus enough on image quality as that is surely the most important category?

Yes, image quality IS important but if you're shooting sports, wildlife etc you are NOT going to get decent images without additional features/functions that higher end models give you. You have to buy a camera for your photographic needs.

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On article Just Posted: Nikon D7100 in-depth review (403 comments in total)
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Seehund: Why, oh why, doesn't the 7100 have an articulated screen? Its little brother 5200 has one, but it's a 7100-class camera I need and want to buy. Do the marketroids at Nikon still believe that people think that articulated screens signal "unprofessional" products?

Today, all DSLRs come with live-view and movie-modes. Previously some frowned upon that too as being "unprofessional". But now the features are here to stay, and thank god for that! One doesn't HAVE to use them if one never needs them. But why do manufacturers still insist on leaving out something that makes those modes actually useful, i.e. the tilt-swivel screen?

No, tilt-swivel screens aren't more fragile than anything else on a camera. If a photographer really wants to practise camera tossing, he can keep the screen folded in (he'll break his expensive lens long before he breaks his relatively cheap screen, which, when foldable, can be extra protected facing inwards).


All, a tilting/folding screen is extremely difficult to implement and have full weather sealing. Hence the reason for the cheaper, entry level cameras having this feature. You'll see all enthusiast and pro cameras do not have this feature.

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On article Just Posted: Nikon D7100 Hands-On Preview (311 comments in total)
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KZMike: For the $$$, I'd like to see a rear LCD screen that can, at least, adjust up or down. Such a large % of my shots seem to 'want' this. Can someone tell me why Nikon,Cannon limit this to their "lesser" bodies?

Articulated weather resistant screens really bump up the price due to the more complex sealing needed. Add another £200 in all honesty on a feature that pro's/enthusiast wouldn't put at the top of a feature list.

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This is a quote from DXOmark re the K5II(not IIs)

"The Pentax K-5 II is a remarkable piece of kit, it scores better in the DxO mark tests than several very highly thought of, full frame DSLRs, beating all the cameras made by Canon! It manages to do this in a body that is very reasonably priced. Add to this that you can fit lenses to the K-5 II that Pentax made as far back as 1975 and the multitude of independent lenses that are available and this camera becomes not only a remarkable performer but also a fantastically versatile camera at an exceptional price."

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On article Just Posted: Hands-on Canon EOS 6D preview (584 comments in total)
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VivaLasVegas: Holy could nail focus in -3EV with just 11 AF pts, damn, that is awesome. FYI, D600 needs 39 AF pts. just to be able to attain focus in -1EV, same with A99. Remember what happen to D7000 vs 60D AF, that's right 60D is much better in tracking and accuracy. No softness issues with AF.

Who is this idiot? The new Pentax K5-II has -3EV plus 11AF pts with 9 cross type and $600 less!

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On article Just Posted: Hands-on Canon EOS 6D preview (584 comments in total)
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beautyintheeyes: Kudos to Canon for releasing a camera with so much disruptive potential that it can decimate the competition. It'll sweep all photo awards for 2013/2013. Canon is the most innovative company out there.

....Now you've fanned the flames! I'm just waiting for the deluge here.....over to the masses......

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On article Nikon announces D600 24MP enthusiast full-frame DSLR (235 comments in total)

As a K5 user I really think this a a great enthusiast camera and with features that tempt all types of photographers. Kudos to Nikon here for listening to serious hobbyists. Price in the UK though is quite high!

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drummercam: Pop pop pop, K-01, K-30, X-5. Clearly Pentax is on the move.

This camera is not for me but I like Pentax. They dare to do something different. It might not work all the time but good on them for trying. The K30 is the best camera in it's class by far and the Pentax Q since the price reduction is really a cracking little camera that also has a small sensor.

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This is the camera version of Sony's PS Vita......just completely missing the current tech market. It'll be selling for half this price in 3 months and still prove difficult to shift from dealers shelves.

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On article Just posted: Quick Pentax K-30 samples gallery (94 comments in total)
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gl2k: The blueish tones are pretty intensive. Hobby shooters will like it ... not so sure about pros.

Dunno if there was kinda landscape mode used ?

Why are people mentioning "Pro shooters" here? This is Pentax ENTRY level DSLR and not aimed at the "Pro" Market!

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Peadingle: Rather disappointed as a long-time Pentax fan looking to buy a DSLR. Why? Because the K-30 doesn't have an articulating viewing screen that my current two digital cameras have, and a feature that I am not now prepared to be without.

I don't think Canikon produce any weather sealed cameras at this price point?? Their weather sealed ranges are 7D/D300s and above. Also it's tricky to take a decent photo while still holding an umbrella!

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On article Just Posted: Nikon D3200 preview samples gallery (499 comments in total)
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yomasa: I smell a scam, Theres no reason for this camera to look that bad using the same sensor as the Sony a77 and nex7, I think Nikon dumb it down

Eh? I ccompared the D3200, NEX-7, and 2 lower resolution sensors Canon 7D and Pentax K-5. Looked at the Playing card queens head in RAW at ISO 400. The results to me go in order of best to worst--- Canon 7D, K5, NEX-7 and then the D3200.

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djmm: If I send my camera battery back to Nikon, can I still take pictures without battery inside the camera?

You need a long mains cable to plug into or car cigarette lighter, it'll work perfectly then. ;-)

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Just heard Canon have announced the 8d!!! 80MP sensor. It will be the best camera ever because of that. Amazing Stuff!

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On article Canon acknowledges 'light leak' in the EOS 5D Mark III (253 comments in total)
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nomiss777: Well at least Canon has the balls to acknowledge their mistakes and willing to fix it. The ones who acknowledge their mistakes first are always the bravest. I don't see Nikon acknowledging any of the problems associated with the Nikon D800.

Look. ALL manufacturers in the electronics industry make mistakes. I worked in the industry for 15 years to realise that it's very common with new models. It's the way the company deals with the issue that should be measured here. As an aside, the best time to buy something is at the end of it's model run as all issues have been ironed out by then. Now a D700 and 5DMkII will give you years of trouble free shooting, so grab a bargain. :-)

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On article Canon EOS 5D Mark III studio samples published (284 comments in total)
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philo123: The way I see it is in this new battle between Canon/Nikon with the 5dMkII and D800. If you had the latest Megabucks titanium head carbon shafted golf clubs it ain't going turn you into the next Tiger Woods. A craftsman has to learn their art with the basic tools. Just use you current DSLR's whatever brand they may be, invest in some decent glass and just get out and practice your technique. You'll be surprised in a year's time that you've produced some pretty good work WITHOUT the latest gear!

@ sandy b: So are you saying that most people who post on here aren't into photography? Hmmmm......ok then :-)

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