Nuno Souto

Nuno Souto

Lives in Australia Sydney, Australia
Works as a IT damager
Joined on Jul 11, 2007
About me:

Nikon D80 and D200, Oly EM-5 and MII, all in RAW, with Corel Aftershot Pro 3 for processing and Paintshop Pro for post-processing.

Lots of F-series 35mm Nikon bodies, a Zeiss rangefinder, a few Leica and Voigtlander lenses and some Oly and Sigma Art MFT ones.
SLR lenses mostly Nikkor - MF and AF/AFS, some Tamron and Sigma.
Mamiya RB67 and 645 Pro-TL and Fuji 645S rangefinder.
Scanner is a beaut 9000 ED and a brand new plustek Opticfilm 120.
I use Neat Image, Irfanview, Focus Magic and Picture Window Pro for image processing

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