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On article 3,200 megapixel LSST camera gets construction approval (257 comments in total)

camera is just a tool!! it's your ability to make blb blb blb yada yada yada prick :/ :D:D

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Pros and No cons. I'm glad I live in an age when the perfect camera is invented:) this website site used to mean something to me:( I really am sad. I used to know each review by heart(that is the reason why i bought 550D). Now I barely bring myself to read them and then go somewhere else on internet.. I still do read it, but it is not the same...

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I think I gonna download them and do stuff to them!

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Ian M.B.: What a JOKE!

The world has gone crazy! The photo wouldn't exist without the photographer setting it all up on his equipment then encoraging the macaque to press the shutter. . It's definitely his shot and all copyright should be HIS. . . If not his then whose?

I repeat myself. . What a JOKE!

yes, and we all would not exist if some dinosaur

winked at the wrong time, so let's postpone this

discussion until we know how the universe was created?
It's simple. which person has made ​​an image. If a

person is not involved, whose is the camera is it.

even if even the owner of a camera is unknown and a

monkey took photos, developed and and brought to wikipedia they should not be allowed to publish them, at least not until they pay the monkey. somehow. I do not know how. it was long since I was a monkey

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Sdaniella: NEXT!



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On article Book Review: Shooting in Sh*tty Light (32 comments in total)
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JinC: Countless books about photography so it makes you wonder why DPreview decided to make a news about this one in particular...
Are the authors superstars of photography? or they paid for the "free" promotion? or the title was the reason it caught up? or... fill in you speculation here

...hopefully for money or would you like them to work for free? Or would you like to pay them instead:D? or, as usual, someone thought it would be fun as a news.. oooooor something like this might be useful to the majority of beginners in photography.. There are other choices to fill in if you add a grain of sugar:D:D

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No1, No2, No4

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On article Just Posted: In-depth Nikon D800 review (541 comments in total)

raw 25600 iso for download on 23. page of the review is actually 6400?

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On article Just Posted: In-depth Nikon D800 review (541 comments in total)
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lensberg: "Outstanding high ISO performance in both JPEG and Raw files" ... you lavish way too much praise on this camera... A more practical conclusion would be... good high ISO performance... but definitely nothing "outstanding" about it...

Even in DP's own image quality comparisons (both RAW & JPEG) ... chroma noise levels are a far cry from being "low"... the Canon 5D III & D4 do maintain a stellar degree of uniformity in their chroma levels... but not the D800... it looks boarderline unusable at 6400... so where is this blatant bias stemming from...?!

In High ISO Noise Comparisons (21) upscaling the 5D III image is very unfair considering native output is at a14 MP deficit... a better alternative would be downscaling the D800 image... This is the first review i've read where the D800's low light performance comes even remotely close to the 5D III at anything over ISO 1600... something is seriously wrong...

"a better alternative would be downscaling the D800 image..." No. Downscaling image would cause loss of information from it and would be unfair to the bigger pixel count camera. With upscaling you don't lose anything. So...hmh..there you go.
Personally I think that both companies are dishonest to their customers for many reasons but I still love them both (although I am most impressed with Sigma SD1 Merrill) and I have no reason to be subjective. High ISO's from both cameras look similar and good and given Nikon's high pixel count that is "Outstanding high ISO performance in both JPEG and Raw files"

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Q: What have you done to 1D c to justify the huge difference in price between it and 1D x?
A: Headphone jack and slightly different software (we did nothing but estimated that people will pay that much money)
I pray to heavens that canon gets a worthy rival soon so people can choose and not be blackmailed like this.

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canon press release: "The camera's ability to record 8-bit 4:2:2 4K and 8-bit 4:2:0 Full HD video to CF cards eliminates the need for an external recorder and enables workflows with increased mobility. If desired, however, captured video (excluding 4K video) can be output from the camera's HDMI terminal to an external recorder using an uncompressed YCbCr 8-bit 4:2:2 signal."
So the best quality of 1080p can be recorded only on the external recorder and the best quality 4k only to CF cards. That information was not clear to me from reading the DP article (you do have to have an external recorder after all?).
Later in the article, DP and canon PR:The software(EOS Utility,Picture Style Editor) enables users to view the camera's live output on an external monitor(Requires PC SDI)with no loss of quality for 4K/Motion JPEG and full HD/60p and it enables video shot with Canon Log Gamma to be output on the monitor with video gamma applied?!
Can you record 4k to an external recorder or not?

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