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Khun_K: Statistically Apple has about 7.4% of worldwide PC market so it is understandable that potentially 92.6% of people will not favor whatever Apple does. Apple as a small company in PC market has done a lot of contribution, more than its 7.4% of share may be.
They ditch CD slot, removable battery, so hopefully this time they are also right. But if not, there will be solutions. I personally prefer to have the SD card slot, but I will live with the new one without the slot. Nothing is perfect.

Apple has always been at the forefront of change. Why should this be any different? I've been a Mac user since 1985. Much has come and gone in those 30+ years, but what has remained constant is Apple's unswerving commitment to the user experience - THAT has not changed. Apple devices are, in a word, "seamless" and I prefer to do my work with them, rather than without. If I need to get YAA (Yet Another Adapter), so be it. If absolutely necessary, I can buy last year's model and use the available slot.

What will I do, go back to Windows? I Think NOT...

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I note many here complain about the IQ. I liken this to the "dog that sings Opera"...yes, it sings Opera badly, but don't lose sight of the fact that the dog sings!

That said, this is a cell-phone. If you need to get the shot, you can do so in grand style with 41MP. Yes, the IQ isn't up to snuff compared to say a Nikon D800, or a Canon 5D Mark III...but it is quite good for what it is - a cell phone camera. It will only improve with time.

Will I go out and buy one? Probably not, since it is married to Windows Phone. If they market this for IOS, I would definitely consider it.

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Marcus Beard: Fairly interesting but is a good demonstration of the subjective nature of the "art" in photography. I'd have deleted these shots had I taken them!

I have to agree with half the readers of this column - this is pure crap. Anyone with a camera can produce similar images while sitting in a moving vehicle. Is it art? I guess that depends on who's viewing it...from my viewpoint, it ain't.

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On article Eyeist serves up portfolio reviews the digital way (8 comments in total)

As a photographer who has used Eyeist services: I highly recommend them.

No, they are not necessarily photographers, but they are magazine editors, curators, directors, etc., and they have a solid handle on the pulse of the commercial photography world. My suggestion would be to peruse the reviewers and find one that is familiar with your area of photography - then contact that person and lay some groundwork as to what your goals are, etc. I've found the Eyeist reviewers to be very approachable and professional in their demeanor.

Is the service perfect? No...but what is? Still beats the heck out of shlepping to NYC and carting a portfolio. As iAPX has stated: having a 2nd set of eyes to peruse your work can only be beneficial. We photographers frequently get caught up in the "emotional" aspects of our work, and an objective opinion is exactly what the doctor ordered. I will use their services again in the future. Once more: HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

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Never opened an account with Instagram...and now I never will. Further, I've deleted the app from my iPhone. I'll take a much harder look at Flickr and other similar social media (read "sharing") sites. I may just swear off them all...

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