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Working artist [photography only one aspect], MFA. Began photography 1978 (1967 as a kid), 35mm, MF and LF photography, darkroom. Independent curator, art wrangler, fine arts repro photographer, appraiser; former collegiate gallery director, former program director for an alternative space, 10 yrs undergraduate teaching, 2 yrs chair of the department; Exhibits specialist at the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden. Former supermoderator of the late Lightcrafts' LightZone forums. Co-founder and webmaster of The LightZone Project, www.lightzoneproject.org


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jnd: 2K is poor resolution for 360 video. The Theta S, on which is this one built, produces video file with images from both lenses (full frame fish eye) side by side, so you end up with 1000x1000px circle which then needs to be stretched and magnified for regular FOV. In the end you will get something like 360p or less. That's why especially 360 cameras need high resolution and for video at least 4K, otherwise it will be soft with no detail to see at all.

Well, you're right and wrong simultaneously. For certain applications, it will be too soft enlarged, so you are correct there. But I have seen it first hand (current Theta), and on a smaller screen, like a laptop to desktop, it looks quite decent. I can easily see multiple applications for it at our museum, in exhibits/installations, conservation, and the social media and web people on the top floor. For creating general interactive content, it's good to go right now and using the end product on the screen is dead easy. Now, museums are definitely a small interest group....with deep pockets, though, and these things are pretty reasonable. But I'm sure there are many other ways this can be used by lots of others---labs, medical, all sorts of stuff.

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phoenix15: Ricoh need to be more aggresive to promote this product.

Huh! Ricoh needs to be more aggressive marketing ALL its products!

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If only this were available right now :-/ Need one for some coming installation documentations at my museum.

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Joe Ogiba: Pentax /Ricoh camera users have zero interest in cameras that don't take photos.

Well, gotta disabuse you of that one, Joe. As both a 645Z and K1 owner, shooting profesionally now with both, I could also have a pro need for this---if only it were available right now. And it's the AC adapter that that turned my head., since the current Theta's nor the Nikon have that capability.

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Gazeomon: Thankfully my brain is still in reasonable working order, which saves money.

Huh, well, easy for you to say....wait, what were we talking about?

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Errr.....why counterfeit THIS lens....?

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rnmchinnor: Buy a camera and use it. Life is too short to bicker with strangers over technical details that few understand, or about functions that, in the real world, rarely get used. Amateur photography (as it's unlikely that a 'Pro' would use this thing as their first camera') is about seeing and passing on the everyday beauty in things, not gathering gadgets in a box and shouting at people who don't like your box.

Reminds me of religion.

Well, I guess it reminds you of religion because both are belief systems...?

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Searching: How can this review be 85% Silver and EM1MK2 be 85% Gold, where is the logic in Silver vs Gold? Just curious.

I think that, while the details of DPR's reviews have been pretty good over the years (not perfect, but well worth reading! And btw, thanks for all that, DPR: you have helped me immensely!), the final conclusions have always been quirky, as have the metals/medals designations. They have often left me scratching my head a bit----and they have always been "fixed", such that a camera gets a certain score at original MRSP, but then maybe there's a price adjustment making it a better value (or in a couple of interesting recent cases, the K1 and the RX1RII, a worse value...), yet there is no adjustment for the score, when there could easily be a sliding scale for value.

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PhotoRotterdam: The amount of detail is ridiculous. Apart from the sensor, the lenses must be real good. I recognize that kind of light from the Northern European part. It is unforgiving, very hard to work with those contrasts (image no.5). The detail and tonality of the sky is something you won't get with a full frame. It hasn't got quite the analogue film feel to it, but this gets closer. Maybe the choices made by the reviewer? Or Hasselblad firmware?

Thanks for including the high iso shots. It is obvious that high iso isn't the strength of this sensor. Up till 1600 ISO the noise is pleasing, but higher it becomes a bit too much.

Very excited to see these larger sensors coming down in both bulk of camera's and prices. I'm hoping we can see this pitted against the Fuji soon.

Two masters of color coming with larger than full frame sensors. A bright photographic future lies ahead if this resonates in sales for the longer term.

Thank, you, Teila. I'll add: it's amazing to me how indifferent marketing sample shots can be....and furthermore, viewing on the web has its....limitations, shall we say. A certain discrimination is required, and a keen sense of what to look for and where to look for it. Finally, so far medium format and its price point has meant that the people inclined to use it would be seeing their work in print or as prints (large ones).

But, as Teila points out the goal posts have radically moved with medium format's capabilities, so has the lower side of the price point.....such that now it is within reach of many more people. While still a fraction of the entire market, I'll bet the prospective market for medium format has grown by a significant multiple. I'm certainly one of those people! At well over $10K and much higher price points, it wasn't even a dream for me. When it got down to the point such that I could get a 645 Z for $5,500 with trade-ins....now I'm an owner.

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brycesteiner: Pretty much all ILC's produce excellent results at pretty much any size.

At what point is excellent good enough?

Well, there's degrees of excellence I'd say. Those who are interested in medium format are looking for even more than most. It's a bit like lenses: that extra few percentage points of excellence/speed/ sharpness/low distortion cost a lot over standard excellence, both in price and size/weight. For some, it's all worth it or even necessary

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"via Imaging -Resource" !!!!
Well, now. Kudos, DPR. One of the signs of a truly mature organization is the ability to acknowledge "competitors" as peers. probably this has happened before, but it's the first time I've noted it here. And I've been here for 15 years....

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On article Shaking up the market: Pentax K-70 Review (335 comments in total)

Just as a point of order: since when is the cruddy kit lens in an ILC a ding on the camera body....? Just saying...

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I'd like to see more reviews of different options on accessories----especially now that new camera rollouts have slowed way down (although I'd also like to see some reviews of cameras in the backlog, like the 645Z!).

And one reason is my initial impression of this bag: it's way too tight. A bag needs a good balance of room and compactness. Too much room and stuff shifts around too much, not enough and it's a struggle to get stuff out. I speak as someone who has owned well over a dozen bags---still have a dozen probably.

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Maybe I will finally own a Leica....

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tex: Hmmmm, interesting...I actually expected more. I figured it would really spank the 645Z, but I'm not seeing that----the rez is certainly higher, but i don't feel like he higher iso performance is that much better.

Yes, you and I find ourselves agreeing a bunch these days. I'd also like that rez, but can't reach the price of this back. Guess I'll have to stitch my Z shots (!). Fortunately I could probably get away with 2-4 shot stitches. That of course is not an option for most shooting...

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Hmmmm, interesting...I actually expected more. I figured it would really spank the 645Z, but I'm not seeing that----the rez is certainly higher, but i don't feel like he higher iso performance is that much better.

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Here's my 2 cents for Ricoh/Pentax (645Z and WG owner, old time film user, plus binoculars):
It's great you've sort of come back from the dead. Thank your loyal fans for that, and thank them profusely by listening to them. They have saved your bacon. Give them as many of the things they want and need that you can, as soon as you can. And for god's sake get support in order in North America and elsewhere!

If you do that, you have a chance to make some marketshare inroads into a market that everyone thought was going to winnow down to just 2 or 3 players yet has somehow remained at 8/9 (how????). Great products have to be combined with great support and attentiveness to existing users' needs.

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Hmmmm....bit of a head-scratcher to me. I'm very fond of Fuji, and still have my GSW690II, but this camera seems to go head to head with the 645Z, which I also have, and a developed lens group from Pentax. Not how I would have positioned myself in the small digital medium format market. Sorry they didn't at least lead off with a digital re-do of their great 645 series from film days, with a couple of models---one with a fixed prime, one a fixed zoom. Those cameras were "coat pocketable" (not the larger 6x7's or 6x9's, though!), and I think a new digital version would have been a real hit---and more importantly, unique in the market.

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AngularJS: The article says the Sony a6300 has high rolling shutter effect too, but I don't remember another DPR article with a title "Don't get ahead of yourself: Sony A6300 rolling shutter test". So now I guess the rolling shutter will be as important as DR? ;) Why no Nikon D5 rolling shutter test?

Maybe that is because the 2 cameras are not in the same class, price or capability? The Canon is the camera you expect to get this right; the A6300 is more of a talking dog. That they compare with one another closely in this regard is not a good thing for the Canon.

BTW, I think the Canon is a very good camera. I do think that the MRSP of the Canon is problematic in the current market.

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Well, I for one know that booze always makes my images look better to me.

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