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"Neither does DxO Optics Pro 8 allow you to highlight a slider's corresponding value box to adjust the numbers via your keyboard."

I think you'll find that you can! I get a blue outline on the value box when I click on it, and can then type a value in. BTW, that's on a Mac.

Thanks for the article. What it shows is that the software developers have now narrowed their differences substantially in the image editing results, but still have different approaches to management, etc. Wonderful for the consumer!

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Sad. His site gave me links to many galleries of photos, in news and other publications, which I never would have otherwise realized were there.

I'll really miss that, as well as his writing.

It would be great if would get someone like Mike Sturk (or get Mike Sturk!) to give us links and news like Rob's site did.

I know dpreview is really a "hardware" site, but links to inspiring photography would expand its appeal

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