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There are drones on You Tube that carry over 200lbs. Casey Neistat went over buildings numerous times.There is a drone ridden by a bikini-clad lady over a lake. And a video of a guy operating a real machine gun, "killing" some manequins and blowing up a car. These small drones are toys. The Feds have got to be worried about bringing illegals and drugs over the border, planting 200lb bombs and assassinations with drones of this capability.

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Hopefully, this DJI model will not be banned in Britain because of failing lithium batteries or defective battery level sensing.

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Keep in mind that cameras have switched to ELECTRONIC cameras. That caught Nikon and Canon with their pants down. Any electronics company can make a camera and buy lenses. But the old LENS Camera companies have to learn the electronics game to make mirrorless. Sony is way ahead with sensors, and many camera companies buy Sony sensors. Canon and Nikon will catch up, but not this generation. And it will be hard at these inflated prices.

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Doesn't the Lumix have a tiny 4:3 sensor? Most of the video pros I see use the Sony A7.

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So if you want an affordable WA lens with the equivalent of 18mm, you need to leave 4/3 and get an APS-C. I'm in real estate and 4/3 is just not an option for 18mm like my Sony Mirrorless. Even if a lens is available for a 4/3 camera, the cost would be outrageous.

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On article Sony reportedly shifting focus to full-frame cameras (447 comments in total)

The future is full-frame mirrorless when the cost of full-frame sensors drops with volume. Sony can do that.
Maybe a new mount other than E. Can't stand the size and weight of mirrored SLRs. Also can't stand the little sensors that Nikon, Panasonic and Oly use. Totally unjustified. Especially for the price.

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On article The effect of pixel size on noise (151 comments in total)

Wow, just think how bad a little 4:3 sensor is!

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On article Samsung NX1 Review (1264 comments in total)

At current Samsung NX1 pricing, you might as well go full-frame with the Sony Alpha A7.

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$1500 for a 21mm equivalent means that 4/3 is not the way to go for wide-angle. I didn't spend half that for my NEX-3 AND the wide-angle adapter that gets me down to 18mm.
How much would it cost to go to 17mm? Is it possible with the small sensor cameras? I wonder how much a wide-angle lens would be for new little Nikons with the smaller than 4/3 sensor? Size does matter!

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On article Nikon 1 J5: What you need to know (505 comments in total)

2.7 crop factor? Widest lens gives 27mm? I'm so glad I own a Sony NEX-3 with real 18mm capability. Go APS-C or you don't have a serious mirrorless. Only a real amateur with too much money will buy this Nikon.

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On article Nikon 1 V3 Review (658 comments in total)

Nikon makes me real happy with my Sony NEX-3.

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On article Samsung announces tiny NX mini mirrorless camera (80 comments in total)

Yippee. Another small snsor camera that makes true wide-angle either expensive or impossible. 2.7 crop factor! Ridiculous.What happens when you want an 17mm equivalent for interior pictures? A 6mm lens? Does such exist?
Glad I have a NEX with APS-C sensor.Cheap wide-angle compared with this.

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A 10-30mm yields a minimum of 27mm? What does it take to go to REAL wide-angle? My NEX-3 has 18mm at very low cost. That's why you don't want anything less than a APS-C sensor. Rephrased question: Why anything less than an APS-C sensor?"
In the case of the V1-V3, why should I pay more for a tiny sensor? If you want a small sensor, get a cheap compact.

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On article Fujifilm announces XF 10-24mm F4 R OIS wideangle zoom (172 comments in total)

Sony already has an equivalent E-mount lens for $749 at the local Sony store in San Diego. We will have to see what the street price for this Fuji lens will be after March.

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Almost there! How about a 10-15mm zoom for my NEX-3 which would be perfect for real esate interiors. Real wide-angle is so neglected by the camera makers.

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As a NEX-3 owner and real estate photographer using the current 16mm with .75 adapter (18mm), I was hoping for a 10-20mm zoom. 20mm (really 30mm) is way too big for interior work.

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Whoopee! Because of the 2x crop factor, you pay a fortune for only a 24mm equivalent. If that lens was on my Sony NEX-3, I would have my 18mm true wide angle. Wait. I have the Sony Wide-Angle adapter on my 16mm NEX-3 from the factory. So I got my 18mm for only $90.00! Nothing like having an APS-C sensor instead of the point and shoot sized one in the 4/3 system!

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On article Pentax K-01 Hands-on Preview (372 comments in total)

It's cute from the front but too thick and bulky. I have looked through the K lens collection and to achieve an 18mm wide angle equivalent, it's just way too expensive. I bought a NEX-3 with 16mm and the Sony WA adapter = 18mm, the more powerrful flash, an 8gb card, camera case for less than $850. All the other hybrids want way more. You can pay $500 to 800 just for a WA lens.

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I bought a NEX-3 for real estate pictures. I got it with the 16mm and added the wide converter for an equivalent 18mm. It's great but I need wider. Please build a 10-20 Zoom like Canon has for it's SLRs.

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I'm not impressed. Let's see. I buy an expensive prime lens. Then I get the wide-angle converter. Now I have a 22mm? Wow. I put the Sony WA converter ($90.00) on my NEX-3 with 16mm lens ($499) and get 18mm. Sounds like a sensor size mistake. Remember, Panasonic was early into the hybrid game.Sony learned from Panasonic and Olympus as pioneers. Let's hope Canon learns from Nikon's mistake on sensor size with their hybrid. Or Olympus may go BK like Kodak. Today's camera's are more into electronics than lenses anymore. Traditional camera companies like Canon and Nikon have to play catch-up now. It's similar to how Mercedes and BMW have had to play catch-up to Lexus in the electronics dept.

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