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Seasonal differences? How do exactly the same cloud patterns occur at different moments?

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Oh boy, the hoodlums in Congress are looking out for our best interests again.

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14 TB - $14K, 12 TB - $12K. Cash only.

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I hope no eagles were lost in the process.

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On article FAA bans drones from flying near 7 nuclear facilities (121 comments in total)
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Focus Shift Shooting: I would support drones if they were completely invisible, made absolutely no noise, and were 100% safe.

But since they are going to get in my vision when used around me, and make extremely annoying obnoxious model toy airplane noises x 4 rotors, and can and have crashed and will hurt people if they hit them; then I cannot and will not support their use.

I would rather that this ban affected drones entirely and outlawed them completely!

....I wish everyone would just think about how their actions affect others a little more....

Changing the subject slightly, nevertheless covering something offensive: how many approve of the "bright white" and all sorts of other colors of extremely bright headlight conversions of automobiles that are becoming quite popular?

They are extremely offensive because of poor light control, blinding oncoming drivers regardless of where they are located. They are the modern-day equivalent of Ford F-150 headlights of the early '90s.

Before answering, be sure you have met enough of these poorly controlled systems to be qualified to answer.

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...it's next to impossible to pick one over the other unless you have a specific use case in mind...

Haven't you heard of "bragging rights"? - my ...... is better than yours; my kid's skateboard is faster than your kid's.

When will it ever end? It always comes down to which do you prefer if all other factors are equal.

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This sounds terrific.

But, at what price?

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I have little - if any - reservation about this stopping drones used in something illegal.

However the next statement raises my hackles immediately: ...officers will also have the authority to order a drone operator to ground their drone when needed...

Who defines "when needed"? That is no different than saying the officer can ground a drone for "any other reason they can cook up" which as everyone should know often leads to abuses to the four winds. As stated, I would nix the entire bill simply because someone wants to sneak in an "any other reason".

A bad bill can be much worse than none at all, and I suspect this would lead to court challenges of everything from the time of day to what color socks is the operator wearing.

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brycesteiner: I have patented the circle so anyone using a circle, have used a circle, intending to use a circle, thinking of a circle, or something round owes me a dollar for every time it's used!

I'm going to patent a straight line. Please pay each time you aren't traveling around a curve. Hundred dollar bills are the preferred payment.

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Turbguy1: I have a patent on breathing. Royalties are 2 cents per breath, 5 cents per sigh, and 10 cents per sneeze...

Where shall I send my check?

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Quantum Scientist: This certainly proves that Polaroid has nothing better to do. They could spend their time innovating instead of worrying about a border on a piece of paper. Unbelievable.

Polaroid's intellectual property? They are in the same boat as Daguerre and lots of other has beens. Whether for good or bad, their day in the sun is over.

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I'm sure there were several cameras that used a square format when I was in my teens and probably more even before that.

Didn't Haselblad (sp?) use it also? And other medium-format cameras as well?

So, what's new that would justify granting Polaroid any such protection?

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The event of a lifetime - and a wonderful photo to show it.

Best wishes, and many great years ahead.

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007peter: Who should I believe? (1) Nikon's claim that smartphone has indeed DAMAGE its sell, or (2) DPR defenders claiming Smartphone will NEVER harm the sell of iLC. Both cannot be true.

Who's to say the bottom end of the market is all that will be affected?

When the bottom is replaced, something else becomes the new "bottom".

Improvements in smartphone cameras, etc will continue.

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SirSeth: Possibly, but who would want pictures of the inside of my pocket? Or my carpet? Or the top of my table? Or ceiling? Or even my face? And who would orchestrate and collect that or sense when a picture might be interesting or informative? Apps want data on users so they can target advertising--huge troves of data for what people do online is worth billions. But secretly recording me? Where's the incentive? Privacy is worth fighting for in legislation, but big brother fears about technology and conspiracy theories usually just don't make a whole lot of sense. Just deny permissions or don't use apps that need access to your souls. No one really needs yay to post on social media and as soon as you do, you have no privacy.

Who would want pictures of the inside of my pocket?

What's the incentive?

You answered your own question - data is worth billions.

And don't try to convince anyone there's no unscrupulous persons/organizations/corporations/governments that would hesitate to exploit this. In case you have any doubts, consider that outfits like facebook and government are constantly increasing surveillance and adding the data to truckloads - yes TRUCKLOADS - of new hard drives being added to their systems daily.

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zunivolo: Many people are totally misunderstanding this. The app can only use the camera while it's running in the foreground. It won't be secretly recording anything while the phone is in your pocket. Learn to read people.

Concerning the actual "news": this has been obvious. Since there's no LED showing the camera's activity while it's being used (like on MacBooks) it's obvious the camera can be used secretly and I'm pretty sure this is how it works on Android also. I do believe though that phone makers should limit use of the camera to situations where the video feed is shown live on the screen. And access to the microphone should also have some sort of on-screen info so the user knows it's being used.

Given the history of snooping, do you honestly believe that everyone interested in spying on anyone using such will always play by the rules?

My guess: once implementing the technique is available, unscrupulous operators will jump at the opportunity.

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silentstorm: Anyone can recommend a place where I can clone an extra kidney? Better if can clone multiple kidneys at once. Gotta factor in those Zeiss lenses as well! LOL!!

I'd prefer a good getaway driver.

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On article Canon patents a huge, hinged and reversible DSLR LCD (179 comments in total)

Do they expect us to communicate with the camera settings via ESP?

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On article Nikon D850 Review (2112 comments in total)

Sounds like it's time to replace my Instamatic.

Does anyone know a good getaway driver?

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VadymA: I am sure it is a fine camera, could be even the best for certain tasks. But reference to human eye sounds pure marketing to me. Being produced by nature, each human eye is not exactly the same. Human eye don't use Bayer pattern. There is approximately 100k b/w sensors and 30k color sensors in human eye, if I remember correctly. And color perception is also a function of brain, not just eyes. So how is this all relevant to IQ3 is beyond me. And also, photography is more about "departure from reality" (A.Adams) than reflection of reality. Pictures that look realistic are usually quite dull. Manipulating colors is what helps achieve emotional impact and is considered one of the crafts in photography. So all this human eye reference is pure b/s.

I don't recall where, but a project I heard of claimed the human eye could resolve 1 part in 1000, i.e. sin(x) = 0.001. How does that compare with Tommi K1's numbers?

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