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You didn't mention what is likely the most convincing argument in favor of the smartphones :


Although I grew up in the SLR era, I seldom take anything other than the phone with me - show me any SLR/DSLR that can fit into the little pocket on the side of your jeans.

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brn: UPDATE: The story is full of holes.

Kudos to DPR for providing the update though.

Surely you're not suggesting that a company is never above aproach????


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Goody, goody. Now we can all have wonderfully exposed bad and mediocre photos instead of an SD card full of simply bad and mediocre ones

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Photography - especially when taken from aloft - proves the old adage about a thousand words.

Several years ago I was in a courtroom waiting for the case I was to testify in when a young attorney was presenting the client's case, describing - with their hands and no photographs - of how this happened here and that over there. I don't recall who won the case, but I would have given the attorney an F- for not having the simplest of materials, a photo or drawing on a large sheet of paper, to explain their POV.

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quietrich: There are too many posts here slandering PETA on the evidence of a website, and a subsequent report, produced by an organisation - the Center for Consumer Freedom (CCF) and prior to that called the Guest Choice Network; an American non-profit entity founded by Richard Berman that lobbies on behalf of the fast food, meat, alcohol and tobacco industries.

Whilst many of PETA’s decisions seem questionable, including this case of copyright, we need to keep thing in perspective. The good they do in terms of animal welfare, as opposed to those organisations like CCF whose agenda is to smear animal rights groups and to fight legislation that protects both the animals, and the consumers who want to eat safely.

Maybe if PETA stuck to what it was intended to do instead of "monkeying around" by delving into other areas, it's image would be improved.

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On article Battle of the titans: Top ball heads tested (291 comments in total)

Perhaps this is being too simplistic, but how interchangeable are things such as the lever-operated quick-release plate and the top of the ball extension? From the article it is obvious that Arca-Swiss doesn't necessarily insure compatibility between brands. Consider that someone liked one ball-head and another brand's mounting plate. How readily can ball-head "A" be attached to lever-operated mounting plate "B"? Are the mating surfaces made so that type of interchangeability is permissible without making modifications to either surface? Whose equipment is the most adaptable for this type of operation?

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OMG. I'll never fly again. I knew they made those propellers spin so fast you couldn't see just how badly they were warped.

Great description of rolling shutter. Thanks for sharing.

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Photoman: A shotgun works as well...


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photosen: Someone at Micron doesn't understand the concept of Brand Equity... Not profitable? Fine, but just the name recognition is worth something to us consumers, and hence to the company...


Mr. Spud.

I like it, especially the swimmers.

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M Chambers: I can't wait to test out my HK94 on one of these.

Buzz. Boom. Toothpicks.

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sirhawkeye64: That sort of sucks, because I was over in Switzerland back in 2009 and I wish I knew what I know now about photography when I was over there (plus, I wish I had a DSLR back then, rather than a simple P&S). But really, this type of stuff is going to kill trips for those who love photography. I understand that the locals probably hate having a ton of people come in and shoot (photograph) the place. But at the same time, banning photography might also affect tourism rates. I mean, photography is half the reason I go far away for vacations--is so I can see and photograph stuff I normally don't see every day).

However, despite this town banning photography, there are many other options. Lots of architecture in Zurich, and most of the small towns are just beautiful with the landscapes and houses. Even if you can't photograph in this particular town, I would encourage people to visit Switzerland, as there is definitely lots of photographic opportunities wherever you go.

I'm counting on Switzerland passing similar laws as well to cover then entire country. Then we could forget about their little protection scheme forever.

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The 9th of April 1967 seems so long ago, especially in terms of an airplane's lifespan. I worked on the design of the 737 overhead control panel. It turned out to be quite a good plane, with more manufactured by far than any other. About a couple of weeks before the maiden flight, a fellow designer and I needed some information as to the interior configuration, so we inspected all existing planes at the time. I was surprised to learn how they tested, with several large tanks of water mounted to the floor, connected via piping, valves, and pumps to transfer the water for weight studies.

Congratulations to Boeing on making such a popular design, and much continued success in the future.

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Hopefully Florian will continue developing his app and share it so everyone with a smartphone can enjoy similar results. Preferably sooner rather than later.

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WillWeaverRVA: "You can't go beyond the zone's boundaries, can't crash your drone into another drone, and can't stray outside of minimum and maximum altitudes – autopilot will kick in and prevent you from doing any of these things."

Aw, that's no fun! ;)

My thoughts exactly. Otherwise how would we get to fly one of them around in the lion's den at the zoo?

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xiao fei: Regardless of how obnoxious you think the drone is, the appropriate course of action is to record it and or just go inside and call the police instead of shooting firearms into the air. If your rights are being infringed, there is a legal system for that.

Take a pic and call the cops?

In some areas crime, wrecks, etc are so prevalent the cops can't even get to the scene because they are overloaded.

They're so busy they aren't able to investigate someone selling dope to kids, ho's working the street, and who knows what else.

And they will come to investigate every time someone takes a pic of a pesky drone? In what century do you expect them to arrive?

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Pesky drone.


It's raining toothpicks.

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On article Leica SL Review (1092 comments in total)

The cheapskate is surfacing in me, but $7450 for a camera - and the body only at that? Ouch.
For that kind of money, I could be driving something.

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ELLIOTPAULSTERN: I am sorry. What am I missing here. I do not see any images at all except a terrible blur. Mesmerizing????? More like a waste of time. :(

No, no, no. You're just not reading fast enough using your magnifying glass.

What I found interesting is how the percentage of space devoted to photographs steadily increased over time, and that if you click on the screen it will stop and you can (sort of) see the photos on individual pages.

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spikey27: Hanging is too good for the clowns and their flying contraptions operating near people or structures.

ASINMT: How many times has your stunt kite flown into a bystander and injured them?

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Rick Knepper: You use your smart phone to trigger your DSLR. Now, people are buying triggers for the trigger?

Kindof what I thought - why do you need a trigger to trigger a trigger?

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