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MrBrightSide: Color?

After having my NEO 3 for about a month, the color flexibility and brightness are pretty amazing. They're really outdone themselves with the RGB touch-panel controls.

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Digmen1: Did I see made in England on the product label?
That is the first time I have seen that for 50 years!

I seem to remember when the original NEO launched that Rotolight was a splinter venture out of Pinewood Studios. That's what piqued my interest and got me to buy my first unit.

Link | Posted on Mar 30, 2022 at 18:18 UTC

I've traveled and shot in tight locations with my old Rotolight NEO "1," so I'd say that's still the best use for these particular lights. It was always great in terms of power and flexibility as a continuous video unit and made still shot setup a breeze -- and the NEO 3 will be even moreso -- but the battery situation and overall control design left a lot to be desired. I've got a NEO 3 on order because I know exactly how and how much I'll be able to use it, but if you're working in larger spaces you'll probably want to look at the AEOS 2.

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johnpendleton: This was a brilliant move by Peter & company. This has obviously embarrassed Amazon in a much more public manner than a run-of-the-mill lawsuit. I've see this all over the InterWebs in the space of two days already. Sarcasm beats litigiousness big time, it would seem.

Yeah, but it drew MY attention to the PD sling, which I then purchased. And it's built like a proverbial tank. Sales probably went up for the slings on BOTH sides of this corporate skirmish, but look at the proportional labor employed by each brand. This puddle floated both boats, during what may be looked back on in online retail circles as the GAP, or Gear Acquisition Pandemic.

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This was a brilliant move by Peter & company. This has obviously embarrassed Amazon in a much more public manner than a run-of-the-mill lawsuit. I've see this all over the InterWebs in the space of two days already. Sarcasm beats litigiousness big time, it would seem.

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I don't know if I'd buy one, but I might like to drink there.

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I have the Olympus 75-300mm mid-grade lens, which I've had to use for birding and wildlife at a local conservation center, when my 40-150 PRO wasn't a long enough reach. But now in daylight, the 40-150 PRO, the far sharper, superior glass (and already great for macro work), can be used all the time. I lose two stops with the 2x teleconverter, but that just brings it into line with the f4-f5.6 75-300 lens, and still much sharper and true to color, according to the samples posted thus far. So yeah, as soon as this goes on sale for $50 less or so late in the year or in January, I'm grabbing it.

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It looks like all the design problems with the first Rotolight are still with this version -- namely, the power button is still too exposed (making it turn on easily when stored), the filter clips don't actually secure the filter well for movement or storage, and the thing is just ergonomically awkward while mounted on a camera. It's been a fine light for close lighting of still subjects, but it's heavy for what it puts out and I've had better coverage from lighter, cheaper LED units. I don't immediately see how flash functionality would make it that much more useful.

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This is an excellent example of the range available in RAW with, ostensibly, ONE slider. Didn't say he touched the black or clarity sliders. That's the point, and it speaks to the idea of expressing the way the photographer experiences the image emotionally. Coming from an illustrator's perspective, that's why I love shooting RAW. It's a very deep paintbox.

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StevenN: It says on YouTube that the video is faked.

Yes, none of that is true. Elvis moved.

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Oh, no, that's a Helium-breasted North American Floaty Finch. Common mistake.

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Want it, especially for talking-head video. Anything that flatters the subject pays for itself in return business. I'd like to see a review or two first, though.

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Aw, bad news, Bergümers -- everybody put your pants back on.

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It's "BLUHRRRRRRRRRRR." As in: "your background has real good blurrrrrr."

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Someone needs to build one for Micro Four Turds.

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Average User: Wish DPR commenters would avoid political sniping. There are readers here of every's a place where we come to learn and share experiences about photography and equipment... what is funny to folks of one political persuasion, may not be, to the other.

Sorry, it's hard to see the precious snowflakes without my macro lens in place. I've been doing mostly wide-angle, since the bigger picture seems to require more attention right now. Is that camera-oriented enough?

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... and even THIS shows more turnout than the most recent ceremony.

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On article Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ1000 Review (891 comments in total)
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johnpendleton: I'd like to pick one of these up primarily for industrial video and non-work travel shooting, to replace my beloved but aging Fz150. The 150 has been a fantastic & trusty "operational" shooter, where ultimate web training video resolution rarely gets above 1280 x 720, and the 1000 looks like it would be a nice upgrade, even at that low bar.
But here's my question, DP-land: is this camera nearing the end of its product cycle? It's a two-year-old camera that's been sitting at $797 everywhere for a while now, supposedly due to the sensor delays from the Japanese earthquakes. But since this is Photokina season, has anyone heard anything about a replacement coming from Panasonic?

Thanks. But it's a moot point now that the FZ2500 has been released. It nearly doubled the price but really raised the bar for bridge shooters. I posted my original question long before Panasonic announced anything new for the latter part of 2016.

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johnpendleton: Great shots, Dan. Looking forward to receiving mine soon. But can anyone tell me if the RAW (.ORF) images from the E-M1 Mark II can be opened and processed by Adobe Camera Raw 9.1.1 or do they require 9.7, or just Lightroom, or ... what? I haven't seen anything regarding this from anyone so far, but I've had issues with the RW2 files from my new LUMIX LX10, so I'm a little apprehensive.

Thank you for that, but I bit the tax-deductible bullet and "subscribed" to the Photoshop/Lightroom package, and so far have been pleased, apart from all the front-loaded "helpful" clutter that slows down opening the software. I do appreciate finally having RAW filters & sliders available in straight Photoshop, though.

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I have worked quite a few weddings which would have benefited from a cannon.

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