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  • Ed; Appreciate the information. This appears to be far more than basics. More like a PhD in lighting theory. Will have to take it slow though. Thanks
  • Created discussion thread Topaz AI 2023 Added Value
    Can Photo AI take it to the next level beyond the enhancements in LrC and PS 25.1? The videos I have seen shows not too much of a gain beyond what Adobe is able to generate. I have been a huge fan ...
  • Awesome photography. Thank you for sharing.
  • Awesome shots really like the lighting. Can you share light placement. I am know PS well. Appreciate your previous response as well.
  • How is the lattitude of flexibilty in Photo AI compared to seperate Topaz SAI, Denoise, Giga, apps? I have been using the seperates for a few years and sat out the last updates. I am not a fan of ...
  • lightburn loos more affordable, However, the equipment shown appears made in China? i use an Epilogue Zing Laser. Thanks
  • As a pop song went; "Different strokes for Different Folks". There is a lot of art(?) which I can't appreciate. A perception is when someone mentions laser engraving what comes to mind almost every ...
  • Sales may have dropped considerably causing the sharp increase in price?
  • Looks good. Were you able to engrave it? I understand this may be a niche area since not too many have access to or desire laser engraving Thanks for sharing
  • Created discussion thread Laser Engraving PS
    In order to convert images for laser engraving. Anyone converting images into pencil or sketch drawings? There are a few different methods to convert the images. I have been using PS for my images, ...
  • In earnest hopes Topaz will treat their customers right. We will see if the ROI is worth the squeeze. This could be a parting of the Red Sea with a lot of their customers?
  • Viktoria; Appreiate the advice on studio lighting. I had a trial run last week where I used a softbox high above the subject. Also tried adding a ring light. Discovered later the blown highlights ...
  • Thanks Mike will check them out.
  • Jim; Thanks, the advice between you and Gato will give me a good idea on where I will need to focus. BTW: Liked your website. A true professional Thanks
  • Thanks Gato yeah I'm not looking towards a new career. I have access to a photo studio and am trying to learn as much as I can. Primarily for family and friends.
  • Thanks, really appreciate the insight and will give it a try. Yes, the temps are adj on a few of the lights. Really just looking at basic portrait and family shots. The majority of my shots are ...
  • Created discussion thread Newbee Questions
    Exploring portrait photography and trying to find a guide for placement of lights. I have access to a photo studio with soft boxes, and other various types of lights. How important is setting ...
  • Anyone done any testing to see which resources Adobe NR is using in the process? I suspect with the increased AI features overtime whether 32 GB is still optimal in reducing latency. A concern with ...
  • Replied in Goodbye DPR!
    DPR has been very informative over the years, it is unfortunate to see them shutting down. The forums have been great to assist all levels of experience. Adobe has a forum for all their apps; ...
  • This is probably due to the fact they can attract far more potential customers. Is it right? If you invest $10k and get $10 yield or another account same investment $100 which would you choose...

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