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  • Thanks, I have been aware of the Spacebar. I did not pay attention in the past to the toggling between the two levels. May be a mis-perception on my part. Are you an Adobe tech by chance. Some of ...
  • Replied in CF vice SDx
    Always use SanDisk or Lexar cards. I have been shooting DSLR since 20D was released. I guess that is somewhere around ~18 years. Never had a bent pin. I did have one card failure where I lost all ...
  • Replied in CF vice SDx
    Just an opinion since I really do not need for shooting. Only for downloading images. A 16 Mb with a 30 Mb/S allows the user to go out for dinner. Waiting on the images to dl. The beauty of having ...
  • Having to fight with LR 8.4 magnification zoom. LR continues to return to Fit when using any other mag level. I find it is more stable when select zoom from the Menu. However still wants to jump back.
  • Created discussion thread CF vice SDx
    Any thoughts on CF vs SD. I thought I remembered reading an article CF were fading and SD is superior. Then I came across another article stating CF was more robust/durable then SD. This appears to ...
  • Since posting I received a response from Unittek. No driver is required which was of no surprise AFAIK my two previous mem cards did not require one. The wire is sealer in the reader so limits the ...
  • Created discussion thread USB Type-C connectors
    Anyone running the new USB 3.0 USB USB Type-C connectors. I have a Unitek Y-93324B card reader which I got an error when plugging it in to the USB 3.0 port. Power Surge on the port. Device not ...
  • Replied in LR Hangs
    Paige; Appreciate your explanation. Although I was planning to add a second monitor (4K) however based on your response there may not be room for 2 monitors now.
  • Replied in LR Hangs
    Yes, since turning it off I have not had an issue. What is the purpose of GPU in LR?
  • Concur there are so many variables depends on what the artist wants to convey. If portrait this would be natural. However define natural. The answer should be whatever the viewer deems a nice photo.
  • Replied in LR Hangs
    The other day LR froze 2-3 times. The editing was intensive. After the last hang I disabled GPU processing and have not any more hangs so far. I am running a RTC 2070 video card Windows build ...
  • Replied in LR Hangs
  • Replied in LR Hangs
    Thanks, through POE I have disabled GPU processing to see if this may be the cause.
  • Created discussion thread LR Hangs
    I have been using LR for several years. Recent events in LR has been freezing, locking up, hanging. The only way out of this is CTRL+Alt+Del. I have never seen this behavior before. I am unsure if ...
  • Replied in LR Catalog
    " When you use the "locate" command you need to navigate to the new location of that fike/folder? Appreciate the explanation. I was of the understanding "Locate" LR would search for missing images.
  • Replied in LR Catalog
    Dave; Appreciate the suggestion. If I understood the process on Import transfer to my catalog or collection. They transferred, but failed to retain the adjustments.
  • Created discussion thread LR Catalog
    In previous post I just completed a new system build. In transferring files from older computers I discovered there is  a problem with some of the catalog not following over in synch with the ...
  • Replied in LR Latency
    Running the 2070 I can only assume you are running the I7 or I9. I am running the I9. Since the system is new not much on the SSD. I also keep the OS and programs on the NVMe 500 Gb and using a ...
  • Replied in LR Latency
    As time continues to move on I finally was able to take the time to transfer some of the files from my laptop to the new desktop comp. Maybe my expectations are too high and need to come down to ...
  • Replied in LR Latency
    Will have to check on the number of items in the history states saved.
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