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  • Yes 100%. + Moderators who are prepared to enforce it. Regards Patsym
  • I don't use the cloud Steve never have done and never will. My point about the cloud is Adobe's insistence on going that route completely, irrespective of consumers issues, ie Internet, and ...
  • Amen to that. Regards Patsym
  • This is the response from Zeee 2 hours ago, check it ? The issue you don't get is people that thought they in the cloud not matter what they used. Have you seen anymore threads about the issue ...
  • So when someone disagrees with you " you call them a troll " right?
  • I think your angst should be aimed at Zeee considering he thinks your nothing more than a troll (personally I don't believe you are for the record), and the amount of personal insulting behaviour ...
  • Now you have started to show your through colors with your childish retorts, your wasting my time, and most likely everyone else's time on this forum. goodbye.
  • Not happy enough " you jumped ship "
  • Zeee took the liberty to respond on your behalf Ron obviously you weren't quick enough, lol. they are like greased lightening wow. Regards Patsym
  • Imagine its only one click away " will they or wont they " Your still some distance from Ireland going to the UK. Regards Patsym
  • Oops Adobe don't lie do they? Again I repeat "How many are they losing per week ? Let me get this straight, are you seriously suggesting they are not losing subscribers, if so you definitely must ...
  • The fact that its a Retouching Forum, or the fact that some people are trying to turn it into an Adobe Talk Forum. What for the ignore list? I'm a little lost, is that what you mean? Regards Patsym
  • Speculation on your part. The word apparently doesn't cut it. I have been using Photoshop since its inception, how long have you been using it, to me your nothing more than a shoe in, considering ...
  • What were they adding in 2017, 2016 was a year ago ? How many are they losing per week ? What should be worrying Lightroom users is when "classic comes to an end" its all very well burying your ...
  • Regards Patsym
  • I agree 100%. Regards Patsym
  • And mine about Adobe was to ?  A pretty silly example don't you think or not. Regards Patsym
  • Don't put words in my mouth, were's the word discriminates in my post, different Adobe websites for other continents, different prices as well. Regards Patsym
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