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LincolnB: The proposed Texas law says 25 feet, not 15 feet.

It defines documenting the police as an "an interruption,
disruption, impediment, or interference that occurs while a peace
officer is performing a duty..."

Somehow I don't that that would get past the SCOTUS.

Also, the Texas definition of "news media" is obsolete and does not cover online publications and free lance journalists. That too would have trouble before the Supreme Court of the United States.

SCOTUS ruled that misconduct by prosecutors is not criminal unless a pattern is established.

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calkapokole: I can't vote. I'm tapping 'Vote' button but nothing happens. I'm using Xperia Go with Android 2.3.7 and stock browser.

The desktop version allowed me to vote also. Now back to mobile version where everything is scaled properly.

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calkapokole: I can't vote. I'm tapping 'Vote' button but nothing happens. I'm using Xperia Go with Android 2.3.7 and stock browser.

Same here with Galaxy S5 with Android 4.4.2.

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When Epson advertised their blacks wouldn't fade for X number of years I tested the theory. There claim was less than 1 DE of color change. My work has a Xenon machine and there was over 2 DE of color change after 20 AFU. I sent my results along with photographic evidence and they didn't even defend their marketing claim.

Some will love this feature and other will say it's a gimmick. At the end of the day they will generate a lot of revenue based on this claim which they may or may not defend.

I have both Canon and Epson photo printers and don't prefer the results of one printer over the other.

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Smeggypants: One of the world's most extreme acts of terrorism. We should never forget so that such a repulsive act never happens again!!!

Japan drew America into the war by attacking Pearl Harbor. It was a war that Winston Churchill was literally begging us to enter but we used restraint until attacked. Japan was intent on world domination and their people were willing to die for the emperor. It took an event like Hiroshima to make such a significant impact that Japan couldn't ignore the devastation. The attack on Nagasaki is controversial but it sealed the deal as Japan didn't know how many more atomic bombs we had. So, any inference that America is the bad guys in WWII should send people back to the history books. We saved the world from tyrannical leaders looking to spread hate and suppression to all mankind. Far fewer civilians died in Hiroshima and Nagasaki than were extinguished by Hitler, Stalin and Mao. It doesn't make the atomic bombs good but a necessary evil to end Japan's quest to conquer the world.

Let's look upon these photographs as a sad moment in history that hopefully will never have to be repeated.

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peacefrog33756: The Waltons and Koch brothers love you!

My friend's daughter works for Walmart. She just bought a nice house.

Like any job if you put in your time you will make good money. Being American doesn't guarantee success. You have the opportunity to succeed.

The bad talk of the Koch Brothers who employ over 80,000 in America and over 200,000 worldwide. How many people do the people who talk bad about them employ?

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Eleson: I'm a bit surprised by the lack of imagination from many posters here, " not understanding the product".
For many (actually most) taking pictures is not about having them, it is about sharing them. Something 95% of current cameras suck at.
And for most, a lower quality image that gets shared is worth a helluva lot more than a great picture that noone sees.
Simple as that.

@ nekrosoft13 You say social media is annoying yet you share your opinion using a form of social media. That's annoying!

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Tom Caldwell: Somewhere in the midst of a whole range of very good cameras there is something that must be the "deal breaker". For me it is a flip out lcd. I used to like this when the lcd screens were small and relatively compact. But now they are large and growing larger, it is a tilt screen for me.

Probably a great camera but the flip lcd does not ring my bells - others are bound to simply love it. Sorry Samsung, (and Canon) huge flip out lcds on faux dslr shapes are aloha from me (just me). Still love my NX10 - the end of my Samsung rage.

Sounds like he is not complaining about more features he just prefers a certain type of screen. Just like in America, Australians have the freedom of choice from a free market.

I think eventually all screens will be fully articulating but the professionals will be less accepting of the first!

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InTheMist: I bet a lot of these will be found under the tree.

Not my tree...unfortunately!

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On article Nikon Df Review (1620 comments in total)

It is ironic that so many experts come to DPR to read their reviews. When these "experts" don't agree with DPR then they are called biased or don't have credibility. Why don't these "experts" have their own review website if they have a higher level of technical knowledge or credibility than is illustrated here. I guess it's easier to complain about a perceived problem than become a solution?

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Paul Farace: Yes, a lot of water misses the mark... just like in combat. I'd guess less than 1% of bullets fired by our guys hit their guys too... but this is the problem when CPAs, MBAs, and other "experts" analyze reality and make conclusions based on facts without being there. There are always factors that don't show up on film or on analysis reports :o) -- Now every process can be tweeked to improve efficiency but I don't want a handful of CPA and MBA-managed firemen showing up to a fire... or the Army responding to a local disturbance that might become WW III !!! It might lead to the next Cocoanut Grove fire or Little Big Horn!

Amazine images none the less!

Nor do I want movie buffs to believe they are subject matter experts. I like the direction of your points. We should all do what we do and do it well and not criticize what others do well because we "think" we can do it better.

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jurgenvogt: I don't understand. It seems that no matter how economically advantageous Adobe makes the Photoshop/Lightroom bundle people are still whining about it.

If people used to OWN the Adobe software they purchased then why did you have to activate software you OWN?

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aired: does it make anyone wonder why NASA didnt use color sensor for their Mars photos... and the moon photos...

black&white is often associate to be authentic... but is it real or not?!

I believe there was an article that explained why they used 2mp B&W sensor. I think it came down to image size.

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chadley_chad: @nosnoop What takes you so long?

DPreview seem more fixated with reviewing mobile phones and apps than actual cameras these days ... DPreview lost its status of being the best place for camera reviews a long time ago! Shame Cameralabs hasn't got more content, because that's the way reviews should be done!

Content reduction coincides with the purchase by Amazon. Maybe not a reduction but not as much of the core content I liked before they moved to America. Maybe that is why I don't come to this website but a few times a week instead of every day as before.

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Finally a place where people don't blast an image because it wasn't taken with the most expensive camera body!

I was impressed with all of the photos. A nice touch would have been to include the phone each was taken with. I would like to know top-performing phone cameras that are not an iPhone. Nothing against an iPhone but it is synonymous with great photos. There has to be others.

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Quest21: Happy Holidays, Season's Greetings is just stupid and has no meaning...
I miss seeing Merry Christmas...

A lot of retailers feel that they will offend someone if they recognize a Christian holiday. I believe that was the point of Quest21 post. Then again, critical people will criticize no matter the subject.

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Quest21: Happy Holidays, Season's Greetings is just stupid and has no meaning...
I miss seeing Merry Christmas...

In my home Christ is the reason for the season!

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On article Happy Holidays from dpreview (105 comments in total)

Merry Christmas everyone!

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_P: Still no support _from_ Fuji (X-Pro, X-E1). Scandal ... Good analysis of the problem can be found here:

Adobe Lightroom Blog states that the Fujifilm X-E1 got support in Camera Raw 7.2 and Lightroom 4.2. I can't confirm because I use X-S1.

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