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no firmware update for RX1?

Sheeesh... :-(

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On article 8 months with the Vanguard Up-Rise 33 camera bag (49 comments in total)
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Mike Minh: A bag review with this degree of detail, including photographic evidence? Is this for real? Can't wait for equally detailed reviews of photographer jeans (degree of abrasiveness on tripods, squeeze-factor of the seams influencing your steady hand during shots, measured colour reflection on subjects for macro shots), photographer socks (how fast do they dry when you have stepped in a puddle?) and inevitably coming, photographer underpants (I leave it to your imagination which details we urgently NEED to know on these).

I all seriousness, an overview article "15 practical bags" or "10 tips on what to look for in a good bag" is more than enough. I mean really, it's a bag, fgs.

so many words to say so little...

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not for every one!

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Ace Disgrace: I can see a new X10-? will be released this year, this is a fine camera and im glad i have waited for a few months before running to the store and buying it. Same goes with any other camera that will be release in the future. it is always smart to wait.

Fujifilm didn't mention about cost or if its free. the hardest part here is having to go through all the troubles because of a company mistake.

And for the people who always complain about dpreview's posts... all i can say is have respect for the staff that they go through testing and studying the products pro's and con's. In the 80's you wont get these reviews unless you buy a magazine. be thankful that you can get these news and reviews for free from this site.

everyone should wait for somebody else to use it?
if that makes sense to you....

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collector item!

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On article Nikon 1 System First Impressions (248 comments in total)

EVF, fast AF and responsive camera, possibly decent iso 800 , if they provide a small but decent range of lenses(incl fast primes), it's a good new offer to the market from nikon...

as for price... we will see if what is announced now still holds when the camera is available in stores, but at the official price it looses some appeal for sure

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