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Im just thinking how to get the films processed and paper pictures made in a lab. Im not sure if we have any in Denmark who can do this special format

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Hi, I have always liked Olympus. I stil have my manual average and top models analogue models, they have worked all years. Since i purchased Canon and build up around EOS1D +Ds and 7, 70, 5 MK3 etc. - Now its too late for me to shift system to Sony.. - My friend have the largest shop and online shop in our market, and one day i asked why he stopped selling Olympus. Thats was five years ago: He showed me an 80 cm bookcase with five shelves: Full of Olympus digital models, either on way to Olympus or returned ready for customer again. The build quality was not close to any other at that time. I hope they have sorted the quality now.

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The price then: USD 3.500

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Im making a dear review on my old cameras, and have the D30 here in hand. Not a scratch, nothing which shows that i used it intensely in 2000 until the next came. I gave it a battery and its still working perfect. Slow? oh yes, but at that time it was really making it possible to hit the button and get fine photos. Unfortunately i dont remember the price then, but it was a lot.

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dprived prev: believe it or not, a friend of mine still uses 2 x D30 bodies plus a couple of top of the class Canon lenses for professional sports and wedding work! and he is quite happy with it too! probably will go on using it `till the day the cameras die ... :)

I found my fine well cared for 30D and mounted a EF 24-105 - gave my wife the set in hand and she is making very beautiful shots and are as happy as if i got a new 1D. Impressing, but must say that the older houses i have make a crossroad with this. I have kept all the old ones - and older than this is unfortunately too slow, week in performance and capture size. Will never sell, and none have a scratch

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