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A lot of these are missfocused. Either way the lens is not that sharp @long edge, no near as sharp as the Oly 300/4 (that was to be expected though, prime vs zoom)

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tiberiousgracchus: Is that Steve Huff in the last photo ?? aha he is raving about this camera although his sample photos were not much to go by. . apart from the look of this camera not impressed by much else.

Yep, photography is tough these days, instead let him sell "spirit boxes".

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AKH: Is that Steve H. in the last picture? Dpreview + this guy = scary coctail ☺

Yeah scary, since he also talks to spirits. At least he thinks he does...

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J A C S: Given the limited range, not fast enough to replace primes, no IS/OS to compensate for that.

Mate your are a troll... F2 is not fast enough?

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Charles2: Spend less for a better lens of the same type: a Minolta Rokkor 40/2, which is a copy of Leica's Summicron 40. In M-mount, and of course a focus ring. Wonderful images.

Actually Leica is a copy (or just a rebadge) of that lens since Minolta were the ones producing it...

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HaroldC3: Curious as to why on the last 10 shots an EC of -1 and -1.3 was used? These scenes were obviously underexposed because of this (look at the beach shot).

As a crop shooter, I expected a lot better sharpness and detail from such an expensive body and lenses.

I guess that goes to show just how close the gap is between crop and full frame in that category.

Download the raw files and process them the way you do with yours (I suppose you shoot raw). Then you can draw any conclusion.

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halc: "We select the best sensor, whoever the manufacturer is."


They have totally lost the sensor war years ago and still include their own sensors in the APS-C and full frame cameras.

Unless they come out with a game changer soon, they will be left behind by Sony (and everybody else who uses Sony chips). Perhaps even Aptina, if Aptina decides to move into larger sensors...

are you serious? Lead in color?! Take a look at the old Sony a850/a900 and see who "leads in color", and that is from a current Canon user...

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Oh, they serve whiskey in plastic...

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Peiasdf: Got a feeling Sigma's 50 f/1.4 is going to be better than the Zeiss.... hmm. Zeiss aren't that impressive lately.

Name a modern Zeiss that isn't "impressive" compared to Sigma.

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burnaby: no anti-vibration?

Sony has In body image stab.

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