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On article CP+ 2014: Hands-on with Canon PowerShot G1 X Mark II (196 comments in total)

I reviewed the original G1X and I loved the image quality.... but that's about it. The ergonomics didn't make a lot of sense (why didn't they just take ergonomics from an already mature G-series cameras?) and the AF was mediocre. But the potential was there. This new version looks amazing. I can't wait to review soon.

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AdamT: Yep, Ricoh have a long history of uglifying the GR series to make special editions no one wants and never become collectable, you`d think they`d learn .. remember the yucky blue GRD .......

Sometimes what's ugly to you is beautiful to another...I think Saab cars are ugly, but there's people who love them. Same as the old square Volvo's...sometimes the uglier and the more unique, people find it beautiful...

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Johannes Zander: They should ask Hasselblad for help about wooden grips. And then charge $10.000. Below that price I don't take cameras with wooden grips serious.

Wood grips last longer than leather grips, and some like to modify the shape of the grip by sanding it down to the shape of their hands, as was the case with the Pentax 67...

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JohnEwing: It's OK. But who the hell would want it?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder... I've seen some guys with some pretty hideous looking clothes, but hey, if they like it, who am I to judge. I've also seen people's significant other that I don't find very attractive, but who am I to tell them that they made a bad choice? It's only my opinion...

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wayne131: Just buy the original version, it is a stunning camera.

Well it's not cheaper if you consider the 3 extra accessories that you're getting. If you were planning on buying those accessories anyway, then it's pretty much the same price... actually slightly cheaper.... buy it's true. I think the black does look better...

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Tord S Eriksson: The cost, of the accessories, is actually very decent, compared to what you have to pay for similar items to your Olympus m4/3 camera!

Exactly, basically if you like the look of the green, then you're paying for the cost of the accessories. It's a good deal... it's still cheaper than the Nikon Coolpix A by $200!! You can add the 21mm wide angle lens with that!! Or OVF!

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JWest: I know very little about the Ricoh GR itself, but I think I might be the only person here who thinks this special edition actually looks pretty nice.

I've ordered one because I think it looks decent, and all the extras you get with it. I was going to buy all those things separate anyways on the regular GR, so I'm actually saving money buying the Ltd. Edition. Good on Ricoh for not trying to charge too much extra. If it was a Leica, Nikon, or Sony, you think they would only add $100?

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babujr: 1. Is this Special Edition GR available only through the Ricoh sales center or will it be available also from B&H, Adorama, and others?

2. The body is said to be of magnesium alloy - so is the regular GR, right? Nothing special about the material of the Special Edition?

Hey Jack, don't forget, one is on hold for me, even though I'll be in Japan when it arrives!! I think for the extra $100 retail, you get the filter adapter and hood, case and strap, which is worth more than $100 reg retail... it's a bargain... the rest is just aesthetics on the body. It won't take better pictures. You'll just look more unique getting it... or silly, depending on your opinion...

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dark goob: Why not use degrees instead of "equivalent mm"? Equivalent to what? Hardly anyone (less than 5% of photographers) shoots 135 anymore. IT'S NOT 2003 ANYMORE!

Also if you used degrees then your graph's horizontal scale wouldn't be so compressed to the left and stretched out to the right.

You're right about degrees (180 deg for fisheye, 90 deg for 20mm equiv, etc.) but you know, sometimes certain standards just stick around even though it makes no sense. The term ISO for film doesn't really make sense for digital, and most users don't understand what ISO means or what it stands for, but hey, it's become the standard way to describe "digital grain"...look at the way sensor size is described. It's a mess. 1/1.7"? Most don't even know the history of APS and that it was a failed film format in the 90's. How about just diagonal distance in mm? So instead of full-frame, we say 35mm, which is the diagonal distance of the sensor. Ha ha...anyway, things change so quick now that it's hard to stick to a standard that makes sense...but good point!

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On article Pentax Ricoh updates firmware for GR Digital IV (12 comments in total)
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Andrew Elliott: A great camera with fantastic ergonomics and lens..
Can't wait for the GRD 5 with an RX100 sensor!

Here's the 'official' rumor link.... it makes sense since Ricoh submitted a patent on 2 new lens designs, both in APS-C format:

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