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I find it disturbing that DP Review would post a "news article" like this - and in so doing basically act as a shill for Panasonic. There is absolutely zero value to this matter from a photographic perspective. Why would anyone really care that a corporate sponsor of the Olympics is paying someone big bucks to use their camera? I mean really. What poor judgment.

Dear departed Phil would never waste reader's time - or prostitute the site to a manufacturer - with drivel like this.

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This has some nice features, but it is not to conclude that the Sony RX-100 is the superior product. The Sony offers a sensor 3-4x the size but at dimensions and weight that are about 33% smaller.

Also, although I do love the concept of aperture rings on film and larger sensored cameras, the concept of aperture control over small sensored cameras is a gimmick because these cameras get no depth of field anyway and diffraction sets in very very early, at f4 or f5.6. In this respect, the Rx100 and S100 have a better approach to the ring in that they are programmable to perform many different functions such as zoom.

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On article How the iPhone changed my photography (104 comments in total)

This article would have a lot more credibility if it was focused on smart phones in general, instead of just focusing on one brand. The Nokia N8 and Samsung Galaxy II would have delivered equal or superior results and also have a multiple of applications and are equally well connected.

By going on and on and on and on about one particular brand to the exclusion of others, an article that would have had some (slight) interest instead comes off as as puff piece by a fanboy, which frankly has the effect of diminishing the credibility of the author and the website in general.

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