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On article Here's the Olympus PEN E-P7 and here's what it means... (385 comments in total)
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Parshua: I see no reason to buy a m43 camera other than price after the release of Fuji's X-S10. The only advantage I see is the price of long lenses, and some niche very compact Panasonic cameras. Bigger sensors now have all the advantages on top of the sensor size.

I have the 16-50 XC that came with one of my Fuji cameras. Is it sharp? Yes. But a plastic mount is pretty much unforgivable in this day and age. I mean come on, cheap lenses from China are being built like tanks now, all metal, beautiful, and pretty sharp as well, and Fuji's budget stuff is plastic mount? No thanks.

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On article Here's the Olympus PEN E-P7 and here's what it means... (385 comments in total)
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Parshua: I see no reason to buy a m43 camera other than price after the release of Fuji's X-S10. The only advantage I see is the price of long lenses, and some niche very compact Panasonic cameras. Bigger sensors now have all the advantages on top of the sensor size.

Julian and Idaho_X nailed it.

I’m a Fuji user but if I was using a bag of zooms I would definitely go with micro 4/3, APSC hardly gives an advantage in low light with zooms. Might as well lug around full frame and break the bank if you want that.

As it stands, I only use the f2 primes, love them, but if they put out some small FX zooms (not crap XC) that were slow but sharp, I would absolutely consider them.

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On article Here's the Olympus PEN E-P7 and here's what it means... (385 comments in total)
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Franz Weber: I will buy this camera for my next trip to the US. I like having a camera that not everyone has!

Buying this camera because nobody has it is probably the only good reason to buy this one.

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ogl: this is the end?

"Then they had the gxr system that wasn't going anywhere."

And it's a damn shame! The GXR was way ahead of its time, I actually love the concept. But of course autofocus and other issues (as well initial price) plagued it. I would have really loved to see a fleshed-out concept of the modular camera, with different sensor-size and lens combinations.

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On article Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark IV review (931 comments in total)
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Quiverbow: It must be too early in the morning for the Olympus batterers to be up. As soon as they are, watch the number of comments rise as fast as their ire that Oly is still in business and producing fine cameras that look like cameras and satisfy the needs of a lot of people.

"Still only 20mp. My smartphone is better." Well we don't care what you use to take photos, as we use Olympus for our own reasons and are happy to do so.

Quiverbow, I’m glad they finally put a 20mp sensor in there. The PEN EPL 10 they recently released was 16mp in 2019 and frankly there was NO reason for EM10 III to be 16mp when it came out in 2017. I was so close to going all in on Olympus at one point, but I went with an XT20 for precisely this reason: the ability to crop a bit more if I wanted to, not because I think APS-C is that much better.

Both Fuji and Oly shoot awesome JPEGs, both are small and light, but the story of Olympus it that it always shoots itself in the foot for the stupidest decisions, like sticking with a 16mp sensor as late as 2019. Sure 16mp was great when everyone was doing it and IBIS is nice in certain situations too, but Olympus always acted like they were afraid of cannibalizing their own lines. They didn’t need to worry about themselves, they needed to worry about the competition.

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(unknown member): Wow, new PLM lens. During my crop sensor days, I used DA 55-300 PLM and it was blazing fast.

Also, first FF limited with built-in motor and WR. And a much needed focal length in the system.


Wow is a severe understatement... At this point, we should be saying "what the hell Ricoh?" The PLM is a proven, excellent design, needed in other lenses. The problem is, Ricoh issued that 55-300 PLM lens in 2016 and it was crickets ever since.

Four years is NOT a short amount of time in this saturated market. I still have my Pentax gear, I even bought a KP to try to revive it, but I've basically moved on. I mean, come on, that 16-50 f2.8 was so overdue for an update, a 2021 release is practically a slap in the face.

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thx1138: Very sad indictment of the underwater camera market that this is as good as it gets in compacts. The sensor size is now starting to become a joke even on smartphones and should have been killed off in the true camera market 5 years ago. A 2/3 sensor would have been a big improvement and still allowed for a very compact design.

I agree. What’s even more baffling is that Olympus and Ricoh, the two most prominent makers of these environment-sealed cameras, don’t even compete in the 1-inch compact market! What would they be cannibalizing? Absolutely nothing!

But obviously enough people will accept mediocrity so these companies can keep pumping these cameras out like hockey pucks...

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Nikita66: So, "mirroring" Sigma. I wish someone, anyone, would do an AF UWA prime for APS-C. Like a 10mm 2.8.
Everyone praises the superiority of primes, but in this category, apparently, not necessary.

A 10mm f2.8 would not be a money-maker, unless they were willing to charge a lot for it. Very few people would buy it, it’s an incredibly niche angle to work with. Not saying you aren’t brilliant with the 15mm equivalent, but 99% of people aren’t.

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On article Hands-on with the new Fujifilm X100V (177 comments in total)
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zorgon: This is the first Fuji camera I would consider buying. The soft lens of the old X100 and Lightroom's poor handling of X-trans RAW files was a dealbreaker for me. Both of these issues have now been resolved.
Of course I'd like it to have a smaller body and IBIS like the GRIII, but the 35mm equiv lens and weather sealing make it a more desirable camera for me.

You’ve heard of Conan The Barbarian? Meet Zorgon The Hostile!

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HowaboutRAW: I'm seeing shadow banding at ISO 12,800.

I hope Leica can fix this with a firmware update.

Realistically, it should be possible to shoot this body through ISO 25,600 without banding.

“No one, except in an emergency wants to shoot 25,600 ISO.”

His main concern was shadow banding at ISO 12,800, which is a very reasonable complaint at this price point.

And since Leica owners often tout the supposed marginally superior performance and user experience of the overall product which justifies that price point, writing off shadow banding at higher ISO as if to say “keep moving folks, nothing to see here” is bit irritating. People need to know what they are spending their money on.

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On article The new Olympus E-M5 Mark III is a mini E-M1 II (155 comments in total)
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jmschuh: The camera of the year 2015. At the price, measured by the current APS-C cameras completely uninteresting.
And take a look at the few sample photos with higher ISO values. This is very badly balanced between noise reduction and detail conservation. This looks more like painting than photography. For the year 2019 such a product at this price is simply no longer acceptable. The camera is also even heavier than an X-T30 with an APS-C sensor.

Well, real Olympus fanboys don't care that much. They have been used to lying back technically for years. Olympus won't be able to save its own camera department with such a boring camera. The anniversary year at Olympus has been very sad so far, and no sweet talk from Olympus friends will help.

“if this is a 2015 camera, then for 99.96% people on this website it flies over their heads.” 🤣

Zvonimir Tosic is on fire in this comment section.. I was laughing like hell over this guy’s responses!

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On article Best cameras for landscape photography in 2021 (1105 comments in total)
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RJB138: Guess I can't photograph landscapes any more - I only have APS-C cameras. ;~)

APS-C can shoot amazing landscape. I’ve seen mind.blowing landscape from M 4/3, so let’s dispel with the notion that only full-frame can shoot good photos. If that’s the case, people need to stop pushing FF and go all the way with MF.

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kristian2000: Normally, I would never go negative on a contest like this, but some of those photos would be completely forgettable without the context of a back-story. I would think that a photo contest sponsored by a camera company would showcase images that stand on their own.

I hate to be negative as well, but I agree. When you need word salad to make your photo's compelling it's time to get back out there and practice. Having said that, some of these were nice, but not amazing.

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On article Hands-on with the Ricoh GR III (649 comments in total)
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Eugene CH: I already own the GR II. So, my criticisms (according to the above article) are:

1) Battery life (CIPA-rated 200 shots) is not good at all!
2) Auto exposure/focus lock and vertical rocker as well as
3) GUI isn't designed for fingers. What you mean exactely?
4) Considerable lag if you use the rear screen for touch shutter. Even with the new focus system, there's still a noticeable pause even if you've placed the AF point and use the shutter button to fire. This is VERY, VERY BAD!!!
5) TAv mode space on the dial is going unused!

I have the impression that Ricoh has rushed a little quickly to put the GR III on the market.

Let's hope Ricoh will make some improvements, otherwise.....

All perfectly valid criticisms, but lets look at the upside:

1) It is maybe the first APS-C camera that is truly pocketable (it's smaller than even previous GRs).

2) The sensor is 24mp. No big deal right? Well, if this lens is as sharp as previous GR lenses, it means you will be able to have very high resolution in crop mode (assuming it has it, like in previous GRs).

3) This effectively allows you to shoot not only 28mm equivalent, but 35mm and 50mm equivalent with very usable resolution. Sure, at 35mm and 50mm equivalent, it won't be 24mp, but still more than usable.

For many photographers (especially street-photographers) this could essentially replace a much larger camera and multiple lenses. No, it's not a perfect product and it won't be for everyone. If you need a viewfinder or faster AF, or faster glass, I'm sure you'll pass on this. But for my purposes, I can see this being very useful.

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rsf3127: As a former FF user, I can endorse that this format has not added to my photographic capability much more than aps-c had done before it. Not to the point of compensating for the investment on more expensive and bigger lenses. So I sold it and reverted back to aps-c and now even m4/3 plays a major role in my photographic life. And I suspect that as sensors get better, FF will be completely overkill for most of us non-pro users. It already is if you use appropriate lenses and care about technique in the vast majority of regular photographic situations .

I’ve been making exactly this point for some time now and nobody seems to get it! Yes, as sensor technology improves obviously FF and MF will always be marginally better than smaller formats, but there will come a point at which it won’t matter except for extreme crops.

At that point, users of larger formats will have to ask themselves whether the ability to squeeze IQ out of a tiny crop is worth the extra weight, especially when talking about zooms lenses.

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RED i: Man can't wait Em 1.1/1.2/Em5++I m.zuiko 7-14mm and this 12--200 talk about hiking and travel dream gear. Hell Em10 III + 7-14 + Em10 III + 12-200 for no lens switching. Add in 20cm max focus and you also got a macro.

This is M4/3 at it's best. These compact super zooms tied to a much more substantial sensor than your typical 1 inch fixed can take amazing shots with great versatility in a easy to carry package. I am currently invested in APS-C with two different systems, but I've always loved the balance M4/3 provides in terms of size and image quality.

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On article DPReview TV: Fujifilm X-T30 first impressions review (112 comments in total)
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bergat: I Think Market share of fujifiln will grow very much. It Is impossible not to see that Fuji comes To meet the needs for photographers very well at a a price very cheap.

Fuji is great, but they need to put some serious investment into software that properly demosaics the X-Trans files. I love Fuji, and I think the hatred towards X-Trans is way overhyped (just stay away from LR and you're good) but the fact is, it's original purpose of mitigating architectural moire has passed with the higher mega-pixel counts found in cameras now.

You end up with a slower process for no good reason, regardless of what software you use. They need to take the lead in a proper solution for processing the X-Trans RAW files or switch to good old Bayer. There would be no shame in switching. Yes you'll get a chorus of knucklehead comments going "Told ya so!" But honestly, who cares what they say?

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Arastoo Vaziri: I always love to read the comments when the theme is film photography. All those stupid clichés about dinosaurs, tall ships and carriages, the inevitable "hipster" thing, the "film is dead" motto... film haters can be as imaginative as their brick wall photos. Love it.

Although I don’t use film myself, people who hate on the process of developing the images seem to forget an important point behind that process: the effort rendered fewer photos and the resulting images were of greater importance because of it.

We live in an age where there is an absolute flood of pictures, where even the most skilled photographers are panned as mediocre and unoriginal, precisely because there are so many skilled photographers due to the easy access digital allowed for. There is some nostalgia among film users for an era in which photography wasn’t easy and skilled photographers really were few and far between.

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(unknown member): Researchers conclude meals prepared by trained chefs better than those prepared by random people off the street with no experience.

Hey, Guy Fieri and Rachael Ray beg to differ!

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On article Gear of the Year 2018 - Carey's choice: Panasonic GX9 (299 comments in total)
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Joseph K Boston: I have many cameras, but the GX9 is my absolute favorite. With the 20 1.7II attached, it's really tough to put down once it's picked up.

"40mm FL is useless"

Come on now... only he likes that focal length? You must know how silly that sounds.

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