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  • Hmm if simple windows tools don't work then you can try linux-based recovery tools. It will take time to set up and learn how to use. I used these in the past with success but have no memory of ...
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  • Replied in irrelevant link
    It's true that Vista didn't handle apps spanning multiple displays at different dpis, whereas Windows 10 does (the article's prediction is inaccurate). I consider that pretty advanced and not a ...
  • Windows scaling has worked well since Windows Vista.
  • Programs written or updated in the last 12 years have no excuse for not implementing dpi scaling correctly. Old programs should run at the correct size, although may be blurred. Only applications ...
  • A few extremely badly written applications don't display correctly when display scaling is not 100%. If possible avoid these applications. Libre Office is very poor in other respects anyway ...
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  • Processor type, memory, ssd size: these all depend on the load. Also ultra-small form factor is perfectly good for photography.
  • Photo editing (except for extreme cases) is a very light load application. So most of this advice does not apply.
  • Yes. A well built self-built system is reliable. But on average, self-built systems are much less reliable than retail systems as user error (mistakes in buying components, combining components, ...
  • LR and Photoshop are usually very easy apps so it's unlikely you will need anything powerful (e.g. discrete graphics) unless you regularly do very large batches or stitch together very large images.
  • Deleting preinstalled software is good hygiene and something I do on every system I set up for myself or others. I'm impressed that Staples does this. You can always reinstall anything you want ...
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    Gamers are a very homogenous group. They care a lot about graphics. Even though games are not intrinsically any more graphical than, for example, office applications, a tradition of 3D games has ...
  • I don't know about 3D graphics standards, but for 2D (photo, video) there is no difference, unless there are bugs in an implementation. These sites are mostly used by gamers so most of the criteria ...
  • That is much less sensible because the entire ecosystem depends on consistency and features. For example I develop for various OSes and I can now assume that everyone has Fall Creators Update on ...
  • Replied in Very sensible
    Windows S mode makes sense as a security option. A separate version of Windows for this purpose does not make sense.
  • The risk is at the PC side as you will need to make sure that all PCs you intend to connect to the TV support 4K/60Hz. My experience is that a lot of PCs and even very modern PCs don't work, and ...
  • I don't recommend TVs as monitors because: (1) They do not have displayport inputs  (the ones that do are called monitors not TVs). Relying on HDMI is risky. PC HDMI outputs, where they exist, are ...
  • A post purporting to be about why graphics cards are important, which turned out to be some complicated promotional material for Linux. Who cares.
  • Just use displayport, ignore hdmi. No need to fix the hdmi issue when displayport is there.
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