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On article iOS 11 will cut photo, video size in half (82 comments in total)

Good news about HEIF. Finally a comparessed image format with >8bpc with the prospect of broad support. Given this is based on HEVC it should be easy to support everywhere. I hope Photoshop adds this soon.

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I like the dual lenses and think that the 50mm eqiv lens will lead to less junk photos than the usual ultra-wide-only smartphone lens.

That said this article is a lot of hype. A small camera that does 50mm/f12 equiv is not particularly interesting, even with ois. F6 equiv yes. It may be the best smartphone camera but that does not make it good by compact standards.

Smartphone RAW is not interesting. The main advantage of raw is to make up for the compression flaws and 8bpc restrictions of jpeg. But if you are not on good camera equipment you are not limited by 8bpc or jpeg.

4k video on consumer equipment including DSLRs is not interesting. On smartphones it is ludicrous.

Post-processing on device is not interesting, and artificial bokeh is a horrible idea in general. If an image is worth processing it's worth processing on a proper desktop.

I do actually think smartphone OSes have a lot to offer, and like the idea of putting smartphone hardware and OSes into cameras. But this article is just drinking in marketing hype and kool-aid.

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dialstatic: I see a person and a baby crossing a barbed wire border. The photo shows this regardless of whether this is a desirable thing or not. It is a thing that happens, and is receiving a lot of media- and policy attention: a core issue of our time.

I see the photographer as someone who wants to give this story - for better or worse - a human face. Someone who wants to spark a discussion about it.

Except what we're doing here is not really a discussion. Many comments seem to simply use this image to legitimate pre-existing views - interpret it solely based on one's extant frame of reference, when it's really an ideal opportunity to reflect on am question what you take for granted. Oh well.

The problem is not that this image or story receives attention but that images supporting alternative points of view are not: the judgement is biased.

Imagine submitting an image with a portraying migrant gangs in Germany, European Muslims in burkas, a mosque which looks extremist, or PEGIDA at a silent protest. These images can also be emotive and relevant but would have no chance of winning a prize.

It is fine to appreciate this image but only with a bias filter, understanding that you are seeing this image because it won a prize and it won a prize because it is creating emotions that are pro-migrants.

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On article What is equivalence and why should I care? (2469 comments in total)

Excellent. This was a long time coming. Great that equivalent aperture is now available in dpreview data instead of just actual aperture. Now that people are comparing compact cameras with very different sensor sizes this will make comparisons much easier.

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