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Sdaniella: Well, at least with the EOS C300, one doesn't need a full make-up crew to 'over-color' its cast members, or the entire set, so they look natural on camera as they do to accommodate RED camera's de-saturation tendencies (why's that anyway?)..., and the C300 looks compact enough so a 3D stereoscopic binocular setup side-by-side, won't be massive as the complicated RED custom mirror setup would be for 3D...

The C300 in side by side 3d configurations would be limited to full shots and establishing shots with subjects 10+ feet from wide lenses. In a pinch you might squeeze a medium by eliminating the background, but that's pushing it. A rig made of these cameras would have a 133mm Inter Axial distance. That's too large for medium work and out of the question for close ups. Consider a proven mirror rig in your costs if you plan to purchase this camera for 3D work.


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