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  • I partly agree. Yes, a computer should last 3 to 5 years, depending on its function. Apple May release yearly but that doesn’t mean you have to follow. Its normal to skip one or two generations. Bu ...
  • Good article https://www.nytimes.com/wirecutter/guides/buying-a-mac/amp/
  • You still need to multiply those dimensions with the scaling of the OS to know the number of photo pixels that fit in that screen area. This because unlike screen controls, with a Retina display ...
  • Make a screen capture of that area with Cmd+Shift+4. Then multiply the dimensions by the scaling you have configured in the macOS Preferences. Typically that would be “x2”. That gives the real # ...
  • The Sony embedded preview is over saturated and has too much contrast, imho. If the Sony software gives you that as the starting point then you have similarly lots of editing to do. If you prefer ...
  • I disagree with this  RAW files produced today *will* be supported 20 years from now. Canon stopped CRW many many years ago, Canon stopped CR2 many years ago. As long as people have these formats ...
  • Do you also happen to know when the last PPC was pulled off the market? The time between that and when Rosetta was dropped from the OS is what Apple would likely also use for the current migration.
  • Your software will run under Rosetta. All software running under Rosetta is ~2x slower than running it natively on the M1.
  • Thank you for correcting me. I merely checked the iMacs. There is indeed still an Intel based Mini model in the Apple Store as well as the Pro models. At the same I am seriously surprised that ...
  • I expect that this is related to the M processors. Not many people will still want to buy an Intel based Mac now that Apple completely stopped selling Intel based models. With reduced demand, the ...
  • Created discussion thread Photo Supreme 7 supports the OM-1
    See the title.
  • I agree that the names of the file are completely irrelevant. But just as file names are irrelevant, so are folder names. I expect that every now and then your directory structure will not ...
  • I use Photo Supreme for my DAM on both Windows 11 and macOS Monterey. Photo Supreme runs natively on the Apple M1 processors.
  • You need to install Windows 11 ARM under Parallels. Just like macOS can run Intel apps, Win11ARM can also run Intel software. .
  • Several DAM software support Google Vision as well, without the need for an Adobe subscription. I’m also using Google Vision myself to jump start my keywording in Photo Supreme. Check the AI manual: ...
  • Replied in SQLite?
    Another vote for SQLite. Very lightweight and powerful sql language. Optionally use SQLite by installing the excellent SQLite Expert Personal http://www.sqliteexpert.com
  • Check out a DAM software. I use Photo Supreme to organize and manage my images.
  • Great news
  • Thanks. I hope that the development continues.
  • Created discussion thread What happened to ExifTool?
    For a few days now the ExifTool website is unavailable. I assumed that this was a temporary inconvenience. It's been almost a week now. Did Phil abandon the project? Did the project move to another ...
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