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SKPhoto12: When are you guys going to do a full review of this camera. The Fuji X-Pro 1 is the most exciting thing that has happened to the photographic world in a long time and there is still no review after more than a year in the market. Any Sony camera gets a full review before it hits the street. Fuji is doing such an outstanding job with the bodies and lenses for the X line and you just don't react. Do they refuse to pay you? What is up with you guys?


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pocketuniverse: For the price, I'd have to ask myself what can this camera achieve that a FF SLR cannot. Is it clearly more discreet? Not particularly.

Discreet compared to other FF cameras? have you actually seen the size of them? you got to be kidding. what this camera can achieve is being able to slip in your coat pocket, being able to shoot pictures discreetly (it is small), being able to carry it with no effort (it is light too), being able to shoot at concerts/restaurants/churches (silent too). so thats the whole point, i dont get what you or everybody is complaining about. its the only FF camera to come in such small package with a really good lens. they charge that becaue they can, end of the story.

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Jeff Peterman: Amazing how our expectations have changed. To me, these are grainy and over saturated compared to modern digital images!

the difference can only be appreciated when the proper medium is at hand. In the case of vinyl it will be a good pressed and good sounding vinyl, record player+amp+speaker combo, in image it will be a proper print. digital is catching though up in terms of resolution, and you can always apply tone curves and color profiles to make your image look 'analogue', as you have plugins that will give 'warmth' to the sound. we can always debate if digital has or hasn't yet reached that level of resolution either in audio, video or still image... but its pretty close nowadays.

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