Lives in Canada Calgary, Canada
Works as a Engineer
Joined on Sep 14, 2004
About me:

I've been enjoying Photography for over 30 years using everything
from Instamatic cameras to large format. Digital experimentation
began in 2001, but I still use film when it is more appropriate.
Regardless, my darkroom is now fully digital and my enjoyment of
this hobby keeps on growing. I take delight in sharing with other
people, the wonders I see in God's creation.

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  • Replied in NAS or not?
    Thanks Eric, I'll give my QNAP another try with the latest firmware and see how it goes after being turned off for over 2 years.
  • Replied in NAS or not?
    Sadly, my experience with my QNAP NAS was the opposite of yours. Nothing about my NAS was easy. Set up was a nightmare and backups never worked properly. Files were always lost during transfer of ...
  • Replied in NAS or not?
    Unless you are VERY familiar with NAS, stick with attaching a larger external drive to your Airport Extreme.  Otherwise be prepared for a bag of hurt.  My 3 year experiment with NAS was ...
  • Sorry to hear you are having problems.  You experience is very unusual.  I have purchased many items from OWC over the years and have never had any problems with their products.  Their customer ...
  • The upgrade pricing is for version 8 or 9.
  • If you have limited money to spend, you may get better bang for your macro buck by keeping your 350D and picking up the 60mm macro lens. ...
  • Try clicking on the ">" symbol to the left of "Library" It should then appear in the expanded list beneath.
  • So, having half an SD card sticking out is cumbersome, but a dongle and card reader hanging off the side of your ultra thin laptop is not? Sorry Phil, I don't buy your story and how am I supposed...

  • Hi Tracy, You can do better in low light conditions using your current camera by getting faster lenses.  You can do so by picking up prime lenses or zooms that are at least f2.8 through the zoom ...
  • The best training videos I'v run across are the ones on the Luminous Landscape site. It is worth the $12 to subscribe to the site for ...
  • I actually found them to be quite forgiving in terms of exposure, mind you I shot them at ISO 800 and used regular development at pro labs.

  • In the year 2000, there was good quality film stock available at ISO 1600 from Fuji and Kodak. My fav was Kodak Ektapress 1600. Lovely exposure latitude and perfect for situations with dodgy...

  • This lens is known for the moustache distortion.  You only really notice it if you have distinct straight lines.  Putting the horizon across the middle of the field will hide it.  The distortion ...
  • For your budget you should be able to pick up the Samyang/Rokinon 14 mm f2.8 and the 24 mm f1.4.  The 14 mm is incredibly sharp and gives clear pin point stars even in the corners, something the ...
  • Exactly.  And you have also demonstrated part of the value in shooting RAW.  You can reprocess you images years later with the latest software and get significant improvements in the resultant ...
  • There is nothing wrong with treating people with respect. In fact, you will find it returned to you much more than if you are acting disrespectfully.


  • A good friend of mine is still using a 10D from 2003.  MSRP $1500 for 6MP.  Considered a baby 1D. DPR rated it "Highly Recommended" He is on his ...
  • I have the 17-55 f2.8 IS and it is simply amazing in the quality of images it produces.  The fast aperture plus IS allows you to hand hold in low light down to very low shutter speeds, especially ...
  • I "pushed" to ISO 3200 by shooting ISO 1600 and underexposing by one stop.  A slight adjustment in post processing and Bingo!  Easily covered by the DR of the sensor.
  • Roger that!  I still use my XT as my water camera when out sailing or canoeing.  I stick a 55-250 EF-S on it for wildlife and I am ready to go.  Over 34K images on it and still going strong.  An ...
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